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Which is Better for Fencing: Vinyl or Wood

There are so many reasons why installing a fence would come to your mind when thinking about home development. A nice fence increases your home’s market value, adds curb appeal, heightens the overall aesthetics of your home, and increases the much-needed privacy. American homeowners prefer wood fences and rate them as the best choice. On average a wooden fence will cost about $2850 to install. The prices however range from $1700 to $4000 to install a wooden fence depending on the type. Let’s dive right in and see between vinyl or wood, which is best for fencing.

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Why Beekeeping is the Perfect Addition to Off Grid Living

At least 180,000 families in the United States live off the grid with that number continuing to increase every year. Offering a simpler, cheaper, and fulfilling lifestyle, off grid living involves being self-sufficient without relying on public utilities like water, sewer, heat, electricity, natural gas, and other services. Bees, able to provide a host of useful products, are the perfect addition to off grid living and can enhance your sustainable lifestyle.

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