Beehive Mesh – Adding a Mesh to Keep Out Predators

Beehive Mesh

Beekeepers often ensure security for their honeybees by adding a mesh around the beehive to keep out predators. This is usually in addition to other preventive and active measures they take. Proper beehive security depends on the proper setup, management and maintenance of all the security measures you use in your beekeeping operation. Honeybees have a number of predators of different types. When you leave honeybee colonies in your apiary vulnerable, they are attacked by birds, small animals, and large animals. This article explores the safety of beehives with a detailed investigation of the use of meshes around beehives to keep out predators.

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The Ethical Harvesting of Honey

Ethical Harvesting of Honey

Honey is the oldest source of sweetness known to mankind. Ever since we started exploring its benefits, honey has played a major part in food and medicines. The presence of honey was first discovered in Spain in the cave of Valencia. In the cave the honey seeker was portrayed on an 8000 year old cave painting at Arana Caves in Spain. This ancient painting shows a person extracting honey from wild beehive, which indicates that humans have been practicing honey harvesting for as long as 5000 BC. Today with all these years of experience and knowledge, there is new technology and better ways to harvest honey. Yet, the question lingers, are the ways of honey harvesting ethical?

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Become a Beekeeper: Step-by-Step Guide to Easy Entry

Step by Step Guide to Become a Beekeeper

Getting into beekeeping is easy with the right guidance. Following the right steps to become a beekeeper is crucial for your smooth entry into beekeeping. The process involves preparing yourself to start beekeeping, setting up to receive your first colonies of honeybees, and looking after them henceforth. In setting up your beekeeping operation, you will also take into account the goals of your beekeeping and the products you aim to get from the operation. In most cases, beekeepers are in it for honeybee conservation, profit, or both. The steps outlined in this article are the best for aspiring beekeepers to follow, whether they are aiming to be beekeepers for conservation purposes or for profit.

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Plastic Beehive Frames vs Wood – Which is Better?

Plastic vs Wooden Beehive Frames

Beekeepers are offered two types of frames - those made using wood and those made using plastic wooden. Wood is natural and has traditionally been used to make beehive frames. Advances and innovation in apiculture has led to the advent of plastic frames. You may use the two types of frames together or use only one type of frame. In this article we'll discuss the comparison of plastic beehive frames vs wood.

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