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Harvest Lane Honey Beekeeping Jacket Review

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The Harvest Lane Honey beekeeping jacket is designed for your utmost protection and comfort.

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The Harvest Lane Honey Beekeeping Jacket is a great choice of protective wear for beekeepers. Beekeeping is a fun activity to engage in when you have the right equipment and attire. Safety while around bees is a major concern for every beekeeper. During hive inspections and honey harvesting, you need to wear a protective suit or jacket. Donning one such as the Harvest Lane Honey beekeeping jacket gives you both protection and comfort.

About the Harvest Lane Honey Beekeeping Jacket


In place of a full suit that is cumbersome and heavy, beekeepers are increasingly going for protective beekeeping jackets. These jackets such as the Harvest Lane Honey Beekeeping Jacket serve the same purpose of protection while not being too bulky. Another advantage of the beekeeping jacket over a protective suit is the cost of purchasing. A protective beekeeping jacket is always significantly cheaper than a beekeeping suit.

Harvest Lane Honey is a reputed maker of protective wear for beekeepers. This jacket is made from cotton and polyester. The blend of two materials allows for aeration while retaining the protective abilities you seek from the jacket.

For your visibility, Harvest Lane Honey has put a fencing veil on the upper part of this beekeeping jacket. Fencing veils in beekeeping suits and jackets allow for better viewing angles. A fencing veil in your protective jacket additionally saves you from bulk. With a fencing veil, the Harvest Lane Honey beekeeping jacket is not cumbersome when it comes to movement. You enjoy the time you spend with your bees while reveling in the protective capabilities of this beekeeping jacket.

Bees mostly gravitate towards the upper body regions of humans who are standing up. Protective jackets including the Harvest Lane Honey beekeeping jacket cover only your upper body and take advantage of this fact. It is however still important to protect the lower body. It is advisable to wear something on your lower body that will give you protection from bee stings. Thick jeans are a favorite for farmers and beekeepers that use protective jackets.


Pockets on the Harvest Lane Medium Honey Beekeeping jacket are strong and deep for all your needs. Tools such as a deep hive tool fit easily in the large reinforced pockets of this protective jacket for beekeepers. The jacket makes it very easy and friendly for you to bring along the items that you need for your honey harvesting or hives maintenance work. On the front left pocket is a stylish Harvest Lane Honey logo. With this beekeeping suit, you are sure that you have a quality product.


The Harvest Lane Honey beekeepers protective jacket comes with top of the range zippers. They are durable and close with no hassles. The wrists of this medium sized beekeeping jacket are equipped with elastic and reinforced to prevent bees from squeezing under the sleeves. The reinforcement also helps the wrists area of the jacket undergo less tear and wear from everyday use.


Elastic is used in the wrists and waist area of the Harvest Lane Medium Honey beekeeping jacket.  This is a great way of holding everything together when you are sporting a pair of beekeeping gloves. The gloves can go over the protective jacket wrists to seal you up in safety. The area of the jacket around the waist of this beekeeping jacket wraps tightly onto your waist and keeps angry bees out.

Size and Color

The Harvest Lane Honey beekeeping jacket is available in Small, Medium and Large sizes. A medium size for the Harvest Lane beekeeping jacket is a good size for most people. It fits well while not squeezing you up inside it. The sizing of protective jacket takes into account that you might be wearing something under the jacket. Choose the size that would best fit you.

The color of this beekeeping jacket is another feather in its hat. White is fantastic for visibility and heating up. Most hive maintenance and honey harvesting takes place in summer when it is quite hot outdoors. White reflects heat away from you unlike darker colors. It is good to see Harvest Lane Honey are about the beekeeper who wears this protective beekeeping suit in the sun.


Beekeepers love their kit belts. A good tool kit belt keeps everything within easy reach and safely out of the way. Any good tool belt you own will work well with this beekeeping jacket. The jacket stays out of the way and does not interfere with your use of a tool belt. Belts rub on what is under them. Eventually, the kit belt degrades protective wear. At worst, a belt could tear your protective wear and let stinger bees get to you. Reduce the risk of a belt tearing up your protective wear with a Harvest Lane Honey beekeeping jacket. There is very little contact and interaction between the protective jacket and any kit belt you wear.

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Pros and Cons


  • The jacket allows for aeration. You remain cool and feeling fresh in the protective jacket.
  • Use of cotton and polyester as the main fabrics ensures no bee stings can reach you.
  • A fencing veil gives you good visuals out of the veil and around you.
  • Pockets on the Harvest Lane Honey protective jacket are correctly positioned for easy access.


  • The protective jacket requires you to do additional investment in lower body protection.



The Harvest Lane Honey beekeeping jacket is refreshingly lightweight protection for you. Your threat is only bees. There is no need to wear heavy protective jackets and suits that will make you not work as much as you plan to. Every time you don a beekeeping protective jacket, you insulate yourself from the world. The additional layer of protection you put on can be bothersome to you if it is heavy. When protective gear weighs you down, you complete fewer tasks than you hoped to. Harvest Lane Honey has made this protective jacket to weigh only 1 pound. This is equivalent to less than half a kilogram of weight.

Beekeeping is a vital agricultural undertaking. Also called apiculture, it ensures that plants are pollinated and puts honey on our tables. Bees however have stings as a means of protecting their hives and honey. Preventing bee stings is why beekeepers love their protective equipment. Protective wear allows you to practice beekeeping and have peace while interacting with your bees.

Do you own the Harvest Lane Honey beekeeping jacket? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of it.

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