Beekeeping Activities & Tasks for Each Season – Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter

Beekeeping Activities & Tasks for Each Season

Beekeeping can present many daunting challenges for those who are not ready to tackle the effects of weather changes on the lives, and hives of bees. Every season of the year has its unique dos and don’ts for beekeeping processes. You not only have to be aware of the challenges you will face while caring for the bees and hives, but you also have to be prepared to adapt to the changes in the environment and their respective effect on the hives to ensure survival. Depending on where you live, there is a four-season cycle per year and its respective seasonal management activities for successful beekeeping are discussed in this article.

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Vita Apiguard for Varroa Mite Control Review

Vita Apiguard for Varroa Mite Control

The Vita Apiguard for Varroa Mite Control is a natural, easy to use treatment for Varroa mites with high efficiency. It keeps your beehive free of Varroa mites, chalkbrood and tracheal mites. The pack is ideal for beekeepers with apiaries of more than one hive but not exceeding five. Beekeepers using the pack are advised to carry out treatments twice with a two week time gap between treatments. The active ingredient in the Vita Apiguard for Varroa mite control is Thymol, which is derived from the thyme plant.

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Helpful Tips for Beekeeping in Winter

Beekeeping in Winter

There isn’t a season that’s harder on beekeepers, both hobbyists and professionals, than winter itself. Beekeeping in winter gets even more difficult if you’re just starting out. It doesn’t help that you become really anxious that your bees won’t survive the coldest season, either. Still, you do have power in your …

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Honey Bee Diseases and Control Measures

Honeybee Diseases

Of all the insects in existence, bees are some of the most organized, territorial, and valuable. They are organized in colonies that are self-sufficient and self-propagating. The honey bee colony in particular is well-known for its effective defense against disease. Bees have a superior immune system, one that can be …

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