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Best Bee Smoker

Top 5 Best Bee Smokers (Updated June 2017)

Any serious beekeeper understands the tremendous benefits associated with the bee smoker and cannot afford to survive without one. The tool has a rich history and has undergone various modifications and you can now get one that is near perfect. There are various types of bee smokers out there and thus it is pretty easy to get the right one for your business or hobby.

It goes without saying that to get the best out of your bee smoker you have to ensure you get the right one. In summary buy a bee smoker that has these features:

  1. Heat protection cage to avoid getting burnt on your hands.
  2. Made of good quality and durable stainless steel material.
  3. Comes with a mounting hook so that you can hang it when it is not in use. It will also ensure it cools down safely after use.
  4. Easy to use since at times you might have to use it one-handed. It should also be easy to pump.

With that said, here are the best bee smokers available on the market today:

5. The Agralogix Bee Smoker with Oxygenator Fuel Tank Insert

Best Bee Smokers - Agralogix Bee Smoker with Oxygenator Fuel Tank Insert

This is a top smoker from a reputed brand. It is an ideal smoker that produces a lot of smoke with less effort and with use of little fuel. It has an attractive design featuring a stainless steel finish that has been built to last.

The Agralogix Stainless Steel Bee Smoker comes at an excellent price, though when compared to other products it is smaller in capacity. It is easy to refill and works efficiently. It is also easy to use and hence an excellent choice for the starter who still has a lot to learn. I love its unique design and when compared to previous designs, this one works best. The only drawback associated with it is that it is a little bit smaller in capacity when compared to other smokers. Otherwise, it is an excellent choice for any beekeeper.

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4. The Aspectek Beehive Smoker with Heat Protection

Best Bee Smokers - Aspectek Beehive Smoker with Heat Protection

The Aspectek Beehive Smoker is one of those smokers that will intrigue you at first sight. It is a user-friendly smoker that suits the beginner or professional. It is quite unique in design and when compared to other smokers and this one comes with a scent cover as a bonus. You can also use it for deer hunting if you like.

This smoker is easy to work with and is economical to use too. It burns for a long period with no unnecessary fill ups in between smoking. It is an efficient smoker that will never disappoint even in cases when you have a bee emergency. It quickly lights up and keeps burning until you are done with your work. However, one setback associated with this smoker is that it has sharp edges and therefore if you are not careful enough you might get injured.

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3. The VIVO BEE-V001 Beehive Smoker with Heat Shield


Best Bee Smokers - VIVO BEE-V001 Beehive Smoker with Heat Shield

The Vivo BEE-V001 Bee Hive Stainless Steel Smoker with Heat Shield is an excellent quality smoker at an attractive price. It is well-designed with all the necessary components rightly put in place. It has a hook for hanging it when in use and produces nice, thick smoke for a long period. It is also quite a breeze to pump this smoker.

This smoker is also fitted with a heat cage which will protect you from injuries and ensure the bees are kept at bay. You should however be careful with its bottom since it tends to get hot. You should ensure you keep it on a safe surface once you are done with it. It is  great quality for money and I recommend it to anyone irrespective of whether you are the hobbyist or a professional beekeeper. It’s definitely a steal for the price.

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2. The Goodland Bee Supply Bee Hive Smoker

Best Bee Smokers - Goodland Bee Supply Bee Hive Smoker

Goodland Bee Supply is another reputed manufacturer of beekeeping equipment and tools. It has built a good reputation with most beekeepers due to their exceptional quality products. Its bee hive smoker captured my attention when I saw it for the first time. It is an easy-to-clean smoker that is ideal for all beekeepers. It comes at an affordable price, therefore, for those on a tight budget or the beekeeping enthusiast this smoker will suit you best.

When compared to other bee smokers, this one is quite large and thus it lasts longer since it can hold more fuel. Its pump is also easy to use making it easy for you to undertake your business. It fires up easily and as expected and will go beyond your normal hours of inspection. Furthermore, it is easy to clean and it does not have any screws or protruding nails inside. It has an attractive design and is safe to use.

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1. The Mann Lake HD540 Stainless Steel Smoker with Guard

Best Bee Smokers - Mann Lake HD540 Bee Smoker

This bee hive smoker from Mann Lake has been designed specifically for those who prefer rubber pumps over the ordinary leather pumps. It is one of those smokers that captured my attention when I first laid my eyes on it. It is quite easy to light and the smoker stays burning for a long time ensuring you get sufficient smoke for an extended period of time.

The Mann Lake HD540 has a pump that has a simple design and is fitted with a replaceable bellow. It is quite unique in every sense when compared to other smoker in the market. Most users of this smoker are well pleased with it and they say they could never ask for anything more. I particularly got carried away by the rubber bellows since I prefer them over leather. It also has a larger chamber that helps ensure the fuel lasts for a long time with no need to keep adding more between refills.

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A Final Word

To ensure you go about your business efficiently and without any burns or stings from the bees, choose an excellent quality smoker.