GoodLand Bee Supply GL-E2-1SK-TK1 Beekeeping Starter Kit

Goodland Bee Supply GL-E2-1SK-TK1 Beekeeping Starter Kit Review

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The GoodLand Bee Supply GL-E2-1SK-TK1 Beekeeping Starter Kit is an excellent premium set whose quality justifies its cost.

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Perhaps you have always wanted to be a beekeeper but the time just seemed to be not right. Well, if you are now ready to begin the journey then you ought to know what it takes to be a beekeeper. Of course, just like with any other kind of engagement you require some equipment for the job, in this case you need your beekeeping equipment and related accessories. The GoodLand Bee Supply GL-E2-1SK-TK1  Beekeeping Starter Kit can help kick-start your beekeeping venture since it comes with most of what is needed to get started. We shall review what the unit has to offer and flashback on some of the things you need to do to be a successful beekeeper.

Back to the Basics

By now am sure you understand what you need to be a beekeeper: a hive for housing the bees, a bee suit and veil for protection when tending to the bees, and the bees and equipment. Joining a beekeeping club or association also proves to be helpful for the beekeeper irrespective of their level of skill. This is where you get to learn what it takes to be successful in beekeeping. All matters legal or beekeeping best practices are laid bare on such avenues.

The hive is made up of an outer cover, an inner cover, a queen excluder, honey super with frames, a brood chamber or deep super, and a bottom board. The bee smoker is an essential beekeeping tool. You need it for calming the bees when you are either harvesting the honey or monitoring the bees. The other essential equipment for beekeeping includes: hive tool, honey extractor, brush, uncapping knife, frame spacer, and uncapping roller.

About the GoodLand Bee Supply GL-E2-1SK-TK1 Beekeeping Starter Kit

The GoodLand Bee Supply GL-E2 1SK TK1 comes with one complete super box that has a plastic foundation. The package also includes 2 frame honey extractor. The extractor is manually powered and that means you do not need power to use it. In addition to this, the box comes with a metal queen excluder, spacer, frames, super box, and foundations. These are the basic requirements for beekeeping. The manual honey extractor is designed using food grade material and is ideal for the beekeeper that has between 1 to 10 beehives. The 2 frame honey extractor has a 16 gauge stainless steel tank that has steel gears and sealed bearings making it a professional grade extractor. You can extract 2 deep, medium, or shallow frames at a go using the extractor. The extractor also features a 3 piece leg that makes it easy to offload honey.


  • It comes with a 2 frame tangential manual honey extractor.
  • Frames, spacer, queen excluder, super box, and foundations are included in the package. The 2 pine supers are kiln dried and measure ¾ inches.
  • The manual extractor is made of food grade material that is not only safe for use but is durable as well.
  • The 2-frame honey extractor works perfectly for the beekeeper that has 1 to 10 beehives.
  • The honey extractor is made of stainless steel and has sealed bearings and steel gears. The unit is therefore resistant to rust and abrasion. It will also last for many years.
  • The extractor allows you to work on 2 deep, shallow or medium frames at once. This translates to maximum efficiency in your work.
  • The extractor has 3 leg stands to make it easy to offload your honey.
  • The complete honey supers include precision milled joints on both the boxes and frames. This makes assembly hassle-free.
  • All box components are flawlessly designed to eliminate imperfections in the grain or wood.
  • The 20 frames included in the box measure 6-1/4 inches and are made from pine material. The 20 plastic foundations are pre-waxed Pierco foundations. These are bee-friendly plastic foundations that boost honeycomb production and guarantees minimal rejection.
  • The wood products are all unassembled and are professionally packaged. This is meant to eliminate possibility of damage during shipment. Nails and screws are also not included since the joints can fit perfectly. It is also left out since different people have their own unique tastes and preferences.
  • The package is delivered with Goodland Bee Supply Tool Set: Bee Smoker, Uncapping Roller, Frame Spacer, and Uncapping Knife. These accessories are a must have for any beekeeper.
  • It also comes with Frame Grip and two Wood Handle Hive tools.

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Pros and Cons


  • It has most of what is needed to begin beekeeping. These include a complete hive box, honey extractor, and the Goodland Bee Keepers Tool Kit set.
  • The supers are made of dried premium quality pine.
  • It is professionally packaged so as to minimize possible damage during shipment.
  • Supers and frames fit perfectly at the joints.
  • The Pierco per-waxed foundations are ideal for promoting honeycomb production. Pierco has a good track record of being the best when it comes to honeycomb production. It minimizes chances of rejection.
  • All the box components have been ingeniously designed so as to eliminate imperfections in the knots, grain, or wood. They do not have sharp or deformed edges.
  • The honey extractor is made of stainless steel that is resistant to rust or abrasion. It is also durable.
  • You can easily offload your honey from the extractor thanks to the 3 piece leg stands provided.
  • Since the extractor is manually operated you do not need electric power to use it.


  • The wooden products come unassembled.



The GoodLand Bee Supply GL-E2-1SK-TK1 Beekeeping Starter Kit is designed to ease the pain involved in starting out or scaling up in beekeeping. You can get all that is needed for beekeeping in the package: complete super box, honey extractor, and essential beekeeping tools such as smoker, uncapping roller, frame spacer, and uncapping knife. All the equipment and accessories are made from good quality material and therefore they are safe and will last a long time. The unit is an absolute great value for money.

Do you own the GoodLand Bee Supply GL-E2-1SK-TK1 Beekeeping Starter Kit? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of it.

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