Mason Bees

Information related to the keeping and caring of mason bees.

How to Attract Mason Bees – Beginner’s Guide

How to Attract Mason Bees

Mason bees are closely related to honey bees, but they do not make honey. Mason bees get their name from their characteristic behavior of using mud like bricks to build their nests. They are a great alternative to keeping honey bees. There is an average of 200 mason bee species found in varying distribution around the globe. Mason bees are great pollinators, and are easy to keep. Starting mason beekeeping requires beekeepers to know how to attract mason bees, which we'll discuss in this article.

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Top 10 Best Mason Bee Houses (2020)

Best Mason Bee House

Most of us are familiar with the honey bee but very few people have ever heard of the mason bee, one of the best pollinators in the planet. Mason bees, just like honey bees, have been human’s companions for many years. Mason bees are tranquil and coexist peacefully with humans. These bees are an excellent choice for those who would like to increase the productivity of their garden. They also add an aesthetic value to your home. Mason bees pose little or no threat when kept in the home garden. They are easy to keep and with the best mason bee houses you can easily do so. Read more.

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