20 Must-have Sterling Silver Bee Jewelry

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Bee jewelry is not only beautiful but allows you to celebrate the passion you have for bees. Our BeeKeepShop offers you these and more bee-inspired adornments made using sterling silver. They are all high quality, durable and strong jewels. Bee lovers looking for bee jewelry will appreciate our picks for the must-have sterling silver bee jewelry that are detailed in this article. The article helps you settle on that signature bee piece or gift that you are looking to get for yourself or gift to someone dear to you. Please note that the items are listed in no particular order.

Must-have Sterling Silver Bee Jewelry

20. Silver Honeycomb Necklace with Bee Charm

Best Sterling Silver Bee Jewelry - Silver Honeycomb Necklace with Bee Charm

You have so many options to consider when shopping around for modern sterling silver bee jewelry. Some popular designs include those made in flexible forms. These include: chains, natural materials, beads, gemstones, or pearls. Other necklaces are made of inflexible metal embellished with beads, gemstones, pearls, or any other technique. The unique bee necklace pendant chain is specially made for the sophisticated modern woman. It features a lobster clasp, 16 inch gold chain, bumble bee inspired pendant, faceted glass beads, and gold beads. The adjustable chain can extend to 18 inches if needed. Since it is made of alloy, it will certainly last a long time.

It is ideally made for special occasions such as weddings, engagement, graduation, or date night. You may as well wear it to any formal setting such as an office. Its overall design does not offend and will get some attention. Honey bee or bumble bee themed necklaces are unique and timeless hence you will not go wrong with this one.

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19. Tiny Honey Bee Stud Earrings

Best Sterling Silver Bee Jewelry - Tiny Honey Bee Stud Earrings

We have all those special days when we desire to look nothing less than unique and elegant. Graduations, weddings, engagements, night out, date night, office meeting, or any other occasion provide an opportunity for us to ramp up the glamour, as you know, we have only a single chance to make a first impression. Never accept anything less when it comes to jewelry to match your outfits. Bold jewelry that complements and accentuates your features is ideal for any occasion.

These sterling silver honey bee stud earrings are made for the bold woman. It boasts a unique bee theme and two color options. It is made of silver and also has crystal as part of its material make. A push-back finding is also available. The bee dimension is 10 x 10mm, cute in appearance and easy to notice. It makes an excellent wear for fun events such as weddings, Easter, graduations, parties, or date night.

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18. Enameled Crystal Bee Brooch for Women

Sterling Silver Bee Jewelry - Cubic Zirconia Bee Brooch

Brooches are excellent fashion pieces that add a personalized touch to any outfit you are wearing. They can be worn on the breast, on hats and can be used to fasten scarves. This cubic zirconia bee brooch is artistic and can be customized. This durable bee brooch that does not rust or tarnish.

This cubic zirconia bee brooch is made to resemble an adult bee with wings, head, thorax and abdomen. It is made using sterling silver and does not fade. This brooch does not irritate the skin either. There are two color options available: gold and silver. The difference is in the wings of the brooch, with the body remaining a constant striped black and yellow.

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17. Vintage Handmade Gold Bee Pendant Necklace

Vintage Handmade Gold Bee Pendant Necklace

One of the best ways to comprehend and hand over the culture, technology, artistry, and aesthetics of a people is through durable jewelry. Alloy designed pieces are particularly longer lasting and will appreciate in value over time. This bee necklace pendant chain is made to outlast you and you will certainly hand it over to kids and grandchildren. It boasts a silver overall color and features a gold silver toned circle pendant with a cute bumble bee engraving. The 16 inch chain that comes with the necklace can be extended to 18 inches making it ideal for most people.

Lobster clasp holds the piece securely on your neck. It is a handmade piece meaning there is not a chance you can come across an exact piece on somebody else. It is particularly best suited for events one intends to stand out and get some attention. This necklace also makes an ideal gift for a friend, spouse, or relative.

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16. Hollow Bee Shaped Pendant Necklace

Hollow Bee Shaped Pendant Necklace

In an age when we have literally a dozen options when it comes to fashionable sterling silver bee jewelry, nobody has to settle for anything average or less. A jewelry piece such as this pendant necklace for modern women and men, comes in three color options for your selection. These include gold, rose gold, and imitation rhodium plated. The well-made piece has a bee-inspired pendant that is minimalist and cute by design. The piece is all compatible and is made of stainless steel. That means it will last longer without losing its luster.

