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Beekeeping has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years. It has been in existence for centuries and many now realize how lucrative this business is. There are many manufacturers and suppliers of beekeeping equipment out there. Below is a compilation of our most highly recommended beekeeping suppliers on the market today.

Highly Recommended Beekeeping Suppliers

10. SummerHawk Ranch

Best Beekeeping Suppliers - SummerHawk Ranch

SummerHawk Ranch is a division of Duncan Enterprises, one of the leading suppliers of DIY products in the market for over 70 years. This is definitely one of the most sought-after suppliers of beekeeping equipment and accessories. Its name may denote summer adventure but it products also meet your needs when it comes to cold months. Its products are popularly and are best sellers at online stores such as Amazon and eBay. Buyers seem to buy their products over and over again since the supplier never compromises when it comes to the quality of its products.

Some of the items supplied by SummerHawk Ranch include the following:

  • Innovative SummerHawk Ranch Mason Jar Hive – this is an ingenious hive unit with an inbuilt honey harvesting system that directs manufactured honey to mason jars.
  • Frame holders – the supplier sells frame holders that are strong and durable.
  • Queen marker – you also get queen marker kits from this supplier.
  • Quick check supers from SummerHawk – this comes with quick check frames and foundation. They also sell twin supers. These are ideal for bee hive extension. You can also procure the SummerHawk Ranch Jar super that automatically collect honey on Mason jars.
  • Entrance feeders – if you need these then they are available as well.
  • Bee smokers – this supplier also sells excellent quality smokers.
  • Queen excluders – top quality excluders are also sold by this supplier.
  • Beekeeping suits – you get wide selection beekeeping suits for all skill levels. These are made of excellent quality material and have well-placed pockets, veil and zippers. Large, medium as well as small beekeeping suits are available.
  • Uncapping fork – this is needed during honey harvesting.
  • Gloves – SummerHawk Ranch also supplies good quality beekeeping gloves that come in various.
  • Others – other products supplied by this supplier include foundations, hat and veil, liquid smoke, frame grip, and bee hive frames.
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9. Forest Beekeeping Supply

Best Beekeeping Suppliers - Forest Beekeeping Supply

This is another supplier of beekeeping equipment and accessories that is highly rated. Its products rank high at online stores such as Amazon, eBay, and others. The firm manufactures much of its products at their woodworking workshop. Its beekeeping equipment is tailored to meet the varying needs of various skill levels. The full range of products is ideal for hobbyists as well as professionals. These products include beekeeping suits, honey extractors, and so much more. One key differentiator of the brand is the fact that it has a wide variety of products for beekeeping. The quality of all products is also exceptional and each item comes with a number to models and types to choose from.

Forest Beekeeping Supply is both an online store and has a physical location. Its store is situated at Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Clients can also place orders directly from the manufacturer’s site by making a phone call. Some of the products offered by Forest Beekeeping Supply include:

  • Hive kits – 8 frame and 10 frame hive kits with excellent design.
  • Hive equipment – various hive equipment or accessories such as foundations, frames, hive supers, hive bodies, nuc equipment, hive tool brush, nails, feeders, and many others.
  • Pest control – they offer medications for controlling mites and pests.
  • Honey extraction – honey extractors and honey storage equipment are available as well. Honey collection and storage bottles are also sold by the supplier.
  • Books – if you want to learn about beekeeping then you can get some helpful books from this supplier.
  • Protective gear – the premium goatskin leather gloves sold by Forest Beekeeping Suply stand out from the crowd. They are comfortable to wear and perfectly fitting. They also sell excellent quality beekeeping jackets for both men and women.
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8. Honey Keeper

Best Beekeeping Suppliers - Honey Keeper

This is a brand that resonates with most beekeepers whether beginner, hobbyist or professional. It has built a good brand image across the globe. Its exceptional quality products have received lots of accolades over the years and it is one of those brands that have stood the test of time. Some of Honey Keeper’s best sellers at Amazon and other online stores include: smokers, beekeeper’s suit, and stainless steel honey extractors. This is a brand that designs all its beekeeping equipment with the final user in mind. For instance, the honey extractor is a 4 frame unit and will therefore cater for the business of a beginner and grow with the business. It is longer lasting and food safe. The beekeeping suits are also tailored to prevent bees from sneaking in and are available in various sizes so as to fit different users.

