Mann Lake CV525 Honey Maker Bee Suit with Veil Review

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While the Mann Lake CV525 Honey Maker Bee Suit is a good suit, there are better offerings from Mann Lake.

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Protection for beekeepers from bee stings comes in many sizes and from clothing of various types. The beekeeping suit is the oldest and most complete solution when you do not want honeybees to sting you. Over the years, beekeeping suits have seen gradual change in the materials used to make them and how they are designed.

The Mann Lake CV525 honey maker bee suit with veil is designed for the prevention of bee stings. It is used by beekeepers visiting their apiaries to work around bees. This beekeeping suit is made by Mann Lake. It has various features that improve its effectiveness and add to your comfort in the suit. Let’s check it out.

About the Mann Lake CV525 Honey Maker Bee Suit with Veil

Mann Lake CV525 Honey Maker Bee Suit

Mann Lake has a reputation built over a long time for quality items in beekeeping. The company has made the Mann Lake CV525 honey maker bee suit in a white color. This is common with all protective wear by Mann Lake. Honey bees are not very aggressive to you when you are in white and other light colors. They tend to leave you alone even when you are opening up the beehive and carrying out other activities near the beehive. On the front left breast of the suit is the Mann Lake logo. It is an assurance of originality and quality from Mann Lake.


This beekeeping suit is made using a blend of polyester and cotton materials. It is strong enough to resist bee stings. The material is also light so you barely feel the weight of the suit on you. Polycotton is easy on the bees and doesn’t let their legs get easily tangled. This is important because it makes bees unable to hold onto the suit. They fly off without stinging you. Additionally, it prevents you from massing bees onto the suit and taking them away from the apiary. Polycotton also allows some air through it so the suit does not get too hot, though it should be noted that the suit is not ventilated.


The Mann Lake CV525 honey maker bee suit comes with a veil on it. It is made in the popular fencing veil style that allows great peripheral view. The veil is self-supporting. It stays upright and gives you great view out of the screen mesh. A fencing veil on beekeeping suits also provides ample protection from bee stings to the face and back of the head. The neck too is properly covered so you are not stung.

Things to note:

  • Attachment of the veil to the beekeeping suit is by a heavy duty zipper round the shoulder region of the suit. It makes sure the veil is firmly attached to the suit. The zipper is also covered with a flap of cloth to prevent bees stinging you through the zipper.
  • Using a zipper for veil attachment allows the veil to be easily removed for cleaning and storage of the beekeeping suit.
  • The zipper around the shoulders of the suit also allows you to remove the fencing veil and use a veil of your preference if you need to.


Beekeepers purchasing this suit are treated to an easy to use protection from bee stings. The suit is easy to put on and take off. It has a zipper down the front running from the neck to the crotch of the beekeeping suit. It opens up easily and allows you to wear the suit with ease. Additional zippers at the ankles allow the suit’s legs to go over your feet with ease. All the zippers on this beekeeping suit are made using metal for long life and best function.

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Pros and Cons


  • This beekeeping suit is very friendly to bees. Its color causes minimal aggravation to bees. The material used to make the suit is also friendly to bees because it does not tangle up in their legs. With most other beekeeping suits by other manufacturers, the material of the suit gives bees easy grip and they try to sting you. The bees also get tangled up and can be carried on the suit away from their colonies.
  • A fencing veil is provided on this beekeeping suit. The veil allows for great sight through it and gives excellent protection for your face and neck from bee stings. The veil is spacious and can take your hair and eyeglasses with ease. Mann Lake has also made the veil self supporting to keep it from being a bother when in the beekeeping suit.
  • The bee suit with veil has thumb holds and toe holds to keep the suit in place over your limbs. Covering flaps for zippers and elastic added to the suit also help it do its job of keeping you from being stung very well.


  • Only available in petite size.
  • Doesn’t come with gloves.
  • Only has two pockets.



All in all, the The Mann Lake CV525 honey maker bee suit is a good suit. It’s two major flaws are its sparse pockets and unavailability of sizes. Nonetheless, the suit features additional comforts and functionality extras. They include thumb holds and elastic in important places. There is elastic on the waist, the wrists and the ankles. The elastic on the waist gives the suit a snug fit onto your body. The wrists and ankles also have elastic to make them tight so that bees cannot crawl under the suit and sting you.

It is important to note that you need boots or socks for the total protection of your feet. You also need to wear gloves on your hands so they are not stung. Toe holds and thumb holds on the bee suit with veil prevent the legs and sleeves of the suit from slipping up your limbs during use.

Do you own the Mann Lake CV525 Honey Maker Bee Suit? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of it.

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