Best occasions for such a piece is weddings, engagements parties, a date night, valentines, graduations, or mother’s day. It makes an excellent choice if you are considering a gift for a loved one. You can also have it for daily wear, whether you intend to go for a formal event or casual get-together with friends. It is ideally non-offensive no matter the setting. It is highly recommended for any fashion-conscious individual.

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15. Bumble Bee Honeycomb Sterling Silver Chain/Bee Earring

Best Sterling Silver Bee Jewelry - Bumble Bee Honeycomb Sterling Silver Chain/Bee Earring

It is quite obvious, that necklaces have transcended their traditional or original use. Initially it was all about particular ethnic groups or simply a fad. Both men and women now adorn modern necklaces as a way of portraying their fashion sense and also complementing fashionable outfits. Sterling silver bee jewelry are trendy and fashionable. Those with a honey bee or bumble bee theme such as this one are made to speak for you. It is a handmade accessory that is available as a two-in-one jewelry for the modern woman. Pendant bee earrings accompany the necklace.

Silver, black and yellow color tones characterize the fashionable piece with silver being the dominant color. It is charming by design and well-suited for formal and informal settings. An office person will find it an ideal daily wear and still wear it to informal events such as party or date night. It is a great accessory to match with several outfits. Since it is handcrafted you won’t find an exact same piece on anybody else.

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14. Sterling Silver Bee Stud Earrings

Best Sterling Silver Bee Jewelry - Sterling Silver Bee Stud Earrings

One of the advantages with shopping around for sterling silver bee jewelry online, is the many style options you get to compare and choose from. You can also order a custom designs where possible. As a general rule, consider your lifestyle and personality when making a choice. Budget may be crucial but should never deter you from picking the best choice.

These sterling silver bee stud earrings make an ideal pair for parties, engagements, weddings, date nights, or even graduation parties. It comes in two color options: white and yellow. Also worth mentioning is its push-back finding and complementing crystal material. It makes an excellent gift for a loved one, relative or friend. They match perfectly with your fashionable outfits though you have to check out the color of your attire. Test it with several fabric colors in different occasions to bring out a new look every time.

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13. Gold & Silver Honeycomb Heart Necklace

Sterling Silver Bee Jewelry - Honeycomb Heart Necklace

It is interesting to point out that earlier versions of necklaces were not close to what we have today. At the time it was common to wear necklaces made of organic materials that included teeth, bones, or even shells. Beads were also used widely and are still used in the present day. There has been a lot of changes since then, and thanks to technology, sterling silver bee jewelry have become all the more popular.

A necklace such as the Gold & Silver Honeycomb Heart Necklace simply speaks volumes. The handmade woman necklace comes with a 45cm chain and has a gold tone heart-shaped pendant with a silver honeycomb engraving and a gold tone bee just landed on the honeycomb. The cute jewelry piece is easy to notice and is best suited for most occasions. The accessory certainly makes a useful addition to your fashion collection. It complements most outfits whether formal or casual though you have to match it well with fabric color. If anything avoid anything overbearing on the necklace.

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12. Little Bee Rhinestone Brooch

Little Bee Rhinestone Brooch

Brooches have held a glamorous spot for ages. It is amazing to see the transformations it has taken over years. You can wear a brooch on almost anywhere that is easy to notice. The most common areas to place your brooch include: suits, blazer, scarf, jeans, boots, hat, sweater, or even shirt. It works well for both and women.

This Little Bee Rhinestone Brooch is made for both men and women. Its design and shape mimics the honey bee with matching yellow and black tone. Sparkling rhinestone crystals are embedded on the wings bringing out a conspicuous overall appearance. It is made of zinc alloy and is made in various designs and metal colors. You can purchase a number of these so as to try them out with various outfits. You can wear these to any occasion, whether wedding, party, graduation, engagement, or date. It works for both formal and informal settings.

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11. Enameled Bee Pendant Charm Necklace

Enameled Bee Pendant Charm Necklace

Bee pendant necklaces are easy to notice. They never disappoint if worn to special occasions such as weddings, graduations, night date, evening party, engagement, or any other event. You can choose a bee themed piece such as the enameled bee pendant necklace. This is about 20 inches, meaning it is ideal for most women not withstanding their body size. It is also adjustable thus you need not worry about its length.

The handmade piece is made out of silver plated metal and is enameled. The pendant mimics the bee and has matching yellow black color. The chain is silver tone and comes with a lobster claw clasp. It is charming and is impossible to ignore. It also matches easily with most outfits and will suit any formal or informal occasion. You can also have it as an everyday wear.

