Bees & Co U84 Ultralight Beekeeper Suit Review

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The Bees & Co U84 Ultralight Beekeeper Suit is a top class beekeeping suit that keeps you cool while working around bees.

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Beekeepers value their safety very much and prioritize protective clothing among beekeeping equipment. The Bees & Co U84 Ultralight Beekeeper Suit is ventilated and features a fencing veil. The suit promises to keep you safe from nasty bee stings. It is made and sold by Bees & Co. It is built to be useful to both male and female beekeepers that have to attend to beekeeping duties on a sunny or hot day. Bees & Co has ample experience making beekeeping suits and has a number of these products available to beekeepers. The Bees & Co U84 Ultralight Beekeeper Suit is a flagship product offered by the company.

About the Bees & Co U84 Ultralight Beekeeper Suit

Bees & Co U84 Ultralight Beekeeper Suit

Design & Materials

The Bees & Co U84 Ultralight Beekeeper Suit is made using cotton. This type of fabric is easily breathable as it allows for air to enter the suit through the fiber. This cotton material is fashioned into a mesh pattern that covers most of the suit, which further allows air to easily flow through.

There are 3 large pockets on the suit. They are located in easy to reach points: one on the chest and two on the legs. The pockets are deep and come with wide openings that allow easy use. They are very well suited for the tools that are often used in beekeeping. The Bees & Co logo adorns the cover flap of the chest pocket.

Bees & Co U84 Ultralight Beekeeper Suit


Wearing the Bees & Co U84 Ultralight Beekeeper Suit is a pleasant experience for beekeepers. The suit is kept secure in place using a number of features not limited to elasticized thumb and foot loops. Zippers are used to open and close up the front of the suit. The veil also attaches to the suit around the shoulder and neck region using zippers. Durable white plastic zips are used in both instances. The zip used on the front opens the suit wide. It allows beekeepers using the suit to put it on easily and then secure the front. The zip also makes it easy to remove the suit.

Fencing Veil

Your head and face are well protected with the Bees & Co U84 Ultralight Beekeeper Suit. It has a fencing veil that goes round your head to keep bees from making contact with your skin in this region. There is adequate clearance at the back of the neck, and the veil has enough space under it for your hair. You may also wear a cap or hat under the veil if you wish to. The fencing veil allows vision out of the entire front and sides. This makes your time working in the suit pleasurable and not disorienting at all. This beekeeping suit allows the veil to be detached from the suit entirely. You may also drape the veil down the back of the suit once you are a safe distance from angry bees.


There are different sizes available of the Bees & Co U84 Ultralight Beekeeper Suit. They are spread out over a big enough range to allow beekeepers of all body sizes to wear the suit comfortably. The size choices available are XX-Small, X-Small, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. For the more heavily built beekeepers, XX-Large and XXX-Large sizes are available and should fit you very well. Bees & Co has a body size chart that is of great use in deciding the appropriate suit size.

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Pros and Cons

Bees & Co U84 Ultralight Beekeeper Suit


  • The Bees & Co U84 Ultralight Beekeeper Suit is big on ventilation. Any small breeze will go through the suit and cool you down very well.
  • Important areas that may not be functional with the mesh-like material used on the suit have non-ventilated cotton patches on them. These include the pockets and knee pads.
  • This suit has padded knee pads. They make the beekeeper suit appear very stylish. These knee-pads also make it comfortable to kneel while wearing the suit – if need be.
  • The beekeeping suit comes with a 2 year warranty.


  • Does not come with gloves.

Further Thoughts

Bees & Co has made the suit thick enough to keep bee stings out but uses very light material in making their beekeeping suit. You may wear some light clothing underneath if need be. The suit is quite lightweight, so beekeepers wearing the suit feel virtually no weight added to their normal clothing.

Bees & Co U84 Ultralight Beekeeper Suit

Double stitching has been used throughout the Bees & Co U84 Ultralight Beekeeper Suit. It ensures the suit remains intact for a long time and can resist some of the pressures and forces that may be exerted on the suit. Beekeepers using this beekeeping suit are sure that the seams are made to a high quality, including the areas where the pockets and knee-pads are attached.


Bees & Co have offers beekeepers a protective suit that covers a large surface area of their body while around bees. The Bees & Co U84 Ultralight Beekeeper Suit stretches from your ankles all the way up to the neck and shoulders. The fencing veil that comes with the suit confers protection to your face and head. The only additional protective wear that you need is beekeeping gloves and shoes. Boots and a pair of thick socks work well with this beekeeping suit. There are many online and brick-and-mortar retailers of these additional accessories that you need with this beekeeping suit.

Do you own the Bees & Co U84 Ultralight Beekeeper Suit? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of it.

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Michael Simmonds is a beekeeper from the United States, with over 20 years of experience in the field. He developed a passion for beekeeping at a young age and started his own apiary when he was just 15 years old. Over the years, he honed his skills and gained extensive knowledge about honeybee biology and behavior. Michael's passion for bees led him to start his own business, where he provided honeybee colonies to farmers and gardeners to help pollinate their crops. His business quickly gained popularity and recognition, and he became known for his expertise in honeybee health and management. He was also sought after for his knowledge about the art of extracting honey, and many aspiring beekeepers sought his guidance on how to get started. Aside from his beekeeping business, Michael is also a dedicated advocate for honeybee conservation. He is passionate about educating the public about the importance of honeybees and the role they play in our ecosystem. He also works with local organizations to help preserve wild honeybee populations and protect their habitats. Michael's passion for bees and dedication to his work have made him one of the most respected beekeepers in the country. He continues to work with bees and share his knowledge with others, hoping to inspire a new generation of beekeepers and to help protect these amazing insects for generations to come.
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1 year ago


I hope you are doing great. I am really glad to see your article on Bees & Co products. Previously Bees & Co was only on Amazon but recently we have launched our Bees & Co website In Bees & Co website we have 50% off offer on Gloves with suits and Jackets.

It would be great if you can change all the amazon URL to website and people can enjoy the promotions as well.

Thank you.


C Carey
C Carey
1 year ago
Reply to  Tanjim

I’m looking on Amazon, and your suits are less expensive there, than on your website. So I will order from Amazon this go-round.

Michael Hall
Michael Hall
17 days ago
Reply to  Tanjim

I have a Bees & Co U74 suit. Our bees stung through the cotton head material as well as the waist at the front. Clearly the material on this suit does not adequately protect the user from being stung. It was from Amazon UK 2021.
The experience obviosly makes the wearer aware that extra thicness is needed under the suit and that does not mean thin tee shirt material either!

Last edited 17 days ago by Michael Hall
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