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In this blog we discuss useful beekeeping and gardening related content.

Smart, Simple, Dollar-Stretching Ideas for Senior Gardeners

Senior Gardeners

There is something about getting outside in the fresh air, and working with plants and soil, that is good for the soul.  However, bending, digging and reaching are sometimes difficult, especially if strength or mobility is limited. Try these inexpensive, low-maintenance ideas to help keep your garden and landscape accessible …

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How to Store Honey – Best Practices


Honey is a versatile food to have at hand. It is a sweetener and it boasts many medicinal properties. Many honey consumers also use it as an energy booster. Once harvested, honey can be stored in many ways. Beekeepers can store honey before selling it to consumers. You may also …

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Honey 101: Many Ways to Use it in Your Everyday Life

Honey 101

About the Author: Kara Brook is an artist with a lifelong fascination for beeswax who paints and sculpts with it. In 2010, she started beekeeping to produce her own encaustic medium and has developed a passion for the battle against the dangerous decline of the bee population and the precious …

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How to Start a Honey Business

How to Start a Honey Business

Beekeeping is a fun hobby for many, but perhaps you want to take it a bit further – to turn it into a profitable business. Starting a honey business will require you to properly plan and prepare before starting any operation. You will need adequate resources to buy the materials …

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Keeping Honey Bees Safe While Transporting and Relocating Hives

Although large numbers of honey bees are routinely transported for the purposes of pollination all over Northern America, a move can still be stressful for them. When you need to relocate a hive, it’s important to have everything planned in advance to minimize disruption to the bees. Whether you’re moving house, bringing …

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What to Know About Freezing Honey

Freezing Honey

Honey storage is an important part of beekeeping. Both beekeepers and consumers of honey should know how to store honey without diminishing its qualities. Freezing honey is one of the available methods for storing honey. It preserves the nutritional and antimicrobial properties of honey. Improper storage of honey may result …

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The Ultimate Guide for Using Essential Oils with Honeybees

Using Essential Oils with Honeybees

Essential oils are concentrated hydrophobic liquids. They have different aromatic compounds and are extracted from plants. Using essential oils in beekeeping helps beekeepers avoid applying chemicals and contaminants in their beehives. Using essential oils with honeybees is safe. The oils easily evaporate at normal temperatures, leaving no traces behind in …

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Preparing Your Yard For Beekeeping

Bees are an important part of the ecosystem; they pollinate 80% of of the world’s plants. That means bees are to thank for a lot of the food we eat! From fresh honey to plant pollination, not to mention a fun, new hobby, there are tons of reasons to begin …

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An Introduction to Mason Jar Beekeeping

Mason Jar Beekeeping

What is Mason Jar Beekeeping? The beekeeping industry has come a long way. Beehive designs have been invented and reinvented. Just not long ago, no one imagined you could keep bees on your rooftop, or let alone keep bees in your apartment house in the city. All these have become …

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