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10. Gold Honeycomb Necklace with Bee Charm

Best Sterling Silver Bee Jewelry - Gold Honeycomb Necklace with Bee Charm

A fashionable necklace is not only a decoration for your body, but also a way you can communicate to those who stare at you. It has been valued by many cultures for years and that is apparent. First off, it is a sign of wealth, affiliation, belief, identity, prestige, and even sophistication. A golden necklace such as the honeycomb bee necklace will speak of charm, style, sophistication, and affiliation. It portrays you are keen-eyed when it comes to fashionable jewelry. It is made of alloy and boasts a signature design; a golden honeybee appearing to hover over a silver honeycomb. Overall length is about 45.5 + 5cm and both pendant and chain are handmade.

It makes a useful accessory and is ideal as a daily wear. It functions well also during special occasions that are never easy to come by. You can as well buy it for a loved one such as friend, mom, spouse or aunt.

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9. Shiny Crystal Bee Brooch

Shiny Crystal Bee Brooch

Enhance your appearance with this fashionable animal themed brooch. It presents an elegant and graceful overall appearance. Its design is inspired by the bee. It is worn by wedding brides and bridesmaids. It works well with most attire and will work well during most events asides weddings. You can place it delicately on scarves, dress, jeans, blouse, suits, and many others. It is available in two color options and both are made of stainless steel.

The brooches take the shape of the honey bee and have a floral touch on the bee. It is hard to resist its charm and will capture the eye of any fashion savvy individual. The floral appearance is enticing and will look good on gowns and party dresses. You should match the color of the brooch with the attire so as to have an excellent overall appeal. Contrasting backgrounds bring it out well and thus should be chosen over anything overbearing.

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8. Adjustable Hexagon Honeycomb Ring

Sterling Silver Bee Jewelry - Adjustable Hexagon Honeycomb Ring

Whether you are buying a ring for yourself or loved one, it is wise to choose one that stands out. The design as well as color tone should be irresistible and charming. You can start by checking out the ring’s overall design. For instance, the hexagon honeycomb shape presented is so unique and charming. You also need to consider the tone.

This ring comes in three color options: gold, platinum plated, or rose gold color. The rose gold is lovely alloy that comprises copper and gold. It presents a lustrous blush-pink appearance. Platinum on the other hand offers a silvery white tone that is charming and beautiful. The golden tone looks luxurious and authentic. It speaks of class and style. The ring is made of stainless steel and is all compatible. It is best suited for parties and can be customized. You can also buy it as a gift for best friend, mother, couple, lover, girls, or anybody else. Ideal occasions include: weddings, bridal showers, Christmas, engagements, birthday parties, or everyday wear.

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7. Extended Crown Crystal Bee Charm Bracelet

Extended Crown Crystal Bee Charm Bracelet

It is apparent that a well selected piece of jewelry such as a cute bracelet like this, completely transforms an outfit. It is suitable for casual workdays, vacation, weddings, party, shopping, birthday, or even sea travel. The expertly crafted piece makes an ideal gift for events such as Christmas, New Year, Mother’s Day, or Valentines. Its overall silver color will match well with most outfits, especially those with colors that do not overpower the piece. Since it is made of stainless steel, it undoubtedly serves you for a long time.

You will be charmed by the bee, crown and flower shape combined to bring out a unique overall appearance. The all compatible bracelet also has some crystal material embedded to complement its overall look. Also available are lobster-claw-clasps that keep the bracelet well-secured in place. It is highly recommended for the keen-eyed fashion accessory collector.

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6. Bumble Bee Gold Toned Necklace Pendant

Sterling Silver Bee Jewelry - Bumble Bee Gold Toned Necklace Pendant

A necklace without a pendant may be attractive but it will look so much better with one on it. Pendants take many forms with most of them being detachable. The bee themed pendants are popular these days and come in many, many designs. Designers are trying each day to outdo each other when it comes to the handmade bee inspired pendants. A great sterling silver bee jewelry piece to have as a useful addition to your fashion collection, is this bumble bee silver tone pendant necklace. It looks unique by design. It is approximately 19 to 20 inches long and is adjustable for up to 2 inches.

The necklace is made of sterling silver as suggested by its name and boasts an overall silver color, save the bumble bee that has a gold tone. You can wear it to any occasion especially those you desire to leave a lasting impact. It makes a thoughtful gift for a spouse or girlfriend and would be ideal during special events such as valentines, graduation, mother’s day, engagement, or wedding.

