Harvest Lane Honey 2 Frame Metal Honey Extractor Review

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The Harvest Lane Honey 2 Frame Metal Honey Extractor is a quite the durable and reliable extractor. It is ideal for the hobbyist beekeeper with a few hives.

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The process of extracting honey is not a simple one. However, you can enjoy this task if you harvest your honey during the right season. The Harvest Lane Honey 2 Frame Metal Honey Extractor presents a much easier and quicker approach than using the traditional strain and crush method.

The Harvest Lane Honey 2 Frame Metal Honey Extractor is manually operated and has a hand crankshaft that spins the frames that are inside the drum of the extractor through the gear box drive at a very high speed. This process, in turn, forces the centrifugal power to push the honey from the comb. This extraction method is much cleaner and faster than other honey extraction procedures.

This extractor is manufactured from food grade stainless steel material that is easy to clean, and other metallic components. It has a honey crank system and a honey gate which allows the honey to easily flow out of the container.

This extractor can hold up to two frames and once and a great thing about it is that you can set it anywhere, thanks to its 3 legs.

Honey Extractor Parts

The honey extractor will demand some extra support or maintenance and thus the need to shop for high quality parts for the honey extractor. Some of the parts and accessories needed for the honey extractor include:

  • Metal spacer.
  • Honey strainer.
  • Lid.
  • Honey extractor interior frame for manual and electric extractor.
  • Honey extractor handle.
  • Motor for electric extractors.
  • Honey extractor drive gear for assembly.
  • Honey dam or drain for extractor.
  • Replacement barrel.
  • Honey extractor joint.
  • Honey extractor legs.

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About the Harvest Lane Honey 2 Frame Metal Honey Extractor

The brands and models of honey extractors available out there are innumerable. All may be effective in the process but none of them is created equal to the other. The Harvest Lane Honey extractor is ideally a manually operated unit. This implies it does not require electric power to operate. It also means that you can use it as back-up for an electric unit so that your work is not interrupted whenever there is a power surge. Its key differentiators include the following:

  • Its 2 handles make it easy to carry the unit around. It is also lightweight, weighing only 12 pounds.
  • Ideal for deep, medium and shallow frames.
  • Conical bottom to ensure no honey sticks on the drum walls.
  • Silver finish gives it an attractive overall appeal.
  • Stainless steel construction hence hardy and durable. It can also withstand abrasion and is resistant to rust.
  • Comes with an extractor stand to allow the user place a bucket beneath it when collecting the honey.
  • The hand crank shaft spins the frames inside the housing.
  • Comes at an affordable price.
  • Hand crunch system and sturdy stand.
  • Front section has a honey gate for easy collection of the honey extracted.
  • The design accommodates four or two standard size frames. You can therefore accomplish the honey extraction process efficiently.
  • Product dimension of 16L x 16W x 31H.
  • Comes with 30-day limited warranty.

Pros and Cons


  • Offers a fast and clean method of extracting honey.
  • Highly durable because of the stainless-steel construction.
  • The honey gate, stopper and conical bottom avoid wastages and hence maximize honey extraction.
  • Easy to assemble from the box. Requires little brainwork to setup.
  • Clear lids that allow monitoring the honey extraction process.
  • Allows for easy access.
  • Works in both large and medium size frames.
  • The hand crank quickly spins the frames.
  • The enclosed gears cannot contaminate your honey.
  • It is resistant to rust and abrasion. The construction is also food safe and hence no need to worry about any possible contamination.
  • It is affordable.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Does not require electric power to operate.
  • Excellent as a back-up extractor.


  • Hard to clean for people with big arms.

Check Price and Availability of the Harvest Lane Honey 2 Frame Metal Honey Extractor

Further Thoughts

The honey extractor is beekeeping equipment that makes it possible for the beekeeper to collect the honey from the combs without destroying them. This leaves the frames intact and reusable for the bees. It is therefore important to choose a unit that has been used and proven to the effective. The Harvest Lane manual honey extractor is one I would never hesitate in recommending to a friend. The unit features all one may ask of a good quality extractor. First off, it is manually operated which means you do not need electric power in order to use it. Secondly, it can accommodate deep and medium frames at once. The inbuilt stand also makes things easier since you can place the bucket beneath the unit. Its shape is particularly ideal for eliminating honey wastage. The honey residues on drum walls is directed to the bottom of the drum and out through the honey gate. You also regulate the amount of honey drawn using the stopper. As for price, it is definitely worth every penny. It is suitable for the beekeeper with about 1 to 5 hives.


The manually operated honey extractor from Harvest Lane is a two frame unit that has impressed many. The unit is built of stainless steel which is not only durable but food safe. Its spinner is reversible and the inbuilt stand creates sufficient space to fit a bucket underneath the unit. The extractor will suit a larger hobby beekeeper as well as the large scale beekeeper with the need for a back-up extractor. You can spin deep and medium frames using this unit and you do not need electricity in order to do that. The silver finish also gives the unit and appealing overall look. Its 12 pound weight makes it one of the best units for anyone since it is easy to carry around. It will suit well those with hives situated in remote areas and need a unit that can be carried around.

Have you ever used the Harvest Lane Honey 2 Frame Metal Honey Extractor? Leave a comment below and let us know what your experience was like.

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I received a extractor and it did not come with directions to put it together

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