Some of the products supplied by Honey Keeper include:

  • 4 frame stainless steel honey extractor.
  • Honey Keeper full body cotton beekeeping suits with self-supporting veil. Available in all sizes.
  • Honey Keeper stainless steel beehive smoker with heat shield.
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7. Little Giant Farm & Ag

Best Beekeeping Suppliers - Little Giant Farm & Ag

The name Little Giant may suggest something tiny but in reality Little Giant is a brand that has been around for more than 70 years. It is a part of the larger Miller Manufacturing, one of the top suppliers of equipment and implements for farm and ranch community. The firm has embraced innovation and stayed ahead of its competitors over the years and that may explain why it has stayed on the top of the list. Little Giant began the design and manufacture of beekeeping supplies in the year 2014. The products are mainly tailored for new beekeepers as well as established professionals. It offers a wide selection of beekeeping equipment and accessories that are compatible with existing equipment in the market.

Little Giant in its effort to stay on the top of the game has welcomed Kelley Beekeeping as its partner and chosen all that is required for new colonies as well as established ones. Some of the key products supplied by the manufacturer include:

  • 10 frame complete hive kit for all skill levels.
  • A hardy hive tool.
  • Beekeeping smoker.
  • Stainless steel honey extractors.
  • 10 pack Super hive frame.
  • 10 frame deep hive body.
  • Feeders such as entrance and bucket feeders.
  • Backyard beekeeping book.
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6. Brushy Mountain Bee Farm

Best Beekeeping Suppliers - Brushy Mountain Bee Farm

Based in North Carolina is the Brushy Mountain Bee Farm, one of the most popular suppliers of beekeeping equipment and accessories. The brand itself lives up to its name, it is nested in an area surrounded by peaches, orchards, and apples, ideal habitat for the honeybee. The brand came into the picture when two men Sandy Forrest and Steve came together to form a celebrated brand. Its stores first opened its doors for business in 1977 and it was initially a side business. The onset of 1980 was the time when the business became a full time venture to the duo. Thereafter, slowly but surely, the business grew until now when it occupies an area of 30,000 squared feet. It has a wood workshop, warehouse space, a metal shop, and a sewing room.

Brushy Mountain Bee Farm is now a brand that is not only recognized within the USA but also far and beyond the US. The brand is known for its unending endeavor to innovate and improve. They are at the forefront when it comes to the design and manufacture of new and better products. Some of its popular products include:

  • Brushy Mountain frame perch tool.
  • The roller uncapper by Brushy Mountain.
  • Beekeeping jacket.
  • The compact extractor with legs by Brushy Mountain.
  • Brushy Mountain smoker.
  • The English garden hive, cowhide gloves, hatless veil.
  • Beehive tool.
  • Complete hive kits.
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5. Natural Apiary

Best Beekeeping Suppliers - Natural Apiary

Indeed the world of beekeeping has had its share of ups and downs and Natural Apiary has seen it all. The manufacturer takes pride in its exceptional quality beekeeping equipment and accessories all designed to make beekeeping easy and more efficient. To describe this supplier as the best can never be sufficient. Its wide variety of supplies and clothing are ideally tailored for the seasoned beekeeper, full-time beekeeper, as well as the hobbyist who is in a quest to learn about keeping bees. One differentiating fact about this supplier is the fact that it is engaged in ongoing research and innovation all geared towards improving product quality.  Its engaging and responsive customer support also makes it a sought-after supplier of beekeeping equipment. Their comprehensive warranty and return policy are also favorable for buyers no wonder most of them choose to buy from them.

Natural Apiary is at the forefront when it comes to protective gear for beekeepers. Its unique set of jackets and beekeeping suits stand out from the crowd. They are designed using fully breathable cotton and abrasion-resistant fabric making the clothing comfortable in all weather conditions. Those made of polyester are mixed with cotton and come a bit cheaper. The cowhide and goatskin gloves from Natural Apiary for beekeeping are also top-notch. They both offer excellent protection but differ in terms of weight and texture. Goatskin gloves are lighter and more dexterous. They also fit more tightly. The cowhide gloves on the other hand are stronger and offer better stretch. They are also more abrasion resistant when compared to the goatskin type.

Other beekeeping supplies from Natural Apiary include: beehive frames and foundation, and beeswax pellets.

