Beehive Insulation Wrap - Big Shrimpy Beehive Winter Insulation Wrap with Lid

Big Shrimpy Beehive Winter Insulation Wrap Review

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The Big Shrimpy Beehive Winter Insulation Wrap provides an intuitive way to protect your beehive during the colder months.

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Bees are very much affected by the cold. They often die in large numbers, especially if the colony is not very strong. The Big Shrimpy Beehive Winter Insulation Wrap is a solution for beekeepers taking their bees through winter. It assures you that bees will have a layer of protection between them and the hostile cold weather outside. The winter insulation wrap also gives some protection to your wooden beehive from the dangerous effects of contact with snow.

The Case for a Beehive Insulation Wrap

Water is very injurious to bee colonies and the beehive itself as well. It causes wood to warp. It also leads to the brood being chilled. Moisture in the hive causes fungi, disease organisms and molds to thrive in the hive. In winter, there is high risk of moisture building up in the hive. Snow may melt onto the hive, and the cold weather does not help with evaporation. Aeration is also a big challenge in winter since bees tend to be not very active. A beehive insulation wrap allows the bees to be a little more active within the hive. They aerate the hive better and prevent moisture building up.

About the Big Shrimpy Beehive Winter Insulation Wrap

Big Shrimpy Beehive Winter Insulation Wrap

The Big Shrimpy winter beehive insulation wrap comes in a visible black color. The black absorbs any ambient warmth that may be available and transfers it to your beehive. Passive solar warmth can mean the difference between a devastated colony and a thriving one. This insulation wrap gives you that edge over the other beehive insulation methods available in the market.

Additionally, the insulation wrap has vents that let some air but not the harsh cold winds of winter. It has grommets that align very well with ventilation holes on your beehive. This allows air to wick away moisture. Third, the ventilation wrap is waterproof. This means that no water is going to be reaching your beehive. Even when snow is melting, the liquid droplets of water will be kept a safe distance away from your wooden beehive by the insulation wrap.


To achieve the superior insulation that this wrap gives your beehive, the insulation wrap has 3 inches of polyfil material between the inner and outer layers. It is like a sleeping bag, but a waterproof one designed for bees. The wrap is a premier solution that helps your bees easily survive winter. This translates into better hive strength once winter is over, and higher honey yields.

Since bees are going to want to be more active when protected by this wrap, the insulation wrap has allowance for movement. The main entrance at the bottom of the hive is not covered by this insulation wrap. Bees can come in and fly out as they wish. This is especially important on the warmer days of winter when bees want to breathe some fresh air from outside the hive.


The materials used in making the Big Shrimpy winter beehive insulation wrap with lid are PVC-coated polyester on the outside. The fabric is waterproof. On the inside is a wool-like thick polyester fabric. Between the inner and outer layers of fabric is where 3 inches of polyfil rest. The combination of well thought out materials and proper layering give your beehive excellent cover from the cold.

Beehive Insulation Wrap - Big Shrimpy Beehive Winter Insulation Wrap with Lid

The Lid

The insulation wrap comes with a lid that allows you to easily carry out beehive inspections without having to uncover the entire beehive. It easily comes off the top of the beehive and disengages easily from the wrap. Once you are done with your rare winter beehive inspection, you can easily reattach the lid of the wrap onto the rest of the wrap. The lid latches onto the wrap using heavy duty durable side squeeze buckles. The red-colored straps attaching the lid to the rest of the wrap stretch it to an even layer over the top. There are 2 such straps on each side of the lid, making a total of 8.

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Pros and Cons


  • The insulation wrap gives your beehives superior protection from cold weather.
  • The insulation wrap is easy to handle, put on the beehive and store when not in use.
  • The wrap absorbs warmth from the environment and transfers it to the beehive.


  • You may have to do minor modifications on your beehive to properly align entrances with the vents on the insulation wrap. Big Shrimpy has a few accessories for this wrap that allow increased bee movement. They are handy when your beehive does not properly align its entrances to the insulation wrap.


Further Thoughts

Beehive Insulation Wrap - Big Shrimpy Beehive Winter Insulation Wrap with Lid

Big Shrimpy is quite well known for its range of superior livestock care products. They have an impressive array of comfort equipment including for pets. The company has made this winter beehive insulation wrap with high quality materials. Great craftsmanship is seen in the way this insulation wrap is sewn together. The hems do not come apart even with a serious amount of pressure applied. It has a ruggedness to it that assures you of its reliability. The beehive wrap protects your precious investment as a dedicated, serious and focused beekeeper for years on end.

The Big Shrimpy winter beehive insulation wrap with lid is made in Montana where they know a thing or two about cold. The wrap is designed for use with a 10-frame Langstroth beehive. It easily pairs up with a sugar board and moisture box set above two deep boxes. To add to its benefits, the insulation wrap has flight tubes that work well with sugar patty feeders. It allows you to give your bees something to mulch on while protecting them from the cold.


This Big Shrimpy winter protection for bees is a great investment for beekeepers. It does not matter whether you are large scale or if you have only one hive. If you want to ensure that your bees get through winter, this insulation wrap is your answer. The protective wrap is easy to use and goes easily onto your hive. Make sure to remove the insulation wrap from the hive in early spring once winter is over. This insulation wrap comes with a guarantee of workmanship that goes a long way to assure you that you are buying a quality product.

Do you own the Big Shrimpy Beehive Winter Insulation Wrap? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of it.

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