Safe Bee Smoker Fuels For Your Bees

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You have so many options to choose from when it comes to bee smoker fuel. You may be inclined to settle for any kind of fuel, but the best type would be fuel that remains lit and burns slowly while producing a cool white smoke. Natural materials are ideally the best for working on bees since they give the desired quality of smoke. The best bee smoker fuels are meant to make your work easy. Many types of fuel will produce smoke but only a few generate a cool, nice and mellow smoke. Those that produce a hot smoke will burn the bees and that is why you have to choose the best bee smoker fuel for the job. In fact, some materials generate harmful chemicals when burnt and these should be strictly avoided.

Bee smoker fuel is available in two types: the commercially produced and the natural smoker fuel. You can purchase the commercial smoker fuel from a beekeeping catalog or over the internet on sites such as Amazon or eBay. If you choose to go the natural route, then you really need to look out for fuel that can produce bee-friendly smoke and not fire. It should also be a material that can burn slowly, cleanly and at a low temperature. You would not settle for anything that leaves sooth on the honey or beehive, would you? Additionally, along with choosing the right bee smoker fuel, it’s essential to also choose the best bee smoker tool for the job.

Some of the materials to avoid when choosing smoking fuel include:

  • Sawdust – burns hot and will generate embers that will slip into the hive and burn the bees.
  • Petroleum products and synthetic materials – these produce a dark irritating smoke when burnt.

Ideal Features of the Best Bee Smoker Fuels

When not really sure about what to consider when choosing your bee smoker fuel consider these features:

  • Natural products or fiber – these are friendly to bees. Anything man made should be avoided.
  • Anything that smolders but never flames up should be considered. A fuel that burns too hot will consume the bees and therefore should be avoided.
  • It should be easy to light and keep smoking without going out easily.
  • Is free from chemicals and harmful substances that can kill the bees.
  • Easy to get whenever you run short of what you have.
  • Pocket friendly since you will regularly require bee smoker fuel.

With that said, let’s check out the best bee smoker fuels available right now.

Overview of the Best Bee Smoker Fuels

10. 100% Cotton Knitted Bee Smoker Fuel

Best Bee Smoker Fuel - 100% Cotton Knitted Bee Smoker Fuel

The fuel circles are knitted from cotton that is solely grown in the US. It is a 100 percent knit cotton textile that easily lights and never flames up. This smoker also smolders slowly and gives a desirable smoke. That is precisely why it is preferred by many. It comes in uniformly cut circles that are 8 inches each.

Features and Benefits

  • Product dimension is 12 x 8 x 5 inches and weighs 2 pounds each.
  • Smokes well and smolders slowly.
  • It is easy to light up.
  • Comes with uniform 8 inch circles.
  • Made of 100 percent knit cotton textile.
  • Made using US grown cotton.
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9. 100% Hardwood Bee Smoker Fuel Pellets, 2lb bag

Best Bee Smoker Fuel - 100% Hardwood Bee Smoker Fuel Pellets

Next on our list of the best bee smoker fuel is this fuel pellets from a top manufacturer – Cornucopia Brands. The wood burns slowly and for an extended period. The wood pellets are generally hard to light but once lit, will stay lit for a good while. This is unlike other options that flames up easily and go off fast. This product is made of 100 percent quality hardwood which gives a clean smoke that is ideal for calming the bees without harming them.

Features and Benefits

  • The wood pellets give clean smoke that smolders slowly and for long.
  • It is hard to light up but takes a longer time to go off.
  • Made of 100% hardwood.
  • Free from filler content.
  • Delivered in a resalable zipper bag.
  • The clean smoke produced by these pellets is good for the bees.
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8.  100% Cotton Yarn Bee Smoker Fuel

Best Bee Smoker Fuel - 100% Cotton Yarn Bee Smoker Fuel

There is a great advantage associated with cotton smoker fuel unlike others. Cotton not only lights up easily but it also smolders slowly and gives a clean smoke. The bee smoker fuel  is manufactured by LuRay Textiles Inc. This fuel is made of 100% cotton thread which burns slowly and is easy to pull apart. The threads are delivered already cut and are ready to measure and use. The source of the cotton is North Carolina.

Features and Benefits

  • Made from 100% cotton yarn.
  • Surprisingly affordable and excellent quality.
  • Easily lights up and does not require torch.
  • Smokes well and smolders slowly.
  • It is easy to pull apart and comes ready to measure and light.
  • It is ideal for most smoking jobs and can easily be measured even for small jobs.
  • US made product.
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7. 100% Cotton Cotton Cut-Offs Bee Smoker Fuel

Best Bee Smoker Fuel - 100% Cotton Cotton Cut-Offs Bee Smoker Fuel

This is another excellent choice of bee smoker fuel from manufacturer LuRay Textiles, Inc. It offers an affordable and quality option for the beekeeper. These 100% cotton cut-offs are slow burning and will never go off easily. The product is designed from the cut-offs or remnants of the 8 inch smoker circles we listed at number 10 on our list. These are ideally a cheaper option that works just like the 8 inch smoker circles. Of its greatest benefits is that it never flames up or goes off once it is lit. It simply smolders and generates smoke as required.

