Beekeeping Gloves: Protecting Your Hands

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Technology has done a lot to improve the way things are being done in our world of today. The high risks involved in some occupations have been reduced to the barest minimum thanks to improvements and innovations in technology. One such high-risk job is beekeeping. We are all aware of the pains associated with the powerful and painful sting of these bees. Technology has provided a way out of this problem through the introduction of beekeeping gloves that will prevent bees from having access to your bare skin. In this article, we shall present our list of the best beekeeping gloves that you can employ to get the best out of beekeeping with no harm to you.

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Overview of the Best Beekeeping Gloves

12. Cabot & Carlyle Store Premium Beekeeping Gloves with Long Sleeves

Best Beekeeping Gloves - Cabot & Carlyle Store Premium Beekeeping Gloves with Long Sleeves

These are durable beekeeping gloves for beekeepers of any gender. To help you determine whether these gloves will be comfortable for you, Cabot & Carlyle provides you with a sizing chart before purchase of these gloves. The gloves are made in one size only. Both beginner and experienced beekeepers are able to use the chart with ease to determine whether this pair of these gloves will be best for their hand size. These gloves come in white color. They have a ventilation patch between the wrist and the sleeves of the gloves.

The Cabot & Carlyle Store Premium Beekeeping Gloves with Long Sleeves are made using sheepskin leather and canvas materials. Sheepskin leather is used on the hand section of the gloves and extends down past the wrists of the gloves. Canvas is used on the sleeves of these gloves. It ensures that your hands are not stung while allowing some breathability through the gloves. This mix of materials also helps with making these gloves light in weight. You are also given additional ventilation by a patch round the sleeves of these gloves.

These beekeeping gloves are well made and durable. They deliver well on their promise to keep you from being stung in the hands. A mix of cowhide leather and canvas does the job of preventing bees from stinging you through these beekeeping gloves.

It is easy for beekeepers to determine whether these gloves are best for their hands. A sizing chart provided by the manufacturer of these beekeeping gloves is detailed and very useful so you do not end up with a wrong size of gloves that makes working while wearing them difficult and uncomfortable.

One major drawback however, is that the Cabot & Carlyle Store beekeeping gloves do not hold up well against hot beehives with many angry bees trying to sting you. They are especially very weak in protecting you against Africanized bee stings.

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11. KingLake Goatskin Beekeeping Gloves with Vented Sleeves

Best Beekeeping Gloves - KingLake Goatskin Beekeeping Gloves with Vented Sleeves

The KingLake Goatskin Beekeeping Gloves is an excellent pair made of durable leather and durable cotton canvas cloth. The materials from which these gloves are made from will ensure that your skin gets maximum protection from the sting of the bee. With these glove on your hands, even the angriest of bees will not get into contact with your skin. Your protection is very much guaranteed.

In addition, it will give your hand the comfort it needs to operate without any discomfort. It will give the beekeeper the flexibility needed to handle the various tools. It comes in a package of one pair goatskin gloves which is all you need for maximum safety of your arms.

Another great advantage of this glove is the flexibility that you will get while you are putting it on. It has a seamless attachment to the fingers which makes it easy to handle the tools that you will need during the beekeeping exercise.

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10. Beaver Beekeeping Gloves, Goatskin With Ventilated Cuffs

Best Beekeeping Gloves - Beaver Beekeeping Gloves, Goatskin With Ventilated Cuffs

This is a pair of goatskin beekeeping gloves for both men and women. They are sting-proof since they are made using goatskin leather on the hand area. The sleeves are fashioned out of cotton cloth. This combination of materials allows for some air passage through the sleeves of the gloves to cool you a little. The gloves also have a breathable patch on the wrists. Bee stings cannot go through the tough leather on the hands area of these gloves to reach your skin. Also, since the bee sting is not caught in the leather of these gloves, the bee trying to sting you is not injured either. Additionally, there is no release of pheromones that would alert and stir up the honeybee colony to the attempt to sting you.

