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Beekeeping Equipment Reviews

Humble Bee 420-L Aerated Beekeeping Suit with Round Veil Review

The Humble Bee 420-L Aerated Beekeeping Suit has a self-supporting round veil, durable poly-cotton lined pockets, a deluxe canvas carrying case, and heavy duty brass zippers. The material used in manufacturing this veil is fifty percent synthetic and fifty percent cotton for providing an outstanding protection against stings of bees. The ultra-breathable ventilation is one hundred percent synthetic to keep me cool during hot climatic conditions.

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German Incense Bee Smoker SMK215X71 Review

It's very different from the standard smoker, and most of that is due to how it looks. Its handmade design is inspired traditional German folk art. The artists who make this item use wood from the pine tree, which makes it pretty durable, and the finishing it possesses makes it a worthwhile purchase. This tool not only serves as a bee smoker, but also as decoration. It looks beautiful in the home, and it brings a German beauty essence into your homestead.

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BeeKool Ventilated Beekeeper Full Suit with Round Veil Review

This suit has a light waffle material between the mesh layers that are breathable, and allows for a good level of comfort while wearing the suit. It also has YKK zippers that are easy to pull. The kit allows you to choose between the dome and round veils. It comes with a lot of pockets and you can use some of them to store your hive tools. This suit is quite affordable in comparison to similar products in the market.

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