XtremepowerUS 2 Frame Honey Extractor with Electric Uncapping Knife Review

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The XtremepowerUS 2 Frame Honey Extractor and honey uncapping knife are a good pair of tools for the beginner or hobbyist beekeeper.

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Honey extractors are important equipment for beekeepers. They are used in harvesting honey from beehive frames. The frames are usually from Langstroth beehives. The XtremepowerUS 2 Frame Honey Extractor with Electric Uncapping Knife is a beekeeping power tool from XtremepowerUS. The company has a history of producing reliable products in the market. This honey extractor is made using stainless steel material. It is very strong and resistant to rust. It comes with an electric uncapping knife to remove the caps from frames.

About the XtremepowerUS 2 Frame Honey Extractor with Electric Uncapping Knife

XtremepowerUS 2 Frame Honey Extractor

The XtremepowerUS 2 Frame Honey Extractor comes with an electric uncapping knife and the two are a good pair for extracting honey. The extractor does not destroy honeycombs with its centrifugal force, while the knife cuts through capping wax efficiently without damaging your beehive frames. It requires less energy and takes less time to uncap the frames in comparison to using an unheated capping knife. A wooden handle on the electrically heated knife insulates you from electric current and heat while working with it.

Two frames fit in nicely into the XtremepowerUS honey extractor, where they are held securely in the basket. Power is applied manually by turning the crank of the extractor. This mechanism ensures that the frames are rotated at high speed. This causes honey to be extracted from  the honeycombs due to centrifugal force. Since you are hand-cranking the extractor, the amount of centrifugal force generated is not too much. It leaves the honeycombs undamaged on the frames.

XtremepowerUS 2 Frame Honey Extractor

The XtremepowerUS honey extractor features a drum bucket with a height of 23.62 inches. The diameter of the bucket is a large 15 inches to give you enough space to extract and collect your honey. The extractor has three sturdy legs for its support. The legs are shaped nicely to stay out of your way while giving the extractor great stability. The legs raise the extractor to a comfortable height of 15 inches so that you can easily fit a 5 gallon bucket underneath. Furthermore, XtrempowerUS has made the extractor capable of holding between 90 to 110 lbs.

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Pros and Cons


  • The Legs on the XtremepowerUS honey extractor are detachable. They come off nicely once you are done using the extractor.
  • The extractor is very good for beekeepers with a few beehives. It gets the job done in a fair period of time. Small scale beekeepers will find it a very valuable beekeeping asset.
  • The electric uncapping knife that comes with the extractor is long lasting and very effective. It heats up quickly to give you ease of use and clean work.
  • XtremepowerUS have put a big versatile frame holder in this extractor. It comfortably takes different sizes and types of frames without needing replacement parts or modifications.
  • The extractor uses manual cranking. It saves you from electricity bills incurred when you have a motor on your honey extractor. This makes the extractor friendly to the environment.
  • The extractor does not harm honeycombs or frames. You quickly return the frames to the beehive they came from. Due to minimal damage to the honeycombs, your honeybees have an easy time filling them up again with honey. Sealing the honey in is also less laborious for the bees.


  • The extractor tends to wobble a lot while in operation if the legs are not fastened to the ground.
  • Quality control issues on the part of the manufacturer, where all the parts of the extractor are not packaged in one whole piece.
  • The handle is not as durable as I would like can it can break easily.
  • Honey levels in this extractor may rise quickly. You have to frequently drain the extractor. This gets bothersome after some time since it puts extraction on hold for a minute or two as the honey is draining out.
  • The extractor is manually powered. An electric motor on the extractor would leave you less tired. It would also be a lot of work for a beekeeper with plenty hives.
  • This extractor holds only 2 frames. They are great for balancing the load but it lengthens the process of extracting honey. This is especially unpopular for beekeepers with many beehives. The more frames you have to extract honey from, the more time you will take if you are going through them at a rate of two-at-a-time.

Further Thoughts

XtremepowerUS 2 Frame Honey Extractor

Despite its downsides, extracting honey can be a pleasant affair with the XtremepowerUS 2 Frame Honey Extractor. It is safe to operate, though to have to be careful with the crank. I would suggest bolting the legs to the floor so as to prevent wobbling.

There is a wide honey gate valve at the bottom of the extractor bucket. Make sure to close the drain valve before you begin extracting honey. After you’ve finished extracting the honey, drain the honey out into buckets or other appropriate storage containers.

The XtremepowerUS 2 Frame Honey Extractor is a recommendable hand-operated honey extractor. I especially liked the fact that it comes paired with a honey uncapping knife. The knife lasts long since it is built with high quality electrical and wooden materials. Detailing is seen on the top of the extractor. The cranking mechanism is colored red. It outlines well against the dull grey of stainless steel used in making the extractor.

The top of the extractor is covered during honey extraction. Two clear covers come together securely at the top. Covering the top ensures that no honey is lost, keeps the working area clean and adds to the safety of the operation. What’s more, since the lids are clear, you can monitor your progress while you work.


The use of stainless steel on the extractor is great. Stainless steel does not add any flavor or aromas to honey. It is also easy to clean. This makes it a breeze for you to maintain cleanliness and hygiene standards in your beekeeping products. Good quality honey requires you to use clean equipment at all stages.


The XtremepowerUS 2 Frame Honey Extractor is a good investment for the beginner or hobbyist beekeeper with a few beehives to harvest honey from. It’s quite affordable, though I suppose its price point is the reason for its few structural issues. Professionals and those with larger numbers of frames to extract honey from should go for larger extractors with a better power source. The extractor is eco-friendly. It is great for environmentalist beekeepers and those into conservation of bees.

You may find this extractor in various beekeeping retail stores near you. Make sure to purchase only the authentic product from XtremepowerUS. You may also purchase the honey extractor along with the honey uncapping knife via the internet from online retail stores such as Amazon.

Have you ever used the XtremepowerUS 2 Frame Honey Extractor? Leave a comment below and let us know what your experience was like.

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