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An Introduction to Backyard Beekeeping

You’ve decided to venture into beekeeping and perhaps you’re wondering where best you can set up your bee hives. Well, look no further than your backyard. Backyard beekeeping doesn’t require a lot of space, and if you have plants around, then that’s a suitable environment for the bees to thrive in.

Provided you have checked with your local authorities and you have met all the legal requirements of beekeeping in your area, you will be ready to go. Make the necessary concessions with your neighbors to avoid any possible disagreements with them about your beekeeping activity.

Ensure that your backyard is a place that gets enough sunlight because the bees need sunlight to survive and work better. Your backyard should also be free from any pests and possible bee predators that may feed on or chase away the colony.

Know your bees

Before getting yourself into beekeeping, it is important to acquaint yourself with some basic knowledge about bees, as this will make the venture much easier for you.

We encourage you to join a beekeeping club in your area (if there is one), in order to learn as much as possible about bees. It won’t cost you much to join a local beekeeping club, and it’s very beneficial to learn first hand even more information about bees and how they are dealt with. Beekeeping clubs are usually full of people who have been in the practice for a long time, and so you will definitely learn a lot from them.

Important steps to follow as you start off backyard beekeeping:

Fencing the area in your backyard where you plan to set up your bee hive

It will be important that you fence the area before you even purchase the bee hive and the bees. Fence made out of wood that is about eight feet tall is advised to avoid the possibility of bees flying low and stinging people.

When buying bees, buy those that are gentle

Bee breeds are different in nature – there are those that are aggressive, and there those that are gentle. As you are just starting off with backyard beekeeping, it is advised that you buy the gentle bees. If you buy very wild and hostile bees it could be a recipe for problems between you and your neighbors and possibly even law enforcement. Click here to find out where you can bu bees.

It is better to start off with two colonies on different hives

This is usually advised because you can never be sure if your bee colony will survive, and so if you got two colonies in case one does not make it you will still have another one.

Invest in a beekeeping starter kit

A beekeeping starter kit has everything you need to get started in beekeeping, except the bees. It’s a great package deal for beginners.

Buy protective clothing

As a beginner, you should buy protective clothing that you will use during inspection of your bees, so as to prevent the bees from stinging you.

Once you have the hives up, inspect them on a regular basis

To ensure that your investment and work is not in vain, you are advised to conduct routine inspection of the bees at least two to three times weekly. Bee colonies are usually very delicate, especially when the colony is just starting to build up. Check on them to confirm that they have enough food and water supplies.

A Final Word

You do not have to be living in the countryside to be able to go into beekeeping. Even if you live in an urban area that has an ideal backyard you can still keep your bees there. As long as you have checked with the local authorities in your area and ascertained that it is legal to keep bees, you can proceed to do so without worry. You will also have to consult with your neighbors too, and assure them that you will ensure all the necessary precautions to ensure their safety.

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Ben Mganga

What of gusts of winds, what efleets do they have on bees in the hives?