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Getting Started in Beekeeping – The Beginner’s Journey

Getting Started in Beekeeping - BeeKeepClub

Beekeeping has been practiced by humans for a very long time. In the past, logs were used as beehives. Today, more advanced equipment such as the Langstroth beehive are used. Beekeeping is also called apiculture. A beekeeper with many beehives close to each other in one place is said to have an apiary. Getting started in beekeeping can be daunting if you do not have the proper guidance and information. Once you get into the groove of things however, you will quickly start enjoying being a beekeeper, and BeeKeepClub is here to guide you right along the way.

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An Introduction to Backyard Beekeeping

Backyard Beekeeping

So you’ve decided to venture into beekeeping and perhaps you’re wondering where best you can set up your beehives. Well, look no further than your backyard. Backyard beekeeping doesn’t require a lot of space, and if you have plants around, then that’s a suitable environment for the bees to thrive …

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How Solar Power Can Benefit Bees

The number of bee species found in the wild has fallen by over a quarter since 1990. By now we all know how important trees and plants are to our environment, filtering CO2 from the atmosphere in exchange for oxygen. However, we can’t forget the crucial role bees play in enabling this cycle by pollinating plants all across the world.

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Why Beekeeping is the Perfect Addition to Off Grid Living

At least 180,000 families in the United States live off the grid with that number continuing to increase every year. Offering a simpler, cheaper, and fulfilling lifestyle, off grid living involves being self-sufficient without relying on public utilities like water, sewer, heat, electricity, natural gas, and other services. Bees, able to provide a host of useful products, are the perfect addition to off grid living and can enhance your sustainable lifestyle.

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