The Beaver beekeeping gloves have an elastic band at the cuffs to ensure best securing of the gloves on your hand. You will also be glad to note that the seams of these gloves are very well done so they do not come apart easily. These beekeeping gloves are durable and will take some rough treatment without getting damaged. The gloves allow you great control over your fingers and the tools you want to use. These beekeeping gloves come in a white color. Cotton material is used to make the sleeves of these gloves. Beaver makes these gloves in one size only.

When purchasing your set of Beaver Beekeeping Gloves, you are provided with a sizing chart so you are sure they are of the right size for your hands. Furthermore, these gloves are fashioned to work well with the other protective clothing that you have. They are durable and do a good job keeping your hands from getting stung.

It’s worth noting that the patch for ventilation on these gloves is quite thin. You may be stung if the sleeves of your beekeeping suit do not reach the goatskin section of these gloves to overlap with the goatskin.

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9. Primeonly27 Goatskin Leather Gloves with Canvas Cuff

Best Beekeeping Gloves - Primeonly27 Goatskin Leather Gloves with Canvas Cuff

Everything has a beginning. If you are a beginner beekeeper, then this is one pair of gloves that will meet all your expectations. It has all that a beginner requires and even for those who are experienced in the art, they will find it great as well working with this pair of gloves.

It is made from a thick goatskin leather that will guarantee quality as well as an uncommon endurance which makes it last longer than some of the other, lesser gloves available right now.

The protection is long and great. It is durable and will make a mockery of any attempt of any bee to sting you. It will give the beekeeper an all-around protection that will make you enjoy beekeeping by removing the fear of getting stung by a bee.

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8. BeesNise Goatskin Premium Leather Beekeeping Gloves

Best Beekeeping Gloves - BeesNise Goatskin Premium Leather Beekeeping Gloves

These are goatskin beekeeping gloves with heavy duty canvas sleeves. They are comfortable on your hands and protect you from bee stings. The gloves are made in the USA and come in very high quality. They have elastic on the cuffs. These beekeeping gloves are made in a white color that works well with most beekeeping suits. The manufacturer, BeesNise, makes these gloves in one size only. The gloves are about 9.4 inches round the wrist area and 4.8 inches long from the wrists to the start of the fingers section. A length of 3.5 inches on the middle finger allows the gloves to fit most beekeepers. The sleeves are 11.4 inches long. Be sure to measure you hand well against these measurements of the gloves so you are sure the gloves will be a good fit for you.

The BeesNise Goatskin Beekeeping Gloves are well sewn up and last for long. Be sure to clean them as needed so they remain clean and to extend their life. Use cold water wherever possible and dry them in the shade so they last for long and retain their integrity against bee stings. You may use these gloves in doing any beehive activities you need because they are quite flexible. They allow great handling and manipulation of tools in your hand.

Putting these gloves on and taking them off is made very easy due to use of an elastic band at the cuffs. The elastic band also helps ensure that the gloves stay on through all the beekeeping activities you carry out. Bee stings cannot get through the goatskin used to make these gloves. The gloves therefore give you sure protection from bees that may want to sting you on the hands.

It’s worth noting some beekeepers using these gloves have complained of the gloves not being able to withstand use with sharp and hooked tools such as hive tools that may rip them up.

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7. VIVO BEE-V103 Leather Beekeeping Gloves with Sleeves

Best Beekeeping Gloves - VIVO BEE-V103 Leather Beekeeping Gloves with Sleeves

For the fashion icon, this is one pair of gloves that will make your day. It features a very impressive design that combines excellence and performance. When you have these gloves on your hands, then you have to erase the fear of a bee stinging you. It will guarantee you maximum safety, giving you the protection you need when you are on handling the hive either on inspection or honey harvesting.

The gloves are made from leather material and this gives it a longer lasting life span. It is therefore one of the best economic models that we have around today and that explains the long warranty on this model. The comfort that it will bring is extraordinary. If you try it once, you will definitely fall in love with it because it will give you a combination of comfort on your hands and the peace of mind that you deserved while on the business of beekeeping.

