The Cost of Beekeeping – How Much to Spend?

Cost of Beekeeping

Beekeeping can be a rewarding and very fulfilling venture. You can successfully start and run a beekeeping business even without prior experience in business or in beekeeping – as long as you are willing to learn a lot of things very quickly. Potential beekeepers always ask themselves the question of …

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Why Beekeeping is the Perfect Addition to Off Grid Living

At least 180,000 families in the United States live off the grid with that number continuing to increase every year. Offering a simpler, cheaper, and fulfilling lifestyle, off grid living involves being self-sufficient without relying on public utilities like water, sewer, heat, electricity, natural gas, and other services. Bees, able to provide a host of useful products, are the perfect addition to off grid living and can enhance your sustainable lifestyle.

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