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DIY Beekeeping Guides

Purchasing beekeeping equipment can be expensive, particularly for the hobbyists who is just starting out. If you have the skills and the necessary tools at hand, then read through our DIY beekeeping guides to learn how to build your own equipment.

The Steps to Take When Requeening a Hive

Requeening a Hive

Requeening a hive is great for you as a beekeeper and is good for the beehive too. Beekeepers should not be scared of the process of requeening a hive. With adequate preparation and careful management of the process, both beginner and professional beekeepers can easily and successfully carry out the …

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How to Conduct a Bee Hive Inspection

Bee Hive Inspection

Regular bee hive inspection is important in monitoring the progress of your bees. You are able to identify problems early and solve them. Inspecting your bee hive is important for both the beekeeper with a single bee hive and those with apiaries. Different bee hives have their unique inspection and …

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How to Split a Hive: DIY Beekeeping

How to Split a Hive

Beekeeping comes with a number of maintenance and management activities that beekeepers have to carry out periodically. The frequency of carrying out these activities varies by necessity, and by preference of individual beekeepers. Splitting a hive is one of these activities. It is mostly done to prevent swarming. Beekeepers seeking …

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