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The Basic Essentials of Becoming a Beekeeper at Home

In 2017, there were approximately 2.67 million honeybee colonies in the USA, a slight drop by 2.78 from the previous year. Our depleting bee colonies can be attributed to a number of factors that have weakened them against diseases and chemicals. If you’re thinking of taking the plunge and want …

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Beekeeping Basics – Foundation vs Foundationless Beekeeping

Foundation vs Foundationless Beekeeping

For years, beekeeping has been impacted in various ways driven by technological advances and research findings. One such development in beekeeping is the use of foundation comb. Beekeepers have the choice to use foundation in their beehives or not to. The factors that determine whether you will use foundation in …

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The Beginners Guide on How to Attract Mason Bees

How to Attract Mason Bees

Although perhaps lesser well known, mason bees are in fact a better pollinator than honey bees (around 160 times more so according to some sources). Mason bees are also not very aggressive, only stinging when handled or under distress. The mason bee sting is not painful and their stingers are …

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Do You Need a Brood Booster for your Beehives?

Brood Booster

The brood is the lifeline and the future of the bee colony. Therefore, the beekeeper that is able to raise a healthy brood is guaranteed of success from the beginning. The process of feeding your brood with brood booster can be simple but the catch lies in determining whether it …

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Pollen Patties – Are They Necessary?

Pollen Patties

A bee colony by nature is self-sufficient. Bees have survived many generations in the wild (and still do) long before humans discovered their value. They have learned to prepare for all seasons and that is the reason honey is stored in the combs. This honey is set aside for consumption …

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Gardening and Your Health

Gardening and beekeeping go hand in hand. Both activities are ideal for people who want to spend time outdoors in nature, and they complement each other in a perfect cycle. The bees benefit by having fresh flowers at their doorstep, while you get help with pollination. However, gardening isn’t just …

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