Trucking Bees – How to Transport a Beehive

Trucking Bees - How to Move a Beehive

The location of a beehive is not fixed, and sometimes it becomes necessary to transport beehives, especially over long distances. The work is hard but the entire process is not complicated at all. When you need to truck bees, you should take their needs and behavior into consideration. Proper preparations and provision for feed are needed by the beekeeper moving their bees for various purposes. In pollination season, beehives are moved long distances. This guide takes you through moving beehives and making sure that the honeybee colonies inside are well taken care of. It provides you with detailed information about trucking bees and how to move a beehive.

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The Beginner’s Guide on Where to Buy Bees

Where to Buy Bees

Throughout the entire world, more and more people are getting into the practice of beekeeping. This is because they have realized its benefits and the advantages of homegrown honey. Scientific studies suggest that sweetening food with honey is much healthier than with processed sugar. Natural honey has numerous health benefits. …

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Getting Started in Beekeeping – The Beginner’s Journey

Getting Started in Beekeeping - BeeKeepClub

Beekeeping has been practiced by humans for a very long time. In the past, logs were used as beehives. Today, more advanced equipment such as the Langstroth beehive are used. Beekeeping is also called apiculture. A beekeeper with many beehives close to each other in one place is said to have an apiary. Getting started in beekeeping can be daunting if you do not have the proper guidance and information. Once you get into the groove of things however, you will quickly start enjoying being a beekeeper, and BeeKeepClub is here to guide you right along the way.

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An Introduction to Backyard Beekeeping

Backyard Beekeeping

So you’ve decided to venture into beekeeping and perhaps you’re wondering where best you can set up your beehives. Well, look no further than your backyard. Backyard beekeeping doesn’t require a lot of space, and if you have plants around, then that’s a suitable environment for the bees to thrive …

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The Cost of Beekeeping – How Much to Spend?

Cost of Beekeeping

Beekeeping can be a rewarding and very fulfilling venture. You can successfully start and run a beekeeping business even without prior experience in business or in beekeeping – as long as you are willing to learn a lot of things very quickly. Potential beekeepers always ask themselves the question of …

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