Top 10 Best Hive Stands for Beekeeping (2020) – Why they are Necessary

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Bee hive stands are not only designed to keeping a beehive off the wet ground; they have a lot more benefits. Some might think that it is not necessary to have a bee hive stand but the truth is, bees are naturally inclined to set house above the ground. You rarely find bees swarms on the ground and in case it happens it never lasts long. They will always find an alternative with some height. The best hive stands make it easy for you to position the beehive above the ground. They are available in different brands, designs, models, and come in a wide variety of prices.

About Bee Hive Stands

You have two choices when it comes to hive stand designs: shared hive stand or single hive stand. Shared hive stands can hold more than one hive, whereas single hive stand can only hold one hive. The single hive stand offers immense benefits to the hive unit. It offers centralized support unlike the shared stand that supports a number of hives. At the peak of the season, a single hive can weigh between 70 to 100 kilograms which is quite heavy. An excellent quality single stand can offer the required support for an extended period. On the other hand, the shared stand might handle a number of hives but may not last longer when compared to the single stand.

Why Hive Stands are Necessary

The hive stand helps to direct rain water through the hive walls and away from the stand. This ensures the hive is dryer and will extend the usable life of the beehive unit. The hive stand also helps to keep the beehive away from damp ground that causes damp rot and shortens the life of the wood.

Some bee parasites such as the nosema apis, thrive best on wet grounds that encourage mold and fungus. A stand therefore helps to mitigate against these parasites while keeping the hive dry and free from moisture. Predators are also a common problem in beekeeping. They either steal the honey or feast on the bees themselves. A well-raised bee hive unit keeps these predators away from the beehive. Other benefits associated with bee hive stands is that it provides the right environment for the bees. A hive that is raised helps to provide better ventilation which provides the right temperature and humidity. This is ideal for brood development and conversion of nectar to honey.

When deciding on the kind of stand to buy, it is important to research about the common predators within your region. Some of the common apiary predators include: lizards, bee eating birds, mice, raccoons, rats, skunks, ants, praying mantis, bears, and many others.

Ideal bee hive stands should not be too high, since you have to remove the hives from time to time when undertaking routine inspection. The stand should allow you handle the hives without using a ladder. The stand should also be slightly sloppy so as to drain water away from the bottom board.


In Depth Overview of the Best Hive Stands for Beekeeping

10. Toughtimbers 8-Frame Hive Stand

Best Hive Stands - Toughtimbers 8-Frame Hive Stand for Beekeeping

This is a wooden bee hive stand that works well for 8 frame hives. The unit is sturdy and well built to offer the required support for the hive. It comes unassembled and it is made of pine material. The stand has an excellent design to prevent any obstruction to the bees when accessing the hive. This unit offers a good elevation to keep the hive away from damp ground and predators.

Features and Benefits

  • It is delivered unassembled and comes with instructions.
  • Offers and easy access to hive for the bees.
  • It is ideal for 8 frame hives.
  • It is a wooden hive stand.
  • Made of pine wood.
  • Product dimensions are 16 x 1 x 20 inches.
  • Weighs 5 pounds and has a shipping weight of 6 pounds.
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9. Foxhound Bee Company Cypress Hive Stand

Best Hive Stands - Foxhound Bee Company Cypress Hive Stand

Cypress provides an excellent beehive material. The Foxhound Bee Company has designed its cypress stand to ensure the bees get conducive environment for brood multiplication and conversion of pollen and nectar to honey. This unit offers an excellent landing platform for the bees at the front of the entrance and raises the hive to an ideal height off the ground. The cypress board is 7/8 inch thick and will therefore last longer. This also offers excellent ventilation for the bees. This unit is also fully assembled on delivery.

