Mann Lake CV360 Weathertek Pollinator Jacket

Mann Lake CV360 Weathertek Pollinator Jacket Review

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The Mann Lake CV360 Weathertek Pollinator Jacket is standout performer from the reputable beekeeping company.

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Mann Lake’s line of beekeeping products are popular and warrant a mention in beekeeping circles. The company has been in beekeeping for more than 30 years now and has quite an impressive line of supplies on offer to beekeepers. Operations of any size in beekeeping benefit from the equipment and tools they get from Mann Lake. In this review, we’ll be taking a look at the Mann Lake CV360 Weathertek Pollinator jacket, which is a protective covering for beekeepers working with bees. Mann Lake promises great comfort and ability to work in all types of weather while wearing the jacket. The company has even registered the Pollinator® trademark due to their strong belief in the high performance of this beekeeping jacket. Does it live up to its promise? Let’s find out.

About the Mann Lake CV360 Weathertek Pollinator Jacket

The Mann Lake CV360 Weathertek Pollinator jacket is made of synthetic material, namely using nylon and some urethane. The urethane barrier makes it breathable. In wet working conditions, the urethane also waterproofs the jacket. This blend of nylon and urethane is strong to resist bee stings and give you great comfort while wearing the jacket. Additionally, a film of Teflon is applied on the nylon in this jacket’s material to make water bead up and run off the jacket. In warm weather, the jacket allows air into the inside to cool you down. Pretty impressive to say the least.

Honeybee comfort and aggression are addressed in this beekeeping jacket. The jacket is colored white, and this color does not aggravate honeybees. They largely leave you alone when you are wearing this jacket. Additionally, the material of the jacket is slippery to the feet of honeybees. They cannot gain a foothold and sting you easily. The honeybee that would have stung you is thus forced back into the hive. This all has the effect of keeping the colony calm as you work in the apiary. Bee stings release a pheromone that triggers other bees to come and sting you too. By avoiding the first sting, this jacket prevents the colony from getting defensive with you.


A zipper runs from the waist of the jacket to the neck. It helps with making the wearing and taking off the jacket very easy for you. A cover over the zipper further helps secure the attachment area and make sure no bees sting you. Around the neck of the jacket is a second zipper onto which the veil is attached.

While this jacket comes with a fencing veil, it allows you to use any type you choose. The veil it comes with however, allows great view from inside the jacket. It also has the best peripheral view for beekeepers.


Your preferences in size of the Mann Lake CV360 weathertek pollinator jacket are well addressed. Mann Lake makes this beekeeping jacket in 7 sizes that work well with all body sizes. They range from petite to XL-tall size. The company provides a sizing chart so you are sure to get the best fit for you. During purchase, it is great to check out this jacket’s product page on the Mann Lake website and see your size based on body weight, height and chest width measurements.  The chart is well written and gives measurements in both imperial and metric units. That it sells internationally too is testament to the high quality, great performance and popularity of the jacket.

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Pros and Cons


  1. This jacket is breathable. You can use it in warm weather without heating up too much and getting uncomfortable. The jacket is also great for use in cold and wet weather conditions. This ability to function in all types of weather gives the jacket and edge over most other protective clothing used by beekeepers.
  2. Mann Lake has used a blend of materials that give superior performance of this beekeeping jacket while being friendly to bees. The jacket is well thought out and tailored to be a complete beekeeping solution for both beginner and experienced beekeepers.
  3. The jacket has great accessories added to it for improved functionality. These include the thumb holds and covering flaps for zippers. Additionally, the jacket allows for use of preferred beekeeping veils other than the fencing veil it comes with.


  1. This jacket is only suitable for beekeepers that are comfortable working with their bees without lower-body protection. Beginner beekeepers that have not yet lost their fear of bees cannot experience the joy of having this jacket.
  2. The jacket requires you to wear tough clothing for the protection of your lower body. You also still need gloves to keep your hands from being stung.

Further Thoughts

Excellent craftsmanship is seen in the making of the Mann Lake CV360 Weathertek Pollinator jacket. On the front of the jacket are four pockets for your tools. This jacket also has thumb holds that keep the sleeves in place. At the wrists and waist, elastic is added to give the jacket tight sealing. Bees cannot crawl through these openings and sting you. All zippers on the jacket are also covered by a flap of material to prevent bees stinging you through the zipper lines.

On the front left breast is the Mann Lake logo that assures you are buying the best form this reputable company. The seams of the jacket are well done and do not come apart easily. The pockets are also double-stitched onto the jacket to make them very secure. They can take the weight placed in them with ease and with no damage to the jacket.


In the Mann Lake CV360 Weathertek Pollinator jacket, the company has a great product on offer to beekeeping. You are comfortable working in this jacket in all types of weather. You also enjoy great cover from bee stings. By addressing these two major concerns for beekeepers and adding features such as ventilation, Mann Lake gives beekeepers a good option and worthy investment for their beekeeping operations. Both beginner and experienced beekeepers can use this jacket on quick inspection trips and when the visit to the apiary does not involve a lot on opening up of beehives. Use this  jacket for great safety from bee stings in your beekeeping.

Do you own the Mann Lake CV360 Weathertek Pollinator Jacket? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of it.

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  1. I would say the review is very accurate. Regarding the slippery surface that they struggle to land on. I wasn’t aware of this although since starting to use this jacket I haven’t experienced a lot of bees landing on me. Size wise it’s good all over, the arms could be an inch longer as when I’m stretching forward they are only just long enough. Nitrile gloves don’t have much length to the wrists. I have used this jacket for full inspections without incident. I’m not a super hero and tend to wear something reasonably bulky underneath and have not overheated yet. I don’t do inspections when it’s wet and overcast fit obvious reasons so can’t comment on how waterproof it is. I’d put a guest in it with confidence.