Helpful Tips for Beekeeping in Winter

Beekeeping in Winter

There isn’t a season that’s harder on beekeepers, both hobbyists and professionals, than winter itself. Beekeeping in winter gets even more difficult if you’re just starting out. It doesn’t help that you become really anxious that your bees won’t survive the coldest season, either. Still, you do have power in your …

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Gardening and its Health Benefits

Gardening is not for everyone. Nevertheless, it is an activity that can promote physical, mental, and emotional health. Your front or backyard is more than a space where you can sit with family and friends to feel one with nature as you unwind or entertain guests. You can till the land to grow some produce or plant flowers to enhance your property’s overall look.

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How to Fertilize Pasture

Thinking of fertilizing your pasture? Not sure how to do it the right way? When you have horses it becomes mandatory to have a few acres of the land dedicated to pasture. Planting pasture not only reduces the feeding cost of the horses but also manages environmental issues like salinity, …

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What Are Emergency Queen Cells?

Emergency Queen Cells

Honeybees will make a new queen without notice. These small creatures have been naturally wired to do this, and you will certainly have little control over it. The making of queen cells portrays two things. Firstly, it means you have a strong honeybee colony and you only need to manage them well for a few months to get a new healthy queen. Secondly, this may mean the colony expansion rate has surpassed the available space and it needs to split. You therefore need to have a plan on how to handle this, otherwise you might end up losing half of your honeybees or a swarm might hurt people within the locality. Fortunately, you can interrupt colony development and honey production as a strategy of combating swarming. Honeybees will build emergency queen cells for a number of reasons, perhaps within or beyond your control. Join us as we find out more about these queen cells.

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How to Make a Living Off Your Hobby Farm

Whether you started a hobby farm to pursue your love of animals or get off the grid and work toward a lifestyle of self-sufficiency, you’re certainly living the dream. But why let it stop there? Using your land to generate profit is the ultimate side hustle! Monetizing your hobby farm will bring you one step closer to quitting your day job and living the homesteading dream full-time! And there are so many ways to go about it. Here are some ideas to help you earn a living off of your hobby farm.

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5 Ways Beekeeping Can Benefit Your Mental Health

Therapy is not about lying on a couch and answering questions until you have a breakthrough. Talk therapy is effective over time, but active therapies are growing in popularity. Many people benefit from mixing up both kinds of rehab treatment. There is a new therapy on the rise that offers incredible mental health benefits, beekeeping. While it has not been recognized widely by the medical community, beekeepers are sponsoring it as a new therapy due to its benefits for mental health. There are also some therapeutic beekeeping programs sprouting up around the world. Beekeeping gives you a great reason to spend more time in nature, which is vital to maintaining and improving mental health. Here are some additional mental health benefits that beekeepers enjoy.

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Plastic Beehive Frames vs Wood – Which is Better?

Plastic vs Wooden Beehive Frames

Beekeepers are offered two types of frames - those made using wood and those made using plastic wooden. Wood is natural and has traditionally been used to make beehive frames. Advances and innovation in apiculture has led to the advent of plastic frames. You may use the two types of frames together or use only one type of frame. In this article we'll discuss the comparison of plastic beehive frames vs wood.

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