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Little Giant Farm & Ag MEDBOX10 Honey Super Review

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Despite its minor flaws, the Little Giant Farm & Ag MEDBOX10 Honey Super can serve as a good addition to your beehive.

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The Little Giant Farm & Ag MEDBOX10 Honey Super is designed to add more room to your beehive. Increasing the number of bees in a colony has a number of benefits. Beekeepers want bigger colonies that can keep the hive going. More bees in a colony also give you better honey yields. The bees are able to fill up stocks of honey for you to harvest more often. This honey super is made and sold by Little Giant Farm & Ag. The firm has a number of products for beekeepers in the market.

About the Little Giant Farm & Ag MEDBOX10 Honey Super

Unfinished pine wood is used in making the Little Giant Farm & Ag MEDBOX10 Honey Super. The medium sized box fits Langstroth hives and holds 10 frames and can be used as either a honey super or a brood box. A medium sized super is a general favorite of beekeepers. It gives great space for bees to store honey. Additionally, medium sized supers are easy to work with even when full of honey. With beekeepers increasingly adopting the medium sized super as a standard, it is great as an addition to your beehive.

Working with the MEDBOX10 Honey Super is easy. It comes in a package completely assembled and ready to use. There is no glue or screws added to the joints. For added strength, you may redo the joints using some glue, and where you deem necessary, you may any extra reinforcement as needed. This super works as a great addition to the Little Giant 10 Frame Complete Beehive.

Pros and Cons


  • The Little Giant Farm & Ag MEDBOX10 can be used as a super or brood box. Its versatility makes it useful for beekeepers that are looking to increase the amount of space available in their beehives.
  • Working with the honey super hive box is made easy by having handles on the four sides. The handles give you excellent grip on the box. They are very handy for when you are doing hive inspection or moving the super box.
  • 10 frames come with the honey super hive box. They give good spacing for large bees to be produced. Additionally, they are spaced to give big honey cells. You do not have to worry about buying or making frames.
  • Foundation is applied on the frames that come with the honey super. The foundation used is plastic wax-coated foundation. It helps your honeybees start making honey cells quickly on the frames. The foundation on the frames is natural colored.
  • Unfinished pine is used as the wood of choice in making the honey super hive box. Pine is a favored type of wood in making beehives. It works well with bees and does not impart flavors or odors onto honey.

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  • Beehives of small or large sized design are not suited by the Little Giant MEDBOX10 Honey Super with 10 frames. It is built for medium sized beehives only.
  • There have been some cases of this Little Giant 10 frame Honey Super box arriving in not so good shape to buyers. This is often easily addressed by Little Giant’s customer service. The MEDBOX10 has a guarantee from the manufacturer Little Giant Farm & Ag.
  • The pine wood used in making the Little Giant MEDBOX10 is not treated for preservation in any way. If rain water reaches the box, it will damage it. Water may also get into the beehive if it is poorly covered.
  • Staples are used in thr assembly of the MEDBOX10. These staples sometimes end up splitting the wood on the box.
  • Some customers have complained of too many knots in the wood used. However this does not have an effect on honeybees. It is only for aesthetic purposes as honeybees do not build honeycombs into the sides of the beehive. Since they will not be seeking to attach anything to the walls, knots in wood have no effect. Moreover, on the frames, foundation is pre-laid. The bees attach honeycombs to the foundation on the 10 frames. This further minimizes contact between bees and any wooden sections of the Little Giant MEDBOX10 Honey Super Hive box.

Further Thoughts

The Little Giant Farm & Ag MEDBOX10 Honey Super comes completely assembled and ready to use, there are no tools to consider while making a purchase. The box joints on the super interlock. They are precision-milled for maximum strength. The super box weighs 11.2 pounds (5.08 kg). In shipping, it weighs 12.85 pounds (5.83 kg).

The Little Giant Farm & Ag MEDBOX10 Honey Super is easy to work with to match the color of your beehives. The wood used is easy to paint into the color scheme of your apiary. It comes unpainted, ready for your color customization. Painting over the honey super gives it some weather resistant properties. It also covers the knots to make your whole beehive assembly aesthetically pleasing.


The Little Giant MEDBOX10 Honey Super fits well into a medium sized beehive. If there are any adjustments to make, they are minor. The box is constructed sturdily to give you a great addition to your hive. This easy to use beehive super is a practical accessory for beekeepers. Beginners who have gained some experience working with bees are well suited to have this box in their hands. Professionals too will find a lot of use for the box when they are growing their colonies.

Do you own the Little Giant MEDBOX10 Honey Super? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of it.

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