Features and Benefits

  • Burns for a long period.
  • Generates a friendly smoke for the bees.
  • 100% natural cotton yarn is an excellent bee smoker fuel.
  • An affordable option.
  • Never flames up but smolders and generates desirable smoke.
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6. Mann Lake HD554 KwikStart Smoker Pellet

Best Bee Smoker Fuel - Mann Lake HD554 KwikStart Smoker Pellet

Enjoy stress free hive inspection and honey harvesting by using these smoker pellets from Mann Lake. They are easy to light up and smolders well. You can use the pellets alone on one or two hives and also as starter for other smoker fuel. The fuel generates a calming smoke that can never harm the bees. The quantity supplied also lasts a number of uses.

Features and Benefits

  • Acts as a standalone bee smoker fuel and also a starter fuel for other bee smoker fuels.
  • Generates a calming and clean smoke.
  • Makes it easy to start your smoker.
  • May not last long but it does generate a lot of smoke.
  • Reasonably priced when compared to other smoker fuel.
  • Small and convenient to carry along.
  • Excellent as smoker starter but requires backup to last longer.
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5. BeeCastle Bee Hive Smoker Pellets, 54 Pcs

Best Bee Smoker Fuel - Beecastle Bee Hive Smoker Pellet

If you have been searching for a longer lasting beehive smoker fuel then your search ends here. This bee smoker fuel from Beecastle burns for an average of 20 minutes and consists of 100% Chinese herb. It calms down the bees and also cleans the beehive. The fuel is free from any filler material and delivers a cleaner smoke unlike softwood. It comes in a bag of 54 pcs that will certainly last even for the non-frugal user.

Features and Benefits

  • Burns for up to 20 minutes.
  • It is composed of 100% Chinese herb that not only cleans up the hive but also helps repel unwanted insects and pests.
  • The package is made up of 54 pieces per bag.
  • Well made and durable.
  • Clams down the bees within a short time.
  • Lights up easy with the spark of a flame.
  • Ideal for hive checking and works well as a starter for any other smoker fuel.
  • Friendly to the bees.
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4. Gooday Chinese Medicinal Herb Bee Smoker Fuel, 54 Pcs

Best Bee Smoker Fuel - Gooday Chinese Medicinal Herb Bee Smoker Fuel

Enjoy more benefits with beehive smoking beehive calming the bees. This honey bee smoking fuel is composed of Chinese medicinal herbs that give additional benefits. It kills beehive borers and stubborn bacteria and cleans up the bees by smothering the body mites that affect them. It also repels insects when used on a daily basis. This fuel improves the overall health of your beehive.

Features and Benefits

  • Composed of Chinese medicinal herbs.
  • Burns viruses and bacteria.
  • Burns for an extended period, ideally 12 to 16 minutes.
  • Kills beehive bores, repels insects, and cleans the bees by eliminating body mites in bees.
  • Comes with 54 pieces of bee-specific smoke bombs.
  • Ideal for beehive maintenance and sterilization.
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3. Western Bee Supplies Wood Pellets Bee Smoker Fuel

Best Bee Smoker Fuel - Western Bee Supplies Wood Pellets Bee Smoker Fuel

This is a top choice for most beekeepers. It is a quick and easy to light smoker fuel for beekeeping. It is delivered in a 2 pound bag that is easy to carry alongside your beekeeper travel kit. The wood pellets are excellent smoker fuel that light up easily and smolders for a long time. It also produces a clean smoke that never harms the bees.

Features and Benefits

  • The two pound compressed wood pellets are delivered with extra 5 smoker fire starters.
  • Easy to light up and it produces a longer lasting smoke.
  • Light enough to carry along in the beekeeper travel kit.
  • The wood pellets burn clean and never harm the bees.
  • Easily calms the bees to facilitate honey harvesting or beehive inspection.
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2. Mid West Bee Supply Bee Smoker Fuel

Best Bee Smoker Fuel - Mid West Bee Supply Bee Smoker Fuel

This is ideally one of the best bee smoker fuel in the market. It is made of 100% cotton fibers and does an excellent job when it comes to calming the bees. It generates a constant smoke that is clean. This calms down the bees and never harms them so as to allow the beekeeper to work on the hive. The fuel lights easily and will smolder continuously for a long period of time.

Features and Benefits

  • Easily lights and burns continuously for a long time.
  • Made of 100% cotton fibers.
  • Meets the needs of small scale beekeeper as well as for the commercial scale beekeeper.
  • Quality for money.
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1. Premium Pine Needle Mulch

Best Bee Smoker Fuel - Premium Pine Needle Mulch

Pine needles make one of the best bee smoker fuel. The 100 percent natural smoker fuel generates a friendly smoke that can never harm the bees but simply calms them down. This fuel is ideal for professional beekeepers and it is easy to use and delivers a steady and constant smoke. This is an excellent product for beehive inspection as well as honey harvesting.

Features and Benefits

  • Made up of 100% dried, natural pine needles.
  • It is the best for professional beekeepers.
  • Easy to carry along with your beekeeping tool kit.
  • It is easy to use. Produces a steady and reliable smoke.
  • Never harms the bees. The smoke is clean and calming.
  • Produces a lot of smoke.
  • Ideal choice for those in areas where they do not have pine.
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Bee smokers need fuel and the best bee smoker fuels discussed above make an excellent choice for both the small and large scale beekeeper. They have not been created equal and therefore you have to choose an option that meets your needs. Go for the bee smoker fuel that does not harm the bees and is made of natural materials. It should also be easy to light and generate smoke for a long period of time.

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