Mann Lake HK210 Complete Honey Super Kit Review

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The Mann Lake HK210 Complete Honey Super Kit provides an easy way to expand your beehive.

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Mann Lake is a beekeeping supply company with quite a reputation in the beekeeping industry. The company produces beekeeping products including protective wear, mite control products and uncapping tanks. The Mann Lake HK210 Complete Honey Super Kit is a hive kit that serves as an addition to your beehive. The super box comes assembled and already painted on the outside.

About the Mann Lake HK210 Complete Honey Super Kit

The Mann Lake HK210 Complete Honey Super Kit is built for Langstroth beehives and contains 10 standard frames. They each measure 6.25 inches. As is custom from Mann Lake, Rite-Cell foundation is applied on the frames and coated with beeswax. Your bees take to the frames naturally and build honeycombs on the frames quickly.

The super kit is made using high quality pine wood. Pine is a great type of wood for beehives. Bees take to pinewood nicely without much of a fuss. Additionally, pine does not add unwanted flavors and odors to honey. Insects that degrade wood do not easily attack pine. Paint on the outside of the super box adds durability to the pinewood since these destructive insects cannot get an entry point.

The super kit being of medium size, fits well with most Langstroth beehives of the same size. It is easy to handle even when full of honey. Further ease of handling is built into the super box kit with handles round the box. They give you excellent grip for when you are moving the super kit. The kit is 19.875 long and 16.25 inches wide. It has a height of 6.625 inches.

Assembly of the Mann Lake HK210 Complete Honey Super Kit uses staples for strength. The wood pieces of this super kit come together in nicely tight joints. This together with staples makes the kit very sturdy. This is a great move by Mann Lake in ensuring that the kit stays intact.

Pros and Cons


  • The super kit adds adequate space to your beehive. You harvest more honey after you add this super box to your beehive.
  • The kit is easy to use. Both amateurs and professionals can easily place the box on their beehives for the additional space.
  • The super kit fits well onto standard Langstroth beehives.
  • The fully assembled kit is not overly heavy. It weighs only 12.96 pounds (5.879 kg).


  • The super kit does not come with a queen excluder. You will need to purchase one separately.
  • Some bees, especially wild bees, may not draw comb on the pre-installed plastic foundation. This is very disheartening for beekeepers. If this happens, natural beeswax is a great replacement for the pre-laid wax.

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Further Thoughts

You should note that the Mann Lake HK210 Complete Honey Super Kit is not a beehive. You need to have an existing beehive with deep hive body and its frames, a lid and a bottom board. The super box comes on top of these. You may have more than one super box for your beehive. The number of supers you have per beehive is entirely up to you. Two to three of these kits per beehive will give you ample honey yields.

Mann Lake sells the kit already painted in a pale green-blue color. It fits in well with your hive colors including white colored beehives. The painting on the kit also gives it a layer of protection against the weather. The paint does not interfere with the working of bees. There is no paint on the inside of the kit. You are sure that the honey you get while using this super box is free of contaminants.

This honey super kit by Mann Lake works as advertised. It is well constructed using good materials. A decent paint job is seen on the box too. Mann Lake puts in straight tight frames that make working with the kit a breeze. Even for professional woodworkers, it is not easy to achieve a super box as expertly made as Mann Lake HK210 Complete Honey Super Kit. The pricing of this excellent super box is fair for the high quality it provides.


Mann Lake prides itself in being employee owned. The company is based in northern Minnesota and has been serving the beekeepers for more than 30 years now. Mann Lake recognizes the important role played by bees in the environment. It manufactures and distributes its quality beekeeping equipment with an aim to secure the future of honeybees. This is all clearly seen in the Mann Lake HK210 Complete Honey Super Kit. The kit is assembled with the needs of beekeepers in mind. Any defects you may find in Mann Lake products are quickly addressed through their excellent customer service. You may have the specific parts or the whole kit replaced at no additional cost to you.

When buying the super kit online, the default packaging may reveal the contents in the package. For peace of mind with shipping, it is recommended that you select to have packaging that conceals the contents of the package.

This Mann Lake HK210 Complete Honey Super Kit is a good bargain for beekeepers who are adding the size of their beehives. It is an easy to use beehive addition for both beginners and the more experienced beekeepers. All you need to do is place it on top of your existing super box or brood box and you are ready to go. The super kit is available for purchase both online and offline. If you cannot find it at your local beekeeping supplies retailer, you will easily get the super kit from reputable online retailers such as Amazon.

Do you own the Mann Lake HK210 Complete Honey Super Kit? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of it.

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