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Top 5 Best Ventilated Bee Suits (Updated June 2017)

The beekeeping suit is very crucial to any beekeeper. With the many brands and types of bee suits out there, it might seem frustrating to make a choice. Fortunately, it is not that difficult to get a bee suit even when on tight budget. Ventilated bee suits are very popular among beekeepers and below is a compilation of the top 5 best ventilated bee suits to choose from. This article is solely about ventilated suits; you may view the overall top 10 best beekeeping suits for adults right here.

5. Frugal Farms Large Ventilated Beekeeping Full Suit with Veil

Best Ventilated Bee Suits - Frugal Farms Large Ventilated Beekeeping Full Suit with Veil

Among the top five best ventilated bee suits is the Frugal Farms Large Ultra Ventilated Premium Stingless bee suit. It has been tailored with exceptional workmanship making a reliable fit even in extremely hot temperatures. It is made of rubber type waffled material sandwiched between woven material that is net-like. The net-like material allows air to get in freely, making it comfortable even in instances when the temperature is unbearable.

This product from Frugal Farms stands out as a comfortable suit for hot weather and it has been designed to last. Its three layers make it impossible for the bee stings to pass through. You will also find it so easy to wear and remove this suit since it is made with heavy duty zippers and D ring Zippers for the Veil. Its elastic waist makes this suit very comfortable. You can also carry along some of your items in the pockets around the suit. The two way zipper on the neck also allows you to remove the veil comfortably and easily. Since the veil is self supporting it easily collapses for storage.

One great feature that makes this suit unique is that it still maintains a solid barrier against stings even when wet. Other suits tend to stick to the skin when wet but this is not the case with this suit. One of the disadvantages of this suit is that it is a bit bigger for ladies compared to ordinary bee suits. Therefore you may have to get a smaller one.

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4. The BeeKool Ventilated Beekeeper Full Suit Round Veil

Best Ventilated Bee Suits - BeeKool Ventilated Beekeeper Full Suit Round Veil

This is an excellent ventilated bee suit at an attractive price. It is one of the best suits for hot climates. It has a double layer fabric and longer zippers running all through the legs. I also find the round veil attractive.

Some of the impressive features of this bee suit include; a breathable material design, plenty of pockets with hive tool pocket, high quality YKK Zippers, elasticised wrists with thumb loops, and zippered elastic ankles. One of the setbacks of this bee suit is that the jackets may be true to men’s sizes but the suits tend to be slightly smaller. Therefore, when you place an order choose the suit in the next size up and not your usual size.

This ventilated bee suit is made using a light waffle material sandwiched between breathable mesh layers. It is therefore quite easy to walk around with and is breathable. This suit will not only keep bee stings away but it also gives you comfort as you work on your beehives. You also get maximum visibility thanks to the optional Dome or Round Veil. Irrespective of whether you are a beginner or professional you will be well pleased with this beekeeping suit.

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3. The Humble Bee 431-M Ventilated Beekeeping Suit with Fencing Veil

Best Ventilated Bee Suits - Humble Bee 431-M Ventilated Beekeeping Suit with Fencing Veil

The Humble Bee 431-M Ventilated Beekeeping suit is another excellent suit for those looking for ventilated bee suits. It is one of the best suits for hot weather conditions. It is a unisex design that has all you may ask of a beekeeping suit.

Some of the features that I find useful in this suit include: its collapsible fencing veil, cushioned kneepads, heavy duty brass zippers, a deluxe canvas carrying case, and long lasting double-stitched pockets. It is made of a blend of 50/50 medium weight cotton and synthetic material. Its ultra breathable synthetic ventilation also keeps you cool during the hot seasons.

One of the great benefits associated with this suit is that you can easily put it on and off. It comes with elastic waist, elastic ankles, elasticised wrists, and thumb and foot holds that ensure you are comfortable and well protected. Its veil is also easily removable for cleaning and storage. I love this suit and recommend it to any serious beekeeper since it is great value for money.

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2. Mann Lake Provent Beekeeper Suit with Self Supporting Veil

Best Ventilated Bee Suits - Mann Lake Provent Beekeeper Suit with Self Supporting Veil

This is another great bee suit that is ventilated. It allows you to stay cool even during those hot sunny days when you are working on your beehives. It made of durable materials that will last for days to come. Its layer of rubber material netting lies in between two layers of splendidly woven netting. Both the veil and the suit are made with open netting hence it allows air to stream in freely.

You will feel comfortable and free to walk around with this suit since the suits are cut generously. You can also carry some of your items around on the two chest pockets. It also has two hive tool pockets, a pair of side pant pockets, and another pair of back pockets. You will love its self-supporting collapsible veil that can be easily folded for easy storage. Furthermore, it has two way zippers at the chest and neck that allows you to easily remove and put it on.

This beekeeping suit delivers as expected and I can recommend it to anyone who is serious about keeping off bee stings.

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1. The Ultra Breeze Large Beekeeping Suit with Veil

Stay safe and free from stings with the Ultra Breeze Large Beekeeping Suit with Veil. It has been designed for the beekeeper who desires an excellent quality bee suit that is ventilated. Its mesh of 3 layer ventilated material offer exceptional breathability and cushions against bee stings. I fell in love with this suit as soon as I lay my hands on it. It transformed my beekeeping experience from being a chore to pleasure.

What I love mostly about this beekeeping suit is the ease to put it on and off. It features 2-way YKK brass zippers on both the suits and the jacket. The zippers run all through the length of the leg. You also get multiple pockets in addition to a roomy and detachable hood that can be hand washed. It is an American made suit that has been subjected to excellent workmanship and is made of high quality material.

This suit is machine washable and the hood can be hand washed. It will also fit both men and women, though women may have to wear smaller sizes than the ordinary ones. This is one of the weaknesses of this suit. Otherwise it is one of the best suits in the market today.

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A Final Word

These 5 ventilated bee suits are ideal for the beekeeper looking for a comfortable suit during the hot summer days. You should never experiment when making a purchase since bee stings are not exciting.