Mann Lake HK110 Basic Beekeeping Starter Kit

Mann Lake HK110 Basic Beekeeping Starter Kit Review

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The Mann Lake HK110 Basic Beekeeping Starter Kit is an excellent, quality product that will help you kick start your beekeeping journey.

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Beekeeping is particularly one of those ventures that require preliminary planning prior to a full engagement. Your safety as well as that of relatives and neighbors is a key consideration not to mention the beekeeping gear and equipment: bee suit, beehive, smoker, and many others. The Mann Lake HK110 Basic Beekeeping Starter Kit is a great choice for entry level beekeepers. This can be attributed to the fact that it is associated with a top manufacturer. It is well designed so as to provide an ideal habitation for the bees to propagate and make their sweet honey. All of its features make it easy for the bees to access the hive, both within and when they venture outdoors for pollen and nectar gathering. The beekeeper also enjoys easy access to the hive during routine inspection and honey harvesting. Furthermore, this beekeeping starter kit is delivered with a number of beekeeping accessories such as: leather gloves, hive tool, a smoker, and a bee veil. And as you may know, Mann Lake is a US-based manufacturer that is known for their high quality beekeeping products.

Why Beekeeping?

For years men have learned to tame many creatures that were earlier considered wild and untamable. Bees have been reared by man for centuries for a wide variety of reasons including honey making. Bee wax is a useful product of bees, not to mention propolis that is also used widely. Beekeeping is a lucrative venture given the fact that it is highly profitable and does not take much to begin and grow. Literally dozens of online forums, books, local beekeepers associations, and beekeeping videos are available out there. All these avail useful insight to beginner beekeepers. You can also procure hive specific books that lay out the best management practices for specific hive types.

Hive placement is a critical decision for every beekeeper. No matter how good your beehive might be, a bad location can ruin everything. Bees will thrive in a spot where they can get early morning sun and a good shade in the afternoon. The area should also be easily accessible and away from public places. Your chosen spot should also meet the requirements of the various regulations within your region.

About the Mann Lake HK110 Basic Beekeeping Starter Kit

The Mann Lake HK110 starter kit is a traditional 10 frame basic beekeeping kit that is made within the USA. The unit is designed to make beekeeping easy especially for beginners. You will receive the package with all you will need to get started in keeping bees. The hive body is 10 frame 9-5/8 inch and is already assembled and painted. Available also are assembled wood frames that measure 9-5/8 inches, a telescoping cover, foundation, and an assembled bottom board that is already painted. Available also is a reducer, a hive tool that measures 10 inches, and two leather gloves. Some key differentiators of the HK110 include the following:

  • It is a traditional 10 frame beekeeping starter kit.
  • It is fully assembled on delivery and the hive body painted.
  • The wood frames come with a yellow Rite-Cell foundation.
  • It is designed with a telescopic cover that is also painted and assembled already. The cover also has an inner cover.
  • The hive has a bottom board with a reducer also.
  • Additional beekeeping accessories are provided as well. These include: a smoker, a pair of large size leather gloves, a bee veil, and a beekeeping book with the title Starting Right with Bees.
  • The interior is spacious enough to accommodate a number of frames and a thriving bee colony. A spacious interior allows free air movement within the hive and ensures temperature is kept at check.
  • The kit has dimensions of 22 x 18.5 x 13.1 inches. It weighs barely 36 pounds.
  • Made by a reputed USA manufacturer and one of the best beekeeping suppliers.

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Pros and Cons


  • The kit is delivered fully assembled and some of its parts are pre-painted. You therefore avoid the hassle involved in deciding on what frames to put on the hive and also the type of paint to use.
  • The 10 frame kit is compatible with other hive components.
  • It has all you require to get started in beekeeping, except the bees of course.
  • The bee house is spacious and is expandable. It therefore means you can keep many bees and still add more frames as the colony grows.
  • The fact that you get a reference document, that is, the starter book for the beekeeper makes it easy for any starter to know what it takes to succeed in beekeeping.
  • The hive has an excellent design to withstand extreme weather conditions such as sunlight and heavy rains.
  • The hive is well secured to keep away predators and honey thieves.
  • It is affordable and definitely worth the price given all the components delivered in the package.


  • You have to buy other hive components such as feeders and supers.
  • It is a starter kit. You will need to add more hive boxes later.

Further Thoughts

The Mann Lake HK110 starter kit is one that will make it easy for any beekeeper to get started in the venture. It is an excellently built hive box that comes with essential beekeeping components. All components and box are of high quality and longer lasting. The hive interior is quite spacious too. One key feature of this hive unit that is worth mentioning is the fact that it is assembled on delivery. The hive is also painted already and the frames are compatible with other components. As for price this unit is definitely a steal to the savvy buyer.


Are you a beginner who does not know where or where to start in beekeeping? Well, your search for a useful beekeeping starter kit ends here. The Mann Lake HK110 Basic Starter Kit is what you need. It has the tools needed to jump start your beekeeping journey. The hive body is pre-assembled and painted. A telescopic cover is also available in addition to essential hive accessories such as bee veil, smoker, hive tool, and gloves. The unit is well designed to provide an excellent home for your bees. This is a unit that is excellent quality and longer lasting.

Do you own the Mann Lake HK110 Basic Starter Kit? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of it.

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