This pair of protective gloves will give you the benefit of a total arm coverage curtsy of its woolen sleeve. It comes with a lot of flexibility which will make things feel very natural when you’re handling the tools, that is, you will feel their effect on your skin. However this does not mean that the bees sting will pierce through. Yes, it’s that flexible. This is an excellent pair of gloves and will love it you lay your hands on one.

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6. Foxhound Bee Company Premium Beekeeping Gloves with Fully Ventilated 3 Layer Mesh Sleeve

Best Beekeeping Gloves - Foxhound Bee Company Premium Beekeeping Gloves

These Premium Beekeeping Gloves with Fully Ventilated 3 Layer Mesh Sleeve are a step towards your comfort in protective clothing when working around honeybees. These are gloves made by the Foxhound Bee Company. In making the gloves, Foxhound uses both leather and fabric. The company uses the top quality goatskin leather for the leather sections of the gloves. In the fabric sections, ventilated fabric is used so your hands remain cool in the gloves. These gloves are a great choice for beekeepers working in hot weather conditions such as in summer.

These beekeeping gloves feature a ventilated fabric on most of their surface. Goatskin leather is used on the palms and fingers of the gloves. It allows dexterity of your hands and tactile feedback through the gloves. With these gloves, you stay cool while enjoying protection from bee stings. The ventilated fabric sections are thick so bee stings cannot reach you even if some bees try stinging you. These gloves are made in a unisex design so they are suitable for use by both men and women. They are also availed in many different sizes to suit the different hand sizes of individual beekeepers.

These beekeeping gloves are well designed and put together. They can be worn comfortably by both men and women. The gloves are ventilated so your hands and arms stay cool the entire time you are wearing the gloves. What’s more, the leather on the palm and fingers of these Foxhound beekeeping gloves gives you great dexterity of the hand and fingers. It also allows for tactile feedback to your hand through the gloves.

Ensure that you get right size of these beekeeping gloves, so they are not too tight against your skin and allow stings through.

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5. Natural Apiary Cowhide Beekeeping Gloves with Ventilated Sleeve

Best Beekeeping Gloves - Natural Apiary Cowhide Beekeeping Gloves

This is a pair of ventilated gloves which gives you some measure of comfort with the passage of air when you put it on. It comes with cuffs which are sting proof. It has the benefits of an extra long twill elasticated gauntlets.

The above features are the elements that make these gloves ideal for the beekeeper, and the reasons as to why it made the list of our best beekeeping gloves. This is a pair of glove that you can depend upon when you want to harvest honey or when you feel it is time to inspect the hive. You have nothing to worry about.

The gloves are durable and will give you real value for your money. It has a very soft texture and the extended length will guarantee that the entire length of your arm is covered. It is 100% sting proof, efficient and safe for use.

The weight is a mere four ounces and the dimensions are such that it will make a great fit when you wear it on.

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4. Humble Bee 112 Beekeeping Gloves with Ventilated Cuffs

Best Beekeeping Gloves - Humble Bee 112 Beekeeping Gloves

The inclusion of the Humble Bee 112 Beekeeping Gloves on our list of the best beekeeping gloves is highly merited. It has all the elements that you will desire in a pair of beekeeping gloves. The protection it offers is top notch. The angriest of bees cannot get at your arms if you have these gloves on.

One of its strong points it that it is well ventilated. You can put it on for long hours without the fear of discomfort of heat. It is long enough and you can adjust the length to suit your purpose. The material is made from goatskin which is durable. It will never give way while you are using it.

In fact, these gloves has all the attributes of an excellent glove which you can be proud of. The cuff is elastic and you can adjust it as you please without destroying the structure. This is an item that will serve you for as long as you so please. When you place an order for this model, you can be assured of getting a product that is 100% sting proof.

