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In this blog we discuss useful beekeeping and gardening related content.

How to Attract and Catch a Swarm of Bees

How to Attract and Catch a Swarm of Bees

Beekeepers seeking to expand their apiaries need to get honey bee swarms for new beehive boxes. To do this, you may either purchase package bees or catch a swarm of bees yourself. In this article, we’ll discuss in detail how to attract and catch a swarm of bees. It also …

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The Warré Hive – the Beginner’s Introduction

Warré Hive

Modern beekeeping for honey bee conservation and beehive products makes use of a variety of beehives. Among these is the Warré beehive. Other beehives are the top bar hive and Langstroth beehive. This beginner’s introduction to the Warré hive explores the history of the hive and its key features. It …

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What is Burr Comb? – Issues with Comb

What is Burr Comb

Any beekeeper, particularly beginners, would not want to come across burr combs in their beehives. Burr comb is formed out of the spaces that exist between the frames. The spacing should be as evenly as possible. Moreover, they should be just wide enough to allow for movements of the honey …

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How to Get Honey Bees to Build Honeycomb

How to Get Honey Bees to Build Comb

When you really think about it, a honey bee colony in itself is mind-boggling. It is a self-sufficient unit with tens of thousands of buzzing bees grouped into various categories, with each given its unique role within the colony. Honey bees carry out all manner of tasks that are essential …

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Hive Increase – How to Increase Bees in the Hive

Hive Increase - How to Increase Bees in the Hive

The number of honey bees in the colony determines the overall hive strength and how good the colony is at collecting resources. Once a small swarm has been settled into a beehive, the beekeeper has to quickly promote an increase in the number of bees, in order for the colony …

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Top Bar Beekeeping for Beginners

Top bar hives are single-story beehives that can be used in both hobbyist and commercial beekeeping. In a top bar hive, the comb hangs downwards from removable bars. These bars form the roof of the beehive. A top bar hive has one rectangular box only. It is wide and allows …

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How to Clean a Dead Beehive and Reuse it

How to Clean a Dead Beehive

It’s not something that any beekeeper would ever wish for, but honeybee colonies can sometimes die off. There are various reasons for this happening ranging from the weather and diseases to pesticide chemicals. When an entire colony dies off, you have to clean the beehive and prepare it for its …

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The Beginner’s Introduction to the Langstroth Beehive

The Langstroth beehive is perhaps the most popular beehive used in beekeeping all over the world – and for good reason too. It has features that make it great for both small and large beekeeping operations. This beehive type allows for harvesting of various beehive products in large quantities that …

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Robber Bees – What are They and How to Get Rid of Them?

Robber Bees

Beekeeping is full of surprises – some pleasant and others not so pleasant. In beekeeping circles, you might hear the term robber bees being thrown around. You might also encounter the phenomenon in your own beekeeping. You might think that robber bees are a subspecies of bees, but that is …

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