Goodland Bee Supply GLESUPERX2CTS1 Beekeeper’s Tool Kit Review

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The Goodland Bee Supply GLESUPERX2CTS1 Beekeeper's Tool Kit is a great all-in-one-package that's suited for beginners and advanced beekeepers alike.

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Ideally, I would say that there are three types of beekeepers: the hobbyist, the full-time beekeeper, and the sideline beekeeper. It goes without saying that beekeeping is a practice that has been in existence for centuries. It is practiced almost everywhere around the world. If you are an aspiring beekeeper, then your dream may look insurmountable, but luckily it is not an impossible activity to get into. To kick-start your beekeeping on top gear, I always recommend a beekeeping start kit; not only are they cost effective, but they also save on cost and time. The Goodland Bee Supply GLESUPERX2CTS1 comes with a 2 frame honey extractor, beehive frames and 2 complete honey supers with Pierco foundations and frames. That’s quite the mouthful, but this kit has a bit of everything to get a beginner beekeeper started off on the right path.

Where it all Begins – Gaining Knowledge

Before you commit yourself to beekeeping you should invest a substantial amount of your time in reading about beekeeping. Nonetheless, reading alone will never prepare you for the assault you will experience on your senses when you first open a hive and the bees come close to you. Therefore, it is wise to get an exposure to beekeeping by working hand-in-hand with an experienced beekeeper, if possible. You can always volunteer to help with hive inspections and the like. This will provide you with first hand experience which will help familiarize yourself with all the nitty-gritty details about beekeeping.

Essential Beekeeping Equipment

The basic beekeeping equipment includes a bee suit, bee smoker, and hive tool. This is in addition to your beehives and honey extraction equipment. With a bee suit you will be able to keep protect yourself from stings while around bees.

With a bee smoker you can puff in some smoke that will help calm the bees and allow you work in peace. The hive tool on the other hand is designed so as to assist the beekeeper in manipulating the frames in the supers. You are less likely to disturb the bees if you always use proper tools.

About the Goodland Bee Supply GLESUPERX2CTS1 Beekeeper’s Tool Kit

This kit comes with a Goodland Bee Supply 2 frame honey extractor that is manually operated. The extractor works well, and since this is a starter kit, it’s best suited for beekeepers with a few hives to so. The extractor has a 16 gauge stainless steel tank that has sealed bearings as well as steel gears. It is capable of extracting 2 deep, medium, and shallow frames in one spin. The extractor also has a 3 legged stand which makes your honey extraction a breeze.

Available also in this Goodland Bee Supply starter kit are 2 honey supers that include kiln dried premium wooden supers. They have been designed with precision joints on its boxes and frames that fit perfectly for easy assembly. You will also get 20 pine frames that measure 6-1/4 inches. Available also are 20 Pierco plastic foundations that are pre-waxed. The foundations have been designed with high class technical expertise and will guarantee minimal rejection.

You will also get the Goodland Bee Supply tool set that will cover the basics and much more. This beekeeping starter kit is ideal for those who have just started out or would like to replace a few worn out tools.


  • Comes with Goodland Bee Supply Tangential honey extractor that is covered by a lifetime warranty.
  • Included are 2 kiln dried Pine supers measuring ¾ inches.
  • Free frame spacer in addition to 20 frames and 20 Pierco Plastic foundations that are pre-waxed.
  • Includes a complete beekeeper’s tool kit set:
    • Uncapping Roller
    • Bee Smoker
    • Honey Uncapping Knife
    • 2 Wood Handle Hive Tools
    • Frame Spacer
    • Uncapping Roller
    • Frame Grip
  • All components are standard and work quite well.

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Pros and Cons


  • Includes all the essential items that a beginner needs for beekeeping – even the extractor! It’s rare to find a beekeeping starter kit that actually includes a honey extractor.
  • Great quality for money and great investment in the long run.
  • Easy to assemble components.
  • Lifetime warranty provided by Goodland Bee Supply.


  • The beginner may not need every accessory single included.
  • While the kit contains supers and frames, they’d still need to be assembled into a hive itself.

Further Thoughts

Quality will always be better than quantity, but thankfully, the Goodland Bee Supply provides good quality in each component. The kit is worth every penny. If you have just started out in beekeeping or you simply want to replace some of your worn out beekeeping accessories, then this complete package will serve you well. Every item included in the kit is essential for beekeeping and while some components ship unassembled, they are not hard to put together. The items are not assembled before shipment so as to minimize the likelihood of damage before delivery.

It must be noted that the kit does not come with screws and brad nails, which is unfortunate.


The complete Goodland Bee Supply GLESUPERX2CTS1 Beekeeper’s Tool Kit is a great all-in-one package that has been designed to meet the needs of the savvy beekeeper. You will find all the accessories needed for the success of your beekeeping enterprise. Every item included in the kit has been designed using high quality materials. The manual honey extractor that is included in the kit is ideal for the beekeeper with 1 to 10 hives. It is made of stainless steel material which will endure. You will also benefit immensely from the other useful accessories that come with the kit such as the Bee Smoker, Wood Handle hive Tools, Uncapping Knife, Frame Spacer, Frame Grip, and many others. This starter beekeeping kit is quite affordable given the fact that you get more than one beekeeping accessory all in one package. It will cost you more if you are to purchase each of these accessories separately, saving you time and money. I recommend this beekeeping kit to anyone.

Do you own the Goodland Bee Supply GLESUPERX2CTS1 Beekeeper’s Tool Kit? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of it.

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