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Adding Honey supers

Hello, As the honey supers are not filled, leave them where they are and let the bees fill them completely. Also, as this is your first year, be sure to not to take any honey harvest. The honey stores will serve as food for the bees.

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Bees bearding in the rain

Hello, It seems like it might be too hot inside the hive and the bees are chilling outside to cool down. You say you split the hive but only with a single brood box. Do the bees have enough space? Check that the hive is well ventilated and consider adding …

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Bee protection

Hello Dennis, If you in live in an area affected by hornets, then you absolutely can put a mesh around your beehive to protect it. A #5 hardware cloth will allow worker bees to pass through just fine, while keeping out the hornets.

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