How to Grind a Tree Stump

A tree stump is the lower part of a tree’s stem that remains after you cut down a tree, or after a tree falls. Homeowners often prefer tree stump grinding so that they quickly get back to using the space where the fallen or cut tree stood. If left as it is, the tree stump takes many years to decompose. It may also start sending out fresh growth after some time due to the roots of the tree still present in the ground.

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Is it Worth Building Apiaries in Fields and Far From Residential Areas?

It should come as no surprise that bees are rapidly growing in value. Not that much in price but in their importance for our environment. Hence, everyone who is willing to contribute and build apiaries are already heroes. However, to do things right, future beekeepers must decide whether they want to build apiaries in urban areas or in fields far from residential areas. 

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What is the Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus (CBPV)?

Honeybee Colony

The honey bee is targeted by more than 18 viruses, along with various pests, parasites and predators. One of the viruses that has been isolated and described is the Chronic Bee Paralysis Virus (CBPV). As the name implies, it causes chronic paralysis in bees and is found worldwide. The virus is common and detectable throughout the year. Nonetheless, it stays dormant in asymptomatic bees. An outbreak of severe disease symptoms tends to be erratic, and will appear mostly during spring and summer, when the honey bee colony is at its peak of production.

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How College Students Can Make a Difference on Climate Change in 2021

Climate change has had a detrimental effect on the environment. Landslides, flooding, desertification, extreme weather conditions, rising sea levels are some of the ways climate change has affected the environment around us. Potential implications of climate change and environmental degradation are many. Besides, pollution, greenhouse gases, and deforestation have changed the climate for the worse.

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How to Properly Prepare Beehives for Winter

Prepare Beehives for Winter

Winter can be a harsh season for many species. But those who are already of a delicate constitution can be at risk for survival. Bees are among those that need a lot of preparation before and caretaking during the winter season. Honey bees remain active throughout the year while other bees and wasps hibernate. Honey bees have the natural ability to ride out the freezing temperatures of winter by creating their own heat source. Even with these favorable abilities, honey bee colonies suffer many losses due to various other factors. Sometimes, they require human intervention to give them a better chance at survival.

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The Importance of Good Beehive Management Practices

Beehive Management Practices

Individuals engage in beekeeping as a hobby or as a business venture. The importance of good beehive management practices is seen in both hobbyist and business beekeeping operations. They both require observation, control, and maintenance of the beehives in the best condition for habitation by honeybee colonies. Even conservation beekeepers should practice proper beehive management to achieve the best results in their beekeeping. Beehive management is the set of practices, activities, and routines that you carry out to ensure your beekeeping operation meets its objectives. Poorly managed beehives lead to stressed bees. They also result in low-quality beehive products in amounts that are less than the maximum yield possible.

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What Should you do if Stung by a Bee, Wasp, or Hornet?

Reactions to insect stings can be normal or allergic. If a person has allergies, an insect sting can be life-threatening. In the case of a bee sting, it is important to remove the sting immediately, as it will release venom for some time. The longer you delay, the more venom will enter your body. The sting should not be removed by pressing with your fingers or tweezers, because then more venom will get into your body, but by taking a plastic card or the blunt side of a knife and passing it over the stung area. In the case of an insect sting in the hand, you must remove jewelry: rings, watches, bracelets, etc.

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Learning to Live Sustainably: Tips for Students

An eco-friendly way of life is a modern trend. The entire civilized world is concerned about the separation of waste collection, energy-saving technologies, high-quality disposal of household and industrial waste, environmentally safe production, as well as the mass transition to transport that does not pollute the air with exhaust emissions. There is no surprise that more and more citizens are catching on to the idea of caring for nature and trying to keep their whole way of life under the rules of "eco-friendliness". Students also fall under the influence of this trend, and it is very important to popularize it among the younger generation because they are our future. In this article, we have collected practical tips that any student can do to make the environmental situation in the world a little bit better.

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