Features and Benefits

  • Completely assembled.
  • The smooth cypress board is strong and durable.
  • Made of cypress material.
  • Provides a good elevation away from the ground.
  • Strong to support heavy hives.
  • It is well insulated and provides excellent ventilation.
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8. Perfect Bee Ultimate Wood Hive Stand

Best Hive Stands - Perfect Bee Ultimate Wood Hive Stand

This is a cost-effective option for beekeepers. It utilizes cypress for the hive stand and IPM bottom board. The unit also has a double-walled base that provides excellent support for entire structure. It also comes with a screened bottom that helps prevent varroa mites. This unit comes fully assembled.

Features and Benefits

  • Made of cypress material.
  • Fully assembled on delivery.
  • Cost-effective.
  • This unit comes with a double-walled base that fosters the sturdy structure and allows for an enclosed corrugated sheet to blend in.
  • It comes with a screened bottom which is ideal for keeping off varroa mites.
  • Offers excellent ventilation and elevation to keep off pests and intruders.
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7. Brushy Mountain Bee Farm 10-Frame Hive Stand

Best Hive Stands - Brushy Mountain Bee Farm 10-Frame Hive Stand

This 10-frame hive stand is a great choice for beekeepers irrespective of skill level. It is a cypress hive stand that allows the bees to easily access the hive and still remain well-secured from predators and intruders. It is a durable unit thanks to its cypress material construction. This also fits well for the bottom board as well as the stand itself. The stand comes unassembled but is easy to put together.

Features and Benefits

  • Made of longer-lasting cypress material.
  • Comes unassembled and is easy to put together.
  • Works well for 10 frame hives.
  • Does not require oiling on the stands. It is ant proof.
  • Excellent quality unit and is heavy duty.
  • Eco-friendly with zero maintenance.
  • Water tight unit that has retractable frame rests. This slide out from under and back to allow for easy storage.
  • It has adjustable height to work well on uneven surfaces.
  • Elevates the hive for 16 inches away from the ground.
  • Made in the USA.
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6. Perfect Bee Metal Hive Stand

Best Hive Stands - Perfect Bee Metal Hive Stand

Metallic hive stands are popular options among beekeepers given the sturdiness and durability they offer. The metal hive stand from Perfect Bee offers an excellent elevation for the hive so as to avoid the need to bend down whenever you are working on the hive. It also offers a desirable elevation to avoid damp grounds and bee invaders. This unit can withstand the heaviest hives and lasts longer than a wooden hive stand. It is easy to assemble and it comes pre-assembled at the sides. All you have to do is attach the cross bars. Its holes are also drilled already.

Features and Benefits

  • It is made of metallic material.
  • Offers an excellent elevation to keep the hive away from predators and damp grounds.
  • Comes with its sides assembled. The cross bars with holes already drilled should be attached.
  • Excellent and longer lasting hive stand than wooden hive stand.
  • Capable of handling the heaviest hives.
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5. Perfect Bee Ultimate Hive Stand


Best Hive Stands - Perfect Bee Ultimate Hive Stand

This modular and elegant hive stand from Perfect Bee is an ingenious design that is highly rated by beekeepers. It offers a good elevation for the hive which helps keep damp ground and pests away from the hive. This also helps provide good ventilation which is required for brood multiplication. The stand is also easy to set up and will take a few minutes to put together. It comes in a modular design that fits securely with the ultimate bottom board provided separately by the manufacturer.

Features and Benefits

  • This is a modern design hive stand with an attractive design.
  • Offers a perfect elevation to keep pests and other invaders away. It also ensures the hive is free from damp grounds. Raises the hive to 12 inches away from the ground.
  • Works with all bottom boards.
  • Ideal for working comfortably on the hive during routine checks of honey harvesting.
  • Easy to assemble. Requires only a screwdriver.
  • It has Ballast ports that can be filled with sand for maximum stability.
  • Has heavy duty rails that provide exceptional support to the hive.
  • Fits perfectly with the bottom board provided by the manufacturer.
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4. Harvest Lane Honey Plastic Bee Hive Stand

Best Hive Stands - Harvest Lane Honey The Plastic Bee Hive Stand

As its name suggests, this is a plastic hive stand that is built for keeping the bees away from damp ground and predators. The stand is easy to put together and its 4 sides slide together to bring out a durable hive stand. The unit also has metal rests that ensure the hive weight is well distributed to provide excellent stability for the hive. It is also durable and long lasting.

