Getting Started in Beekeeping

Hey there, prospective beekeeper. There’s a lot you should know before getting started in beekeeping. But fret not, we here at BeeKeepClub have put together the ultimate guide that will see go from an amateur to setting up your hive in no time, and reaping its sweet results. Let’s get started.

Step 1: Starting Out

  1. What is beekeeping?
  2. Beekeeping for beginners
  3. Backyard beekeeping
  4. Urban beekeeping
  5. Bee hive kits
  6. Where to buy bees
  7. The cost of beekeeping
  8. Beekeeping in winter
  9. Beekeeping glossary

Step 2: Getting to Know Your Beekeeping Equipment

  1. Choosing your beekeeping supplies
  2. Beekeeping starter kit
  3. Bee hive feeders
  4. The beekeeper suit
  5. Honey harvesting equipment
  6. The honey extractor
  7. The bee smoker

Step 3: Buying the Right Beekeeping Equipment

  1. Read our reviews to determine which beekeeping equipment will be right for you.
  2. View comparisons of the best beekeeping supplies available.