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The Beekeeper Suit: A Comprehensive Guide

A beekeeper suit is comprised of protective garments which are usually worn by people involved in the business/hobby of beekeeping. Bees, cute and fuzzy as they are, are easily provoked and when provoked can unleash very painful stings (which can be deadly if you’re allergic) on their victims, especially in their large, hive numbers. It is for this matter that people who keep them must ensure that they properly protect themselves against the insects by wearing the beekeeper suit.

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The main reason to keep bees is of course to get their honey to sell for a profit, or for personal use at home. But this is not the only benefit that you can get from bees; bees wax is another product produced by bees which can be sold, as it has practical applications in human food and flavoring. You can also keep bees to sell them to others who may be prospective beekeepers or those who seek them for scientific study purposes. Crop farmers may also need bees to help them in pollinating their crops, i.e. where cross pollination is required.

So with all these benefits you can get from beekeeping, it must be stressed that you must take proper precaution when dealing with them. Check out our reviews to find the beekeeper suit that suits you best.

Read on below for more information on the accessories that go hand in hand with the beekeeper suit:

Beekeeper Hat and Beekeeping Veil

Beekeeping Veil
Cover your face for all the right reasons.

As a prospective beekeeper, you should know that your head is one of the most important areas to protect, and the beekeeper hat does just that. However, the hat alone is not enough, and it’s for that reason that the hat should always be worn with a beekeeping veil.

Usually, the hat is covered by the veil on the outside so that they become one piece. Even though the hat and the veil can come separated, it sounds rather impractical and a little insecure compared to when they come as one piece which is the veil and hat design. But that’s more of a preference thing. However, one advantage of opting for the hat and the veil as one piece is that they are easy to fasten to the beekeeper suit making it impossible for any bee to enter.

It can be said that the beekeeper hat is used to protect the head and the beekeeping veil is used to protect the neck and the face. The neck and the face are very crucial and delicate parts of the body that need to be well protected from any possible bee attack. There have been a number of cases where some beekeepers have been attacked in these areas resulting in unfortunate severe pain and swelling.

Bee stings on bare hands are usually mild (provided you’re not allergic) and can easily be removed. The case is totally different when bees sting on the face or neck because then you will certainly need a mirror to be able to remove the sting from the neck for instance. The swelling and pain experienced as a result of a sting on the face or neck is also unimaginable (trust me, I would know). This is why the beekeeper hat and the beekeeping veil are important accessories. It must be noted that a veil without a hat makes very little sense in offering protection and so is the hat without a veil. The two go hand in hand.

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Types of Beekeeping Veils

Round Veil

The round veil is the classic design and it provides a wide field of view. They also have plenty of space between the face and the protective mesh. With its highly breathable mesh, the wearer gets great ventilation and they help keep cool during the hot summer days. It is great for both the beginner and the pro beekeeper alike.

Fencing Veil

The fencing veil comes in a modern design that is designed in such a way that it minimizes contact between the veil and the head and hair. With such a design, beekeepers no longer have to worry about how their hair looks or their safety from the painful bee stings.

Square Veil

Square veil jackets have a folding design that allows the beekeeper to store it easily in their beekeeping tool bag. They have a front mesh that is quite spacious for sufficient view and their side mesh allows fresh and cool hair to seep in.

Beekeeping Gloves