Features and Benefits

  • It is made of durable plastic material.
  • Has 4 sides that slide together to form a sturdy hive stand.
  • It has metal rests that help distribute weight evenly and provide excellent stability for the hives.
  • Easy to use and convenient to attach the frame holders.
  • Product dimension is 20 x 20 x 12 inches.
  • Weighs 5 pounds and has a shipping weight of 7.5 pounds.
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3. Farmstand Supply Ultimate Hive Stand

Best Hive Stands - Ultimate Hive Stand for Beekeepers

This unit is a US-made product that works well for all hives. It is comes with swing-out frame holders that guarantees an easy access to all hives. It provides an elevation of 300mm or 12 inches above the ground. This is an ideal height for regular checks and honey harvesting. It also provides better ventilation for the bees and keeps predators away from the hive. This unit is built with technopolymer that never rots or rusts. It is available in 8-frame and 10 frame configurations. Click here to read our full review of the Farmstand Supply Ultimate Hive Stand.

Features and Benefits

  • An excellent design for all hives.
  • Elevates the hive to 12 inches or 300mm away from the ground.
  • The technolopolymer construction is resistant to rot or rust.
  • Comes in 8-frame and 10-frame configurations.
  • Does not require a wood hive stand.
  • Its heavy duty rails offer substantial support for the hives.
  • It has built-in drains that ensure the hive components are dry.
  • Offers maximum stability thanks to the large footpads.
  • Very easy to put together.
  • Weighs 9.2 pounds.
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2. SummerHawk Ranch 35009 Hive Stand

Best Hive Stands - SummerHawk Ranch 35009 Hive Stand

The weather-resistant strong metal tubing hive stand from SummerHawk Ranch is an excellent unit for supporting heavy hives. It offers an excellent flat surface for the hive to rest securely. It is also fitted with plastic receptacles on each of the legs that can be filled with vegetable oil or water so as to keep off predators and other intruders. This stand fits a standard hive with dimensions of 26.5 inches in length by 21 inches in width.

Features and Benefits

  • Has a sturdy metal tubing construction that can withstand heavy hives during peak seasons.
  • It has a durable weather-resistant finish that keeps it in excellent condition for many years.
  • It allows the hives to nest directly on the stand for an excellent and secure fit.
  • Comes with plastic receptacles that can helps keep off predators such as ants and other intruders.
  • Product dimension is 21.1 x 22.1x 5.4 inches.
  • Weighs 12.2 pounds.

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1. Mann Lake HD-709 Adjustable Hive Stand

Best Hive Stands - Mann Lake The HD-709 Adjustable Hive Stand

The 6-pound adjustable hive stand from Mann Lake has a dimension of 24 x 16.8 x 8 inches. It works great for 10 frame and 8 frame bottoms and is capable of raising the hive to 6-1/2 inches. It is constructed using a sturdy zinc plated steel and takes no brains to put together. The height is ideal for providing the required ventilation for the bees and keeping off the hive from predators. It also drains rain water away from the hive components and ensures the entire hive is kept dry at all times.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy to put it together and disassemble.
  • It is made of zinc-plated steel which is sturdy and longer lasting.
  • Elevates the hive unit to 6-1/2 inches above the ground which is ideal for keeping away predators and providing the right ventilation.
  • Excellent feet for fitting ant guards.
  • It is adjustable hence it offers excellent support.
  • The heavy duty frame offers excellent support to the hive even during peak seasons.
  • Works well with 8-frame and 10-frame bottoms.
  • Weighs 6 pounds and has a dimension of 24 x 16.8 x 8 inches.
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A Final Word

Each of the best hive stands discussed above each offer its unique features and benefits. Some are new in the market whereas others have been around for a while. Check out the benefits they offer and settle for one that offers what suits your needs and budget.

Do you own any of the hive stands on this list? Which hive stand do you think should be added to this list? Leave a comment below and let us know.

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