ZFE 110v Electric Honey Uncapping Knife

HLPB 110V Electric Honey Uncapping Knife Review

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The HLPB 110v Electric Honey Uncapping Knife is an affordable and convenient way to begin the process of honey extraction.

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Honey uncapping is one of the most exciting parts of beekeeping. It’s where you’re preparing the honey on the frames for extraction, so that it can then be bottled.

There are lots of things to consider when choosing the proper honey extraction equipment. Good quality should come first to minimize waste of money, time and effort. Conventional tools give us a cheap way, but modern tools give us convenience without compromising on quality. One such tool is the 1Pc 110V Electric Honey Uncapping Knife Stainless Steel Hot Knife Beekeeping Tool110V Electric Honey Uncapping Knife Beekeeping Tool, which we’ll be reviewing in this article.

About the HLPB 110V Electric Honey Uncapping Knife

HLPB is known globally for its user friendly machinery products. Through the Electric Honey Uncapping Knife, HLPB has made sure that every beekeeper, businessman or hobbyist, gets to reap their rewards.

The HLPB 110v Electric Honey Uncapping Knife provides you with a most convenient way of uncapping. It comes with a 25cm long blade that allows the beekeeper to uncap frames easily. Unlike the cold uncapping knife, the Electric Honey Uncapping Knife requires caution and a steady hand. It is comprised of a heated elongated metal spatula and a wooden handle, which serves as an insulator, to protect from being burned. This electric honey uncapping knife can reach a maximum temperature of 160 degrees, and so you should be extra careful when using it. For your own protection, it is recommended to wear beekeeping gloves when using this tool, and only hold the wooden handle. Furthermore, you should ensure that all bees are brushed off the frames (so as not to kill them) before using this tool.

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The HLPB 110v Electric Honey Uncapping Knife comes with a power cord, which you can plug into any outlet. You should wait a few minutes to allow it to warm up before using it. You can adjust the heat into an average temperature to avoid boiling the honey with the knife. When you feel that it’s too hot, manually switch the power on and off and allow it to cool down for a bit.

This electric honey uncapping knife also works a lot faster than the cold or plane knives, in that it allows you to uncap frames much quicker, even giving you a smooth and even cell. However, some users would prefer a longer blade to go deep into the deep frames. However, If you’re not going to do that, then this tool is just what you’re looking for.

The handle is quite a bit thinner than most cold knifes, making it easier for you to work with. This lets your arm work comfortably and provides your fingers with a fine grip. However, it is quite a bit on the heavy side so you might experience a slight cramp, but, uncapping won’t take too long because the hot blade will make short work. If you have small hands, you might have some difficult maneuvering the tool, but with much practice, you’ll get used to it.

The HLPB 110v Electric Honey Uncapping Knife comes in at 110 volts, which compared to other electric uncapping knives, is less energy consuming.

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