Festooning Bees – what’s that about?

Festooning Bees

Despite the numerous studies on honey bee behavior, there are still certain things that are are a mystery to us as humans. One such mystery is festooning bees. But what exactly is festooning? Well it is a behavior of bees where they form a lace work, one layer thick, and are joined leg by leg between the frames of the comb. In this article we'll dive in and dissect this mystery just a bit.

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Basalt Varroosis Prevention and Treatment Tablets Review

Basalt Varroasis Prevention and Treatment Tablets

The invasive varroa mites are a serious threat to beekeepers. It is believed to have originated from the Far East where its main host is the Asian honey bee. The European bees are a target and are more susceptible to the mites. Various measures have been tested and proven to help counter the varroa mites. One such measure is the use of smoke treatment when it comes to the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of varroosis. This method is effective but requires proper timing and adherence to the recommended application procedure.

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How to Control Moisture in the Beehive

Moisture Control in the Beehive

Moisture in the beehive has several negative effects on the well-being of the hive, the worst of all being that it endangers the honeybee colony living there. Proper ventilation of the beehive ensures adequate moisture control. There are various ways you can go about ensuring moisture levels in the beehive do not go too high. This article shares tips on how to control moisture in the beehive and looks at the various beekeeping equipment you can use to achieve this. Too much moisture in the beehive leads to organisms such as fungi, finding it easier to establish themselves in the beehive. It can also lead to condensation and droplets falling on bees. Honey bees can die when the cold water droplets fall on them.

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How to Build a Top Bar Beehive – DIY Beekeeping

How to Build a Top Bar Beehive

Top bar beehives are among the more common types of hives used in beekeeping. You can buy one for your beekeeping operation, or build one if you have the skills and equipment. This article guides you on how to build a top bar beehive, but we'll first take a look at the top bar beehive and its features. The advantages it comes with have made the top bar hive usable in urban beekeeping too. Beekeepers using top bar hives tend to be very passionate, as the beehive sits at waist level, making hive management very easy for the beekeeper. Beginner beekeepers have an easy time learning about beekeeping when they start their apiary with a top bar hive.

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Introduction to the Beehaus Beehive

Beehaus Beehive

A uniquely designed beehive that has been gaining traction among beekeepers is the Beehaus beehive. If you have been thinking of getting started in the venture of apiculture, or simply need to try out something new, then perhaps this hive can be worth trying. As always, it is important to learn about any equipment before investing in it. That precisely explains why we will discuss the Beehaus beehive in this article.

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