Using Homemade Varroa Mite Treatment Alternatives

Homeade Varroa Mite Treatment

Controlling Varroa mites is done using both commercial and homemade products. It is important to ensure you do not incur losses due to Varroa mite infestation. Using homemade Varroa mite treatment alternatives are just as effective as using commercially produced products sold through various outlets. This article will guide you on how to successfully use homemade solutions to gain back control of your apiary. If you have been struggling with Varroa mite control and are looking towards homemade treatments, then this article is for you.

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Nosema Treatment for Honey Bees

Nosema is a fungal parasite of honey bees that causes the disease Nosemosis. There are two species of the microsporidian parasite: one is the Nosema Apis and the other is the Nosema Ceranae. Both are problematic to beekeepers in the USA and globally. The Nosema Ceranae has spread in recent years to many parts of the world. In the USA and Europe, Nosema Apis was the endemic species. However, the Nosema Ceranae has evolved alongside the Asian honey bees and then spread throughout the world. Avoiding losses from Nosema infections is important in beekeeping. This article gives you better understanding of the disease and how to go about conducting Nosemosis treatment for honey bees.

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The Queen Bee: Her Importance and Characteristics

Characteristic of the Queen Bee

The queen bee is the center of attention in every beehive. Her role is paramount and without her, it would almost be impossible to grow your beekeeping business. The queen bee guarantees a seamless turnover of bees in the colony and is the only reproducing bee in the colony. Therefore, the absence of the queen bee will inevitably lead to colony collapse. As the beekeeper, it is therefore important to know the characteristics of the queen bee for easy monitoring of her whereabouts, health, and productivity. The queen is usually marked using different colors after identification to earmark the year they belong to. And of course, the queen bee is the only bee with a mark to make subsequent checks easy.

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Best Beekeeping Apps & Apiary Management Software (2023)

There are many beekeeping apps available on the market, but it may take some time before you find your ideal software. Beekeeping has been around for many centuries, and throughout its history, methods of maintaining bee colonies and hives have progressed, and technology has played a big part in its evolution. Though many beekeepers still use traditional approaches as taught in books, no one can deny the fact that modernization has contributed a lot to the continuance of beekeeping.

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