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4. Humble Bee

Best Beekeeping Suppliers - Humble Bee

Humble Bee is another top supplier of beekeeping supplies. It was founded in 2014 and has built a good reputation with buyers globally. Humble Bee has an extensive experience in beekeeping and it donates 10% of all its profits to charities that are devoted to encouraging local beekeeping. They are also committed to promoting bee conservation efforts.

What I love mostly about Humble Bee’s products is that they are built to the highest safety standards. As a matter of fact, they sell products that have been tested and used within their apiaries. They also offer a full refund if you are not satisfied with their products. All their products are covered by a 2-year warranty.

Some of the products sold by Humble Bee include beekeeping gloves, beekeeping smocks, beekeeping jackets, beekeeping veils, and beekeeping suits. It is known for its excellent quality ventilated and aerated bee suits.

In terms of pricing, Humble Bee’s products come at an affordable price. The fact that they provide a money back guarantee and a warranty is also exceptional.

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3. Goodland Bee Supply

Best Beekeeping Suppliers - Goodland Bee Supply

Goodland Bee Supply is also another well known supplier of beekeeping equipment and tools. It is known for its top notch products. It prides itself in being a leader when it comes to supplying the best quality, best support, and best service in the beekeeping industry.

Goodland is also a manufacturer and therefore tailor their products and services to meet their customers needs. Their wide variety of products mainly targets the beginner and professional beekeeper alike. They are a top seller of beekeeping supplies at Amazon and E-Bay.

Some of Goodland’s products include: complete beehive kits, stainless steel beehive smokers, gloves and j-hook hive tool, honey strainer and sieve, bee hive frame tools, foundations, honey extractors, gloves and scraper, decapping uncapping roller, bee keepers full suit with veil, brood boxes, and many others.

When compared to the prices of its competitors, Goodland Bee Supply products are quite affordable. You will also enjoy a comprehensive warranty across all product groups.

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2. VIVO Beekeeping Supplies

Best Beekeeping Suppliers - VIVO

VIVO Beekeeping Supplies is one of the top manufacturers of beekeeping equipment, consistently providing excellent quality products. It has built a good reputation as a leader when it comes to the supply of top quality products. VIVO prides itself for its extensive experience and long history of supplying beekeeping supplies globally.

Some of the products supplied by VIVO include: professional beekeeping jackets which come in various sizes and colors. They also supply good quality stainless steel beehive smokers with heat shield, honey strainer double sieve, stainless steel honey extractors, and many other products.

VIVO does not compromise when it comes to quality and pricing. You get quality for your money. Most of their products are quite affordable when compared to other suppliers. Even though the product quality generally affect the price in addition to the extra items available within the order, VIVO products are still quite affordable.

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1. Mann Lake Ltd

Best Beekeeping Suppliers - Mann Lake

Mann Lake is one of the most popular suppliers of beekeeping equipment today. The company has built a good reputation when it comes to the supply of high quality beekeeping tools and equipment. It caters for the needs of the beginning beekeeping hobbyist as well as the beekeeping professional.

Mann Lake is popularly known for some items such as hive kits, queen rearing equipment, varroa mite control, protective clothing, honey extractors, beekeeping tools, and honey bottling equipment.

One of the main advantages of purchasing your supplies from this manufacturer is that you get nothing short of the best quality. They are the manufacturer and therefore they ensure all products are made of the best quality materials.

Mann Lake operates in various locations within the US: Pennsylvania, Texas, California, and Minnesota. Their products are also available online for easier purchase. Mann Lake is among Amazon’s best sellers of beekeeping supplies.

Mann Lake deals in products such as: books, bottom boards, complete hive kits, bottling, feeders, clothing, Complete beekeeping kits, covers, foundation wax, liquid feeds, frames, pumps and accessories, nosema control, hive beetle control, gifts, honey supers, honey processing, containers and labels, and many others. Their products are quite affordable and they are covered by a warranty.

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A Final Word

If you have been wondering where to get the best beekeeping supplies then you now know where to get them. It is always wise to buy items from a reputed manufacturer. These highly recommended beekeeping suppliers have emerged as top sellers of beekeeping products. You can check out the massive good feedback received from buyers of their products.

Do you agree with our list? Which other beekeeping suppliers do you think should be added to this list? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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