Goodland Bee Supply GL-E2-UR/STR Honey Extraction Kit

Goodland Bee Supply GL-E2-UR/STR Honey Extraction Kit Review

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The Goodland Bee Supply GL-E2-UR/STR Honey Extraction Kit is not perfect by any means, but it offers a convenient way to get started in honey extraction.

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The Goodland Bee Supply GL-E2-UR/STR Honey Extraction Kit, which contains a 2 frame honey extractor, uncapping roller, and a stainless steel sieve honey strainer, offers a convenient package with the tools necessary to reap the beekeeping rewards.

About Honey Extraction

It is hard to tell when this science actually started, but we can all agree that it has been part of our lives for a very long time. Beekeepers from ancient times used different equipment to harvest honey from bee hives, and there’s a lot of evidence that shows how they worked on it. Beekeeping has come a long way, and improvements in technology upgraded the methods and tools used in culturing bees and producing honey.

Perhaps the most exciting period in beekeeping is the time to harvest honey. It is the period when beekeepers will reap the results of their hardships and efforts. It is not the end though of the journey however since honey extraction will simply restart the whole cycle.

Once you’ve learned the basics and have an idea of how to proceed, the next thing that you need to work on is choosing an effective set of tools. Now, this becomes tricky. The market is crowded with honey extraction equipment that knowing where to start will leave you confused. Yes, searching online will do the work for you, but do you know how long it would take you to search through pages and pages of references? It may take you forever since every brand promises the best results and the best prices. To help you out, the next part of this article will discuss a honey extraction kit that comes with an unbiased review to make sure that you’re guided accordingly.

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About the Goodland Bee Supply GL-E2-UR/STR Honey Extraction Kit

The Goodland Bee Supply GL-E2-UR/STR Honey Extraction Kit is a one-stop shop for all your honey extraction needs. It contains a 2 frame honey extractor to spin the honey out of the combs, an uncapping roller to open the sealed combs, and a stainless steel sieve honey strainer to remove all impurities from the honey before bottling it.

Honey Extractor

The 2-frame manual extractor is a tank designed for 1 to 10 hives. It’s made from food-grade 304 stainless steel and is equipped with sealed gears and bearings for durability. The tank itself can support shallow, medium, and deep frames. The tank also features three sturdy legs for stability and a honey gate valve at the bottom. This honey extractor is hand-cranked to fling out the honey without damaging the comb.

Uncapping Roller

The next tool in this kit is the uncapping roller. It’s a tool used to clear out the wax capping and let the honey out. Hot knives might miss some areas of the frames, but the Goodland Bee Supply Uncapping Roller can finish the work with ease. It features a smooth wood handle for a comfortable grip and stainless steel needles to take care of the capping chores.

Honey Strainer

The last item in this kit is the Goodland Bee Supply Stainless Steel Double-Sieve Honey Strainer. This tool is a must-have to keep your honey clean and debris-free. It features a 10-inch (diameter) basket-sized filter which is 5 inches in height. The top filter is a 1000-micron mesh while the bottom filter is a 500-micron mesh. This combination will ensure that you’re going to bottle the precious honey alone without the impurities. This honey strainer is equipped with extendable arms to fit most bucket sizes. It is made from food-grade 304 stainless steel.

Further Thoughts

This kit sounds good with its three main tools. It offers great features, but it is not something that can be considered as your home run swing. Despite the wonderful traits, there are some minor negative things that you should know about it. First, the honey extractor doesn’t have a conical bottom. This means that you have to tip the tank to get the last drops of honey. The legs are a bit unstable during the extraction, but you can easily fix it by bolting it to a sturdy platform. The crank can become a challenge, especially to beekeepers with weaker arm strength. While cranking, the tank emits significant noise because of the vibration. And because of the vibrations, screws might loosen up so you have to tighten them up occasionally.

Furthermore, I found this kit to be rather expensive when compared to other manual 2-frame extractors in the market. The uncapping roller and the honey strainer do not justify such a price jump in my opinion.


Overall, this Goodland Bee Supply Honey Extraction Kit is worth your consideration. The small negative issues can be easily fixed and are overshadowed by the many benefits and features of all three tools. It is recommended for any beekeeping level, though beginners might need some extra help as it does not come with instructions.

If you’re looking for the tools to help you carry the task of honey extracting with convenience and effectiveness, then consider this kit.

Have you ever used the Goodland Bee Supply Honey Extraction Kit? Leave a comment below and let us know what your experience was like.

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