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3. Foxhound Bee Company Heavy Duty Beekeeping Gloves with Durable Double Layer Goat Skin

Best Beekeeping Gloves - Foxhound Bee Company Heavy Duty Beekeeping Gloves

Safe beekeeping is important for both beginner and experienced beekeepers. These Heavy Duty Beekeeping Gloves with Durable Double Layer Goat Skin are made to ensure your hands are safe when working around honeybees. They are made by Foxhound Bee Company. The gloves come in a mix of white and yellow colors. The tips of all five fingers and the palm area are outlined in yellow while the rest of the glove is white colored. Yellow areas of the glove are where an additional layer of goatskin is used on the gloves. This pair of gloves is made using a mix of goatskin and fabric. They are thick and resist bee stings even on the areas made using fabric only.

These beekeeping gloves have a reinforced palm area with a double layer of goatskin. The fingers and back of your hand are also protected by a layer of goatskin leather. Fabric is used from the wrist area to the end of the sleeves of the gloves. On the inner side of the wrist of these gloves are leather patches with the manufacturer’s branding. They help prevent bee stings to your inner wrists. Fabric used in the sleeves is thick so no bee stings reach your skin. These gloves are well designed and sewn together so you get full dexterity and great tactile feedback.

Foxhound Bee Company has many years of experience in the beekeeping equipment and supplies industry. It applies this experience in making these gloves to be safe for you and honeybees too. These gloves are made using a style and design that allows you to get tactile feedback in your work. The gloves are also well made so you have easy movement of your hand and fingers when wearing them.

In order for them to be most effective, these gloves depend on your wearing of additional clothing over the wrist and sleeves for the complete protection from bee stings.

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2. Forest Beekeeping Premium Goatskin Leather Gloves with Vented Sleeves

Best Beekeeping Gloves - Forest Beekeeping Premium Goatskin Leather Gloves

This is a super model also meant for beekeeping professionals. If you are the type that is into beekeeping on a large scale, then you are advised to consider this pair of gloves. If you have been having issues with the gloves you are using; this one in particular will give you an experience that will put smiles on your face because it is designed to last you for a long time.

The gloves feature a foam mesh that will give your arms great protection from bee stings. It is double stitched, and this adds to its ability to protect your arms. It also features vented sleeves so as to keep your arms cool whenever you have it on.

This unique design will fit seamlessly into your hands. You will love the presence of it on your hands for as long as you have it on. The comfort is something any professional beekeeper would love and cherish. This is a lightweight pair of gloves that will not add any burden of an additional weight to your wrists.

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1. Humble Bee 114 Beekeeping Gloves with Reinforced and Ventilated Cuffs

Best Beekeeping Gloves - Humble Bee 114 Beekeeping Gloves with Reinforced and Ventilated Cuffs

This pair of gloves is meant for the professional beekeeper. If you are the like that is into beekeeping not just as a hobby, then you will meet all your expectations with these gloves. It is made from supple goat leather hands and features heavy duty canvas sleeves and elastic cuffs.

The gloves are very durable thanks of its reinforced and highly ventilated wrists. It is supported by a heavyweight canvas sleeve and the cuffs that act as protection is made from plastic. It will give you unrivaled protection against bee stings through the combinations of a heavyweight 50% cotton canvas and 50% goat leather.

This is a unisex model which is tailored to fit comfortably on your arms. The manufacturers are really out to promote the welfare and security of beekeepers. Humble Bee donates 10% of their earnings to not-for-profit organizations that promote local beekeeping activities as well as conservation efforts.

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These are the best beekeeping gloves available right now. All of them have the capacity to provide adequate protection for your arms and prevent bee stings. They are well made gloves that will not pose any discomfort to you when you put any of them on. Even when having them on, you can still effortlessly handle the various beekeeping tools as they will not obstruct you. Of course, these are only gloves and will only protect your arms. To get full body protection from bee stings, check out our articles on the best ventilated bee suits and the best beekeeping veils.

Do you own any of the beekeeping gloves on this list? Which gloves(s) do you think should be added to this list? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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