Apimaye Medium Inuslated Super for Langstroth Beehives

Apimaye Inuslated Super for Langstroth Beehives Review

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The Apimaye Medium Inuslated Super provides a great addition to your beehive.

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It is impossible to succeed in beekeeping if you lack the right equipment. It is even worse if you are using sub-standard bee equipment and accessories. Beehive supers in particular are essential for bees. You should not only get the right size supers, but they should also be of the best quality. The Apimaye Inuslated Super for Langstroth Beehives is a standard ten frame Langstroth sized super designed to provide an ideal habitation for your bees. It is well insulated and that means heat changes will never affect the bees. That also means that honey consumption is well regulated. Remember bees will consume too much honey when temperatures are too low. You can eliminate the problem by using well insulted supers.

About the Apimaye Inuslated Super

  • Standard 10 frame Langstroth size ideal for the Apimaye Insulated Beehive.
  • Well insulated to provide the best habitation for the bees. This is ideal for keeping bees from consuming all the honey as a result of unbearable temperature levels during winter.
  • The size and insulation guarantees a quick build-up during spring and higher survival rate of the bees.
  • It is a versatile set that allows you to add in other supers as the bee colony grows. You can divide the colony or add another super on top of the bee hive set. This guarantees continuous growth in your beekeeping enterprise.
  • Offers the desired insulation and latching mechanism.
  • It is an insulated hive medium super box and does not come with the frames.
  • The dimensions of the super are 21 x 17.7 x 7.4 inches and it weighs only 6.5 pounds.

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Pros and Cons


  • Honey harvesting is easy. It allows you assess honey stores and remove the required frames for honey harvesting.
  • Provides the best environment for the bees to prevent too much honey consumption during winter months.
  • Can be expanded or divided as needs change.
  • Standard medium super. You can take supers from a stronger hive and share it with a weaker one. You can also get replacement parts when needed.
  • Designed to discourage drone production and enhance brood and honey production.
  • Offers excellent ventilation. Offers an excellent breathability for the bees.


  • Can weigh up to 60 pounds when the super is fully loaded. This is quite heavy.
  • The fact that it is man-made means the bees have to work harder in an effort to tailor it to be as they need.
  • The unit does not come with frames.


The Apimaye Inuslated Super for Langstroth Beehives is built to create the required environment for your bees. The units are divisible and expandable and that means it allows you to either divide or increase the supers as the bee colony grows. The superior insulation offered by these standard medium 10 frame supers enables the bee colony to rapidly grow during spring and reduces honey consumption during winter months. The supers are also compatible with most beehive kits.

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