Which is Better for Fencing: Vinyl or Wood

There are so many reasons why installing a fence would come to your mind when thinking about home development. A nice fence increases your home’s market value, adds curb appeal, heightens the overall aesthetics of your home, and increases the much-needed privacy. American homeowners prefer wood fences and rate them as the best choice. On average a wooden fence will cost about $2850 to install. The prices however range from $1700 to $4000 to install a wooden fence depending on the type. Let’s dive right in and see between vinyl or wood, which is best for fencing.

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Why Beekeeping is the Perfect Addition to Off Grid Living

At least 180,000 families in the United States live off the grid with that number continuing to increase every year. Offering a simpler, cheaper, and fulfilling lifestyle, off grid living involves being self-sufficient without relying on public utilities like water, sewer, heat, electricity, natural gas, and other services. Bees, able to provide a host of useful products, are the perfect addition to off grid living and can enhance your sustainable lifestyle.

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Why Participate in the National Beekeeping Essay Contest?

Almost everyone will agree that they use honey in their daily life. Though it is quite easy to consume honey, the preparation process by the honeybees is painstaking. Needless to mention, honey bees are very hardworking, and they tirelessly gather pollen and nectar to share with their hive. These bees provide crucial ecological service just by pollinating agricultural and garden native plants. It is quite easy to explore more regarding these amazing insects by taking part in the beekeeping essay contest. This contest provides a place for the youth contestants to express their knowledge creatively and research the beekeeping craft.

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Prefab Homes: Ideas for Modern Living

While having a custom-designed home is generally seen by homebuyers as the golden standard in terms of buying an exquisite home with architecture, design, and decor elements, there are countless reasons why you should instead buy a prefab home. This is primarily because prefab homes allow you to just order the kit and get it delivered to your site. Once the order has been delivered, you can put the pieces with the assistance of a professional contractor or on your own. On the other hand, you are expected to pay about 15-35 percent more if you decide to opt for a custom home. If this is not all, you will have to wait for several months and even years in some cases to build a custom house from scratch. Today, prefab homes have come a long way from the old days of Sears Catalog Homes. This is simply because building a home in a factory environment enhances resource management while giving the fabricator a wonderful opportunity and control over the end product. No wonder, there has been a massive surge in the level of advancements in the segment of prefab homes. Undoubtedly, prefab homes are rightly touted as the wave of the future. Let us have a close look at some of the latest advancements in the world of prefab homes.

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What is the Role of a Bee Broker?

Bee Broker

Honeybees serve a key role in agriculture for humans. The nectar collected by honeybees is used for making honey, and it is the only food made by an insect which humans consume. The worker bees play the role of converting nectar into honey using their enzymes. Moreover, honeybees also provide pollination services, and this is where bee brokers come in. A bee broker may be described as the individual who is in the honeybee business for commercial purposes. They engage in a number of activities which we shall discuss in this article.

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The Importance of Beehive Ventilation

Beehive Ventilation

The beehive environment has a huge impact on the overall health and wellbeing of the colony. Starting from the brood, the queen bee, to the worker bees, they all require some optimal conditions to survive and thrive. Beehive ventilation is essential and it ideally encompasses airflow within hives. Additionally, hive drainage goes hand-in-hand with ventilation as these affect airflow within a bee colony.

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Top Five Benefits of Environmental Education

Environmental Education

Environmental education raises awareness of issues affecting the environment upon which we dwell and depend on. The environment connects us with the world, and it is vital to learn about it and understand it. This is only possible through environmental education. Environmental education is ideal for integrating academic disciplines and stimulating intellectual and social growth among young people.

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Best US Botanical Art School and Programs

Botanical Art

In simple terms, botanical art is an accurate artistic representation of plants with a scientific purpose. It is widely used to help the works of botanists, horticulturists, and educators as they need to describe the plants and related peculiarities for the scientific records. Most frequently, these are encountered in various books and journals that deal with the descriptions of the plants when something must be identified. Learning botanical art is always a complex mixture of illustrative art itself and botanical aesthetics. Compared to other artworks and imaginative depictions of flowers, these must be accurate because of scientific aspects.

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How an Extract of Polypore Mushroom Mycelia May Help to Save the Honey Bee

Mushrooms are not only good for humans, they may very well help to save the honey bee from deformed wing virus and the Lake Sinai virus. In a study conducted in the USA, the participating scientists found out that extracts from two mushrooms cause a reduction of the levels of viruses in honey bee populations. Read on for an overview of the study, its findings, and the implications on honey bee health.

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