Mann Lake WW906 10-Pack Assembled Frames Review

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The Mann Lake WW906 10-Pack Assembled Commercial Frames offer a robust combination of wood and plastic construction, ideal for beekeepers looking for durable and easy-to-use options for brood rearing. Their pre-coated beeswax and design aimed at preventing cross-combing make them a practical choice for maintaining orderly and productive hives.

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Beekeeping with an aim to get high yields benefits from various practices in beehive management. The use of assembled frames and foundations helps speed up production for beekeepers. The Mann Lake WW906 10-pack assembled commercial frames are a solution for beekeepers who use foundation frames in their beekeeping operation. As the name suggests, the beehive frames come in a pack of 10 frames. This is enough to fill a Langstroth beehive box. For those using 8-frame beehive boxes, you are left with 2 frames as spares. These beehive frames are for use with deep Langstroth beehive boxes. They are great for bee brood rearing.

About the Mann Lake WW906 Assembled Frames

Mann Lake is a company that is very visible in the beekeeping industry. There are many products for various uses made and sold by Mann Lake. The Mann Lake WW906 frames are made using wood on the outer frame and plastic for the core of the foundation. The plastic is then coated with some beeswax so that bees take to drawing comb on the frames with ease. The frames in this 10-pack have a cell pattern on them that bees follow when drawing comb for brood cells. They are great for the prevention of cross comb since they guide honey bees to draw comb on a straight plane.

These frames by Mann Lake should most likely used for brood or for honey storage when you prefer to use deep boxes as your supers. Each frame in the pack is 9 1/8 inches deep. In the event they are used for brood, the wax on the frames may get dark over time. Removing the dark wax is easy with these frames. All you need to do is dip them in hot water that melts off the wax. The plastic foundation on the frames remains intact and ready for use again.

  • After cleaning it out, apply a small coating layer of beeswax onto the frames to make them readily accepted by honey bees.
  • You should take care not to boil the frames too much. Even though the plastic foundation can withstand high temperatures, too much exposure to heat can soften the plastic and bend the foundation out of shape.

The design and craftsmanship of these frames is top-notch. They are made using precision-cut parts such as the wood on the outer perimeter of the frame. Additionally, these frames have a bottom bar that is ½-inch thick. The wooden parts are glued together. The dimensions of the various bars and foundation allow you to work with any uncapping tool if needed. They also ensure that the frames fit into standard Langstroth beehive boxes without needing further fitting or joinery.

Pros and Cons


  • With these frames, you should have a very strong comb that does not break or fall off in the heat of summer. The frames have a plastic foundation sheet that is strong and holds the drawn comb straight. They make sure that you have uninterrupted brood production for a strong and healthy honey bee colony.
  • Using these Mann Lake frames helps to prevent cross comb because they guide honey bees to draw comb straight down. You can therefore use these frames only in your beehive box or checkerboard them with regular beehive frames.
  • Beehive frames used for brooding get dark in the wax over time. With these Mann Lake beehive frames, it is easy to clean off the dark wax and apply a fresh coat of clear beeswax. Some beekeepers prefer the dark comb so they can see brood easily.


  • Some beekeepers are not open to the idea of using plastic in beehives. They are not suited to these frames because they have a plastic foundation sheet in each frame. The plastic is however coated with wax to minimize contact of the brood and honey bees with the plastic part of the frame. Personally, I side with beekeepers who have this reservation as I prefer all wooden beehives.
  • Joinery of the outer wooden bars of these frames might present problems as the frames are used over time. While good quality wood glue is used to join the wooden bars, it however gets weak over time and the frames lose their shape. This requires beekeepers to add a small nail or screw to each joint of the beehive frames.

Further Thoughts

Using plastics in beekeeping has attracted a lot of debate and contention. Some beekeepers do not want to use plastic whatsoever, especially in the beehive. The Mann Lake WW906 frames are a neutral solution for beekeepers because they do not allow contact with honey bees and the plastic foundation. They are coated with beeswax which also prevents contact of brood or honey with the plastic part of the frames. These frames are an interesting mix of wood and plastic. They are not heavy on the use of plastics as other frames that are entirely made of plastic.


The Mann Lake WW906 assembled frames are available in various choices of smaller packs for beekeepers with a small budget. They are great for use by beginner beekeepers just setting up their first few beehives. These frames are easy to use and their placement in the beehive box is intuitive. Experienced beekeepers too can use these frames in their beekeeping operations with great success. These frames are of high quality and aim to boost the productivity of your honey bee colony. They allow for brood rearing in a secure environment, and the occasional harvesting of wax when you are cleaning the frames.

For more than 3 decades, Mann Lake has been in the beekeeping industry and has built quite a reputation. Products from the company are known for their great quality, effectiveness, and long life. They include beekeeping woodenware, equipment, protective clothing, and bee feeds. These assembled frames are a great solution for beekeepers who need deep beehive box frames. The frames meet international standards and in some cases exceed the quality of frames you make by yourself. Make better use of the time, energy, and resources you would have spent building frames by getting these Mann Lake WW906 assembled frames.

Have you ever used the Mann Lake WW906 assembled frames before? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of them.

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