Mann Lake WW751 8-Frame Garden Hivery Cover

Mann Lake WW751 8 Frame Garden Hivery Cover Review

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The Mann Lake WW751 hivery cover provides a cost effective way to add flair and function to your beehive.

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Honeybees, like any other farm animals, need much care in order to produce. Honeybees need to be protected from insects, fungi, bad weather, just to name a few. Long time supplier of beekeeping equipment, Mann Lake, has realized the need for this type of protection, and so they have created the Mann Lake WW751 8-Frame Garden Hivery Cover.

About the Mann Lake WW751 8 Frame Garden Hivery Cover

The Mann Lake WW751 is a hive cover designed for an 8-Frame hive. With dimensions of 23.2 x 18.8 x 5.5 inches, this decorative telescoping cover is made with copper colored andonized aluminium that effectively manages to prevent patina as time passes, preventing you from performing repairs on the cover from time to time. Indeed, Mann Lake is a trusted beekeeping supplier, with over 31 years experience in the business, so you can trust and feel secure that their products are of high quality.

The Mann Lake WW751 is comprised of copper, which provides great protection for your hive even in the worst of weather conditions. In my experience, this cover has withstood heavy rainfall and chilling snowfall. The use of copper is a wise choice too, as plywood covers can fall apart quickly especially if the paint is not kept, and the shape is changed over time. Furthermore, non metal covers may risk leaking water into the hives. With this copper made cover however, the hive is safely protected from water and any other liquid substances, keeping inside the hive humid an dry and your bees protected.

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The Mann Lake WW751 Garden Hivery Cover weighs just about 8.6 pounds (about 3.9 kilograms). This is quite heavier than the non metal ones, however, but I found that it does add counter weight to the hive; helping to keep it steady especially when bumped by animals, or even people.

The WW751 hivery cover is a premium product from Mann Lake, and is certain to be a great standout in your garden as it is in mine. The construction of this hive cover is designed with internal air space that insulates the hive and keeps it cooler in summer and warmer in the winter, thus, helping the bees live a longer and more productive life.

Compared to conventional hive covers – those which are made of light materials and non-metal ones, the WW751 Garden Hivery Cover is quite expensive, but it is great value for the money. Call it an investment that will pay off in the long run that will prevent you from frequently changing hive covers, because it is highly durable and definitely lasts for a long time.

The Mann Lake WW751 is quite easy to set up as it does not require assembly. This hivery cover is one of Mann Lake’s best, and it definitely lives up to the name.

Do you own the Mann Lake WW751 8 Frame Garden Hivery Cover? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of it.

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