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Beekeeping Equipment Reviews

Harvest Lane Honey Beekeeping Jacket Review

Harvest Lane Honey Beekeeping Jacket

The Harvest Lane Honey beekeeping jacket is a great choice of protective wear for beekeepers. Beekeeping is a fun activity to engage in when you have the right equipment and attire. Safety while around bees is a major concern for every beekeeper. During hive inspections and honey harvesting, you need …

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Popsport Beehive Wooden House Review

Popsport Beehive Wooden House

The Popsport Beehive Wooden House is a loyal companion in housing both your bees and your honey. Honey is one of the sweetest naturally occurring substances. Ever since humans have tasted honey, they have learned to tame the bees that make it. To add to its sweetness and why there …

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KO1 Bee Hive with Apimaye Handy Frames Review

KO1 Bee Hive with Apimaye Handy Frames

One of the decisions that cripple most beginner beekeepers is deciding which type of hive to go for. That’s not all, hive placement becomes another challenge once a beehive kit has been procured. These two aspects are critical for success in beekeeping but we are here to help you. Beehive …

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