Goodland Bee Supply GL3STACK 3 Tier Bee Hive Kit

Goodland Bee Supply GL3STACK 3 Tier Bee Hive Kit Review

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The Goodland Bee Supply GL3STACK 3 Tier Bee Hive Kit is an excellent product to kick start your beekeeping journey.

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Ever since man discovered the sweetness of honey centuries ago, we have been developing better ways of taming the bees that produce it. The beehive, which is the primary home for the bees has undergone various changes over the years. Great advances have been witnessed all in a bit to enhance the efficiency of honey collection. The Goodland Bee Supply GL3STACK 3 Tier Bee Hive Kit is well worth considering new beekeepers. This beehive kit was specifically built and designed to help the beginners in beekeeping experience a smooth journey in their endeavor.

About the Goodland Bee Supply GL3STACK 3 Tier Bee Hive Kit


The Goodland Bee Supply GL3STACK 3 Tier Bee Hive Kit uses the iconic Langstroth design. It comes in a set of layered hive boxes. The boxes are placed upon each other to complete the hive. This design is very efficient when it comes to beekeeping. The beehive is accessed from the top. This makes extraction of honey easier for both the farmer and the bees.

The Hive Body

The Goodland Bee Supply GL3STACK 3 Tier Bee Hive Kit has three chambers. These chambers are split to separate the workers from the queen bee. Wood is the major component that is used to make the body of this beehive and the wood used is soft pine. It is not only attractive but also quite hardy. Despite having three tiers, this beehive is quite light due to the material used. It is quite easy to move it around. Some of the frames are also made of wood. The soft pine wood is kiln dried to make it more durable and less susceptible to the elements.

The Hive Boxes

The body is primarily made up of two Goodland Bee Supply deep hive boxes. It also has one Goodland Bee Supply shallow hive box. These deep boxes are ideal for a good harvest as they can hold quite a substantial amount of honey. The boxes hold a huge colony of bees easily without congestion. Honey extraction is less of a hustle due to this big space and separate chambers.

The Hive Frames

You get two sets of frames with each purchase of this great beekeeping kit. You get 20 large frames and 10 small frames made of pine wood. Another set of 20 deep frames and 10 small frames made of plastic are provided. The plastic is black in colour. All frames foundations come pre-waxed with Pierco. With an option of over 50 frames to interchange, even a beginner can easily handle beekeeping.

The Roof

Bad weather conditions will not harm your honey or bees when you use the Goodland Bee Supply GL3STACK 3 Tier Bee Hive Kit. This is because this ultra-modern beehive comes with a telescoping roof. The roof is the top most part and covers the rest of the hive comfortably.

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Special Features

The Queen Excluder

The Goodland Bee Supply GL3STACK 3 Tier Bee Hive Kit comes with a few extra features. It comes equipped with a queen excluder that helps the farmer restrict the movement of the queen bee. The queen is limited to the brooding chambers only. She cannot access the top box and only lays her eggs in the lower chambers. The top chambers are left for only honey production. Click here to check out our article on the best queen excluders.

Entrance Reducer

Another nifty feature that is the entrance reducer. This feature helps protect the hive from external predators and pests. It is only big enough for the bees to fit and is conveniently located at the bottom of the hive. It also acts as a ventilation hole for proper aeration. This entrance also helps to control the weather conditions. For example it keeps the hive insulated during winter.

Bottom Board and Inner Cover

You get a bottom board and an extra inner cover when you purchase of the Goodland Bee Supply GL3STACK 3 Tier Bee Hive Kit. The bottom board acts as the base for which the whole hive stands upon. It protects the hive from conditions that may affect it from the base for example a wet surface or ground. The inner cover is placed on the top just under the roof. It creates a space of dead air in the hive. This provides insulation in the bee hive. The inner cover also is a source of ventilation for the bees in the hive.

Ease of Assembly

This Langstroth beehive comes in separate pieces. Assembly is mandatory but relatively easy. The Goodland Bee Supply GL3STACK 3 Tier Bee Hive Kit comes well equipped the only thing left are the bees themselves. This beehive has well pre-cut pieces that fuse together seamlessly. The frames are also easy to install and remove. You may however need to add a few nail or screws around the corners. It will help make the structure firmer and better fitting.

Affordability and Guarantee

The Goodland Bee Supply GL3STACK 3 Tier Bee Hive Kit provides excellent value for money. It offers great quality at a very pocket friendly price. It is quite cheap bearing in mind the great quality and durability of this beehive. The Goodland Bee Supply company is one of the best when it comes to beekeeping. The company brands its iconic logo on this beehive as a sign of guarantee. They also offer warranties for this product.

If you have always wanted to start beekeeping and were wondering how to start, the Goodland Bee Supply GL3STACK 3 Tier Bee Hive Kit is a beginners companion well worth considering. It was specifically crafted with a newbie in mind. The Goodland Bee Supply company issues a disclaimer for their products. This beehive can be purchased online from the comfort of your home. It is also retailing at an outlet store near you. Be sure to pick out the best deal and start producing your own organic unadulterated honey.

Do you own the Goodland Bee Supply GL3STACK 3 Tier Bee Hive Kit? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of it.

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