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5. Healing Crystal Natural Stone Bee Ring

Sterling Silver Bee Jewelry - Authentic Sterling Silver Zirconia Bee Ring

The BeeKeepShop presents you with this authentic sterling silver and zirconia bee ring. The ring is available in four finger sizes: 6, 7, 8 and 9 that easily fit the favorite fingers of adults. Sterling silver and oxidized silver are used to give the ring its silver and black colors. They work well with the inlaid cubic zirconia to bring out your beauty.

With this ring on your finger, you feel confident and ready to take on the world. The ring is built in a freshly unique design. It features a bee complete with wings that spread out to form the loop of the ring. Buy one for yourself, or for a woman you love today.

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4. Geometric Honeycomb Bracelet

Sterling Silver Bee Jewelry - Geometric Honeycomb Bracelet

Who wouldn’t want to look their best during a special occasion such as an evening out, party, engagement, date, or a wedding? Such events rarely come by and hence the need to wear your best and fanciest jewelry. This geometric honeycomb bracelet available in gold, silver, or rose gold color choices, will leave a lasting impression during these special occasions. It also works perfectly for formal settings such as an office.

The bracelet is made of stainless steel and boasts a geometric shape or pattern. Its overall shape that mimics the honeycomb is irresistible and gives it a classic, trendy and romantic touch. It also looks sporty from another perspective. It secures well in place thanks to its lobster clasp. The bracelet is made to speak volumes on your behalf and will definitely attract some attention on any occasion. Its chain is tiny and the bracelet can be customized. Definitely worth every penny.

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3. Simple Personality Hollow Clavicle Bee Necklace

Best Sterling Silver Bee Jewelry - Simple Personality Hollow Clavicle Bee Necklace

You can enhance your elegance, feel special, and boost your confidence by simply wearing a well-made jewelry. It is however wise not to wear any jewelry without considering the occasion. Forasmuch as jewelry is beneficial, you would want to get the best results based on the occasion. The Simple Personality Hollow Clavicle Bee Necklace is made to complement your look on both formal and informal settings. It suits well an office setting and will still work well in casual settings.

The honey bee themed necklace comes in three color options: Rose gold, silver, and gold color. Its expertly crafted pendant with the honey bee engraving presents a unique and charming appeal. It is made of stainless steel and thus shall last for long. It is worth noting that the jewelry piece does not lose its luster after years of use also. You can buy it for an upcoming anniversary, engagement, wedding, or any other special occasion.

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2. Bumble Bee Cutout Necklace Pendant

Bumblebee Cutout Necklace Pendant

Bee themed pendant necklaces have become increasingly popular, more so, the handmade pieces. Fashion lovers and collectors prefer the high level craftsmanship and level of materials subjected to these coveted jewelry. Quality and high level detailing makes these pieces unique, a feature you never get with mass-produced pieces. This Bumble Bee Cutout Necklace Pendant is made for the modern man or woman seeking a unique and top quality handcrafted pendant necklace. It is made of stainless steel and is availed in two color options: silver plated and gold tone.

The all compatible necklace is best suited for occasions such as party, anniversary, wedding, engagement, or graduation. It is ideal for women, men, and children. Its dimensions are: a 36 + 7cm chain and 16 x 14mm pendant. It makes an excellent gift for wife, girlfriend, sister, or mother. It makes a brilliant wear during winter, spring, summer, or autumn. Match it with your fashionable outfit and be ready for solicited attention.

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1. Sterling Silver Open Honeycomb Bee Ring

Sterling Silver Bee Jewelry - Sterling Silver Open Honeycomb Bee Ring

Get this lovely ring today and you won’t regret it. The ring is made in the open ring style to allow it to fit a range of finger sizes. It features hexagonal honey cell-like figurines and a bee as the crown of the ring. Excellent craftsmanship is seen in the ring. Silver and gold colors used on the ring contrast well and make the ring very beautiful to behold.

This ring is impressively wide. It allows the ring to be worn as a statement jewel. The ring exudes elegance and sophistication while making you stand out from the crowd. It gives you confidence and transfers its chic opulence to your personality.

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An awesome property of sterling silver that makes it great for jewelry is that it rarely wears down. Sterling silver is made using 92.5% silver alloyed with other metals, most often copper. These must-have sterling silver bee jewelry pieces are great for beekeepers who want to showcase their love for bees. They also make nice gift items you can give to your friends, relatives and dear ones.

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