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Little Giant Farm & Ag EXT2PL 2-Frame Plastic Extractor Review

What I love most about the Little Giant Farm & Ag EXT2PL 2-Frame Plastic Extractor is that I can use either the medium or the deep frame and my job will run well. I would advise all people who are making plans to invest in beekeeping to have a shot at this head-on because it is great for beginners and those individuals with a few beehives.

The Little Giant Farm & Ag EXT2PL honey extractor comes with a cover and a honey gate for making sure that the processed honey is collected in a safe place which will ensure that the entire honey is collected. When I got this extractor, it only required assembling a few parts, but it was easy to do the assembly. The manual it came with was showing all the instructions I needed and putting together the parts was an easy task for me. I was looking at the economical end and settling on this product ensured that I got the best results.

I would encourage you to buy this extractor if you have a few beehives in your backyard because it can manage to serve you quickly and conveniently. The frames made for this extractor are also compatible with other products on the market.

It must be noted that this extractor is made out of plastic, which makes it a bit less durable than the stainless steel alternatives.

As I had earlier stated, the manufacturer – Little Giant Farm & Ag, started to make this product thinking of both an established and a new beekeeper. This extractor gives me all the required supplies which are necessary for making sure that my backyard hobby is a success. I’m already reaping the sweet rewards which come from the plastic honey extractor. When shipping, this extractor weighs 9.5 pounds. This weight makes it light enough for me to carry around the place.

The manufacturer offers warranty arrangement and information when you are purchasing this item. I highly recommend this product because it is a good investment for a beginner beekeeper.

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Pros and Cons


  • It is durable as a result of the manufacturing material for a small scale farmer.
  • It is easy to use as it comes with a control manual that eases working with it.
  • It is conically shaped at the bottom to allow for easy collection of honey.
  • It is quite affordable when compared to the steel models.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain as the plastic gets clean when I use hot water and soap.


  • Not as durable as the stainless steel extractors.

Review Overview

Value for Money
Ease of Use
Structural Design


The Little Giant Farm & Ag EXT2PL 2-Frame Plastic Extractor is a good extractor for the beginner beekeeper.

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