Forest Beekeeping Clear View Ventilated Jacket Review

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The Forest Beekeeping Clear View Ventilated Jacket is affordable, durable and protects well.

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The Forest Beekeeping Clear View Ventilated Jacket with Fencing Veil is lightweight and that gives you great protection from bee stings. Forest Beekeeping Supply has specialized in beekeeping protective wear. The company manufactures beekeeping suits, jackets and accessories such as gloves. The jacket is built for use by both professional and beginners in beekeeping.

About the Forest Beekeeping Clear View Ventilated Jacket with Fencing Veil

Forest Beekeeping Clear View Ventilated Jacket

Beekeeping jackets are a quick and easy way to protect against bee stings. The Forest Beekeeping Clear View Ventilated Jacket is made using lightweight material that allows air to easily pass through it. You can feel the breeze through the jacket even as it affords you excellent cover from bee stings. This makes the jacket suitable for use in the outdoors, even in the heat of summer.


A fencing veil is the head protection found on the Forest Beekeeping Clear View Ventilated Jacket. It utilizes a clear view mesh made of fiberglass. The veil keeps bees from reaching your head and face quite well. At the same time, the mesh on the veil gives you an excellent view from inside. The mesh covers the whole front of the hood. It is then replaced by a ventilated fabric at the rear of the head to keep you cool in the jacket. The hood is also completely detachable.


Sealing up the Forest Beekeeping Clear View Ventilated Jacket is made easy by YKK zippers and elastic strips. There are two zippers on this jacket. One is down the front and the other is for attachment of the hood. Both zippers are brass YKK zippers. They are durable and reliable. These zips seal up the jacket very well once you are wearing it. An adjustable Velcro strap on the hood allows you to position the hood at the best angle for great protection from bee stings.

Secure Fit

What’s more, the jacket is a tailored fit. It utilizes elastic strips on the wrists and waist area. These seal up areas where bees might crawl under the jacket and sting you. There are 5 sizes available to choose from. These are Small, Medium, Large, X-Large and 2X-Large. Beekeepers buying the jacket should fit in at least one of these sizes. Thumb holds on the jacket gives it a secure fit on the hands. The thumb holds are great for keeping the sleeves of the jacket in place even as you don gloves to cover your hands from being stung by bees.


A number of pockets don the front of the Forest Beekeeping Clear View Ventilated Jacket. There are three such pockets including a queen marker slot. These allow you to bring all the tools you need for your hive inspection and honey harvesting trips. The jacket has Velcro straps on the pockets to close them up.

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Pros and Cons

Forest Beekeeping Clear View Ventilated Jacket


  • The jacket is double stitched. This makes it very durable.
  • A unisex design makes the jacket a good fit for beekeepers of both genders. The jacket also works well for experienced and amateur beekeepers.
  • You get superior protection from bee stings while being ventilated in the jacket.
  • Elastic on weak areas of the jacket and thumb holds keep the jacket securely on and eliminate the possibility of bees crawling under the jacket to sting you.


  • The hood of thejacket tends to press against the nose. This may lead to bees stinging you on the tip of the nose.
  • Extreme breathability of the jacket trades off some security for comfort. This is especially noted on the back of the suit.
  • The jacket does not cover your lower body and hands. A pair of strong jeans or canvas trousers is recommended for lower body protection from bee stings. For your hands, beekeeping gloves must be worn. These do not come with the jacket.

Further Thoughts

This jacket fits people with chest sizes ranging from 42 inches to 66 inches. The body weight of persons suited by the jacket ranges from 100 lb (45.4 kg) to 300 lbs (136.08 kg). Suitable height for wearers is between 5 feet (152.4 cm) and 6 feet+ (182.88 cm). These ranges are available in a fitting chart provided by Forest Beekeeping Supply. The chart guides you in choosing the best size of jacket for you based on your body weight, height and chest width. The jacket weighs 1 pound (0.5 kg) and ships at a weight of 1.8 pounds (0.82 kg).

You feel protected and very comfortable while you have on the Forest Beekeeping Clear View Ventilated Jacket. The jacket has the fabric layered to a depth that gives you tremendous protection against bee stings. This jacket makes rooftop, outdoor and backyard beekeeping an activity filled with pleasure for both hobbyists and enthusiasts. The jacket shows excellent workmanship in its design and construct. It is also machine washable. Just make sure to detach the hood before putting the jacket into your washing machine.


Both professional and beginner beekeepers are suited by the Forest Beekeeping Clear View Ventilated Jacket. It is easy to use offers great protection. The jacket is unisex. Both male and female beekeepers look good in the jacket. This jacket gives you a fashionable look as you go about your beekeeping activities.

Indeed, this white colored beekeeping jacket is a worthy purchase for beekeepers. It may be your first beekeeping jacket or a replacement for inferior protective clothing that you get. The biggest concern for beekeepers working around bees is protection from bee stings, visibility out of the hood and temperature regulation. The Forest Beekeeping Clear View Ventilated Jacket achieves these well and adds durability to its offering.

Do you own the Forest Beekeeping Clear View Ventilated Jacket? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of it.

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Dennis Kenney founder Jacksonville Area Beekeepers
Dennis Kenney founder Jacksonville Area Beekeepers
4 years ago

How can I purchase extra hat/veils for my students and group members?

Leslie Dickinson
Leslie Dickinson
3 years ago

I was wondering what material is at the end of the sleeve at the wrist ?

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