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Bee Pest and Parasite Treatments

Like every other animal or insect, honeybees are affected by pests and parasites. Perhaps the most common enemy of the honeybee is the varroa mite.

Manufacturers have developed a variety of products to treat and get rid of these pests and parasites. Read our reviews to find the best product for your bees.

Apistan vs Apivar Review

Apistan vs Apivar - Dead Bees

Beekeepers have a number of competing products for Varroa mite control in their apiaries. Apivarsare  manufactured and sold by various beekeeping supplies companies promise to rid beehives of mites in a short period of time. Apistan and derivatives are also in the mite control niche. This article compares Apistan vs …

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Apivar vs Apiguard Review

Apivar vs Apiguard - Mite in a Beehive

Mite control in beekeeping is important to prevent losses and colony collapse. The Varroa mite attacks both adult bees and brood, though they tend to prefer the brood of drone bees. Left unchecked, Varroa mites will prey on worker bee brood as well. Beekeepers have a number of options to …

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