What is the Role of a Bee Broker?

Bee Broker

Honeybees serve a key role in agriculture for humans. The nectar collected by honeybees is used for making honey, and it is the only food made by an insect which humans consume. The worker bees play the role of converting nectar into honey using their enzymes. Moreover, honeybees also provide pollination services, and this is where bee brokers come in. A bee broker may be described as the individual who is in the honeybee business for commercial purposes. They engage in a number of activities which we shall discuss in this article.

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The Importance of Beehive Ventilation

Beehive Ventilation

The beehive environment has a huge impact on the overall health and wellbeing of the colony. Starting from the brood, the queen bee, to the worker bees, they all require some optimal conditions to survive and thrive. Beehive ventilation is essential and it ideally encompasses airflow within hives. Additionally, hive drainage goes hand-in-hand with ventilation as these affect airflow within a bee colony.

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Top Five Benefits of Environmental Education

Environmental Education

Environmental education raises awareness of issues affecting the environment upon which we dwell and depend on. The environment connects us with the world, and it is vital to learn about it and understand it. This is only possible through environmental education. Environmental education is ideal for integrating academic disciplines and stimulating intellectual and social growth among young people.

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Best US Botanical Art School and Programs

Botanical Art

In simple terms, botanical art is an accurate artistic representation of plants with a scientific purpose. It is widely used to help the works of botanists, horticulturists, and educators as they need to describe the plants and related peculiarities for the scientific records. Most frequently, these are encountered in various books and journals that deal with the descriptions of the plants when something must be identified. Learning botanical art is always a complex mixture of illustrative art itself and botanical aesthetics. Compared to other artworks and imaginative depictions of flowers, these must be accurate because of scientific aspects.

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How an Extract of Polypore Mushroom Mycelia May Help to Save the Honey Bee

Mushrooms are not only good for humans, they may very well help to save the honey bee from deformed wing virus and the Lake Sinai virus. In a study conducted in the USA, the participating scientists found out that extracts from two mushrooms cause a reduction of the levels of viruses in honey bee populations. Read on for an overview of the study, its findings, and the implications on honey bee health.

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How does Beekeeping Enhance your Mental Health?

specialist, or somebody on Facebook saying to you, "being outside will assist with working on your temperament," all things considered, we will go along with them in saying that… Being outside will assist with working on your state of mind! Irritating to hear those words when all you need to do is twist up inside; being outside and taking part in a type of action can support your general state of mind and – get this – your psychological wellness. Nonetheless, we aren't here to discuss only any movement; we are here to discuss honey bees and beekeeping! Therefore, we should investigate and as we plunge into the best three emotional well-being advantages of beekeeping. Before understanding the role of honeybees in increasing mental health, let's first evaluate the mental health issues we are facing today.

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Create Your Very Own Dream Winter Garden with These 4 Simple Steps

Winter Garden

Upset that you’ll have to wait till spring to plant a new garden? If you have some extra space in your garage, you don’t need to wait for warmer weather to exercise that green thumb. Because starting your very own garden indoors can be pretty simple if you have some time and patience. To take that first garden project to the next level, be sure to use these steps from BeeKeepClub to start growing.

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15 Best Beekeeping Programs In US Colleges

Best Beekeeping Colleges

As a new beekeeper, you should know the mindfulness of beekeeping, even if it's a lot to take in.  It's a huge amount of work for the beekeepers, so it's a good idea to think about everything before beginning your first hive. Before getting your first hive, a beginner beekeeper must consider a few beekeeping colleges and their programs. While many institutions aim to impress prospective students with postcard-perfect landscapes complete with groomed lawns and twisted ivy, others are altering their landscape practices to better attract bees, insects, and other pollinators. So, that’s why we listed the 15 best beekeeping programs in the US colleges.

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Adding a Mesh Around the Beehive to Keep Out Predators

Beehive Mesh

Beekeepers often ensure security for their honeybees by adding a mesh around the beehive to keep out predators. This is usually in addition to other preventive and active measures they take. Proper beehive security depends on the proper setup, management and maintenance of all the security measures you use in your beekeeping operation. Honeybees have a number of predators of different types. When you leave honeybee colonies in your apiary vulnerable, they are attacked by birds, small animals, and large animals. This article explores the safety of beehives with a detailed investigation of the use of meshes around beehives to keep out predators.

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