Why Participate in the National Beekeeping Essay Contest?

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Almost everyone will agree that they use honey in their daily life. Though it is quite easy to consume honey, the preparation process by the honeybees is painstaking. Needless to mention, honey bees are very hardworking, and they tirelessly gather pollen and nectar to share with their hive. These bees provide crucial ecological service just by pollinating agricultural and garden native plants.

It is quite easy to explore more regarding these amazing insects by taking part in the beekeeping essay contest. This contest provides a place for the youth contestants to express their knowledge creatively and research the beekeeping craft.

Put on Creativity

An essential judging criterion is the scope of research you put forth while developing the ideas behind the essay, and it will account for almost 40% of your overall score. The more creativity you will use, the more chances you have to win the contest. There are also personal interviews of the beekeepers and those who are familiar with the topic are known as the valued source of information and the interview should be rightly documented. Contact Lets Grade It experts if you require any assistance with writing, editing, or proofreading your paper.

Rewards of Essay

The beekeeping essay contest comes with a handful of rewards, and the rule is completely laid out by the national contest that is being sponsored by the Foundation for the Preservation of Honey Bees. The first prize winner will get $750, 2nd winner will get $500 and the 3rd winner will get $250 respectively. Apart from that, each winner will get the perfect book regarding honey bees, beekeeping, or honey. These are the things that the winner will secure after securing a place in the contest.

Rules for the Essay Content

The contest is available to active 4-H members only. These members, who were placed first, second and third at the national level, are not eligible. However, the other state winner is eligible to re-enter.

Way to Write the Essay

Here are some rules for students to follow while writing an essay:

  • The essay should be completed by the typewriter or computer-generated on single-sided pages and formatted that must be following the given guidelines.
  • The length of the essay must not exceed one thousand words.
  • Contestants with nine to ten age categories only need to write an essay that is between four hundred to five hundred words.
  • Word count doesn’t include sources and works cited in the writer’s biographical statement. All the factual statements and interview references must be cited in the source of the bibliography list.
  • On a separate page, contestants should include a brief biographical statement of the writer. In this section, they must include the mailing address, email address, and contact number.

While talking about the age divisions, various aged contestants can be applied to a different type of age. Therefore, it would be the right time to come with the best things that would make a great contribution to their essay submission procedure.

National Essay

Contestants, who want to participate individually, shouldn’t forward essays directly to the jury or foundation office. However, each state’s 4-H office is responsible for selecting the state’s winner and should set the deadline, so the state should be judging and can be easily completed at the state level at the right time. For making this process easy, the essay should be mailed at the right time with the proper address. If you want to shape your writing talent, you can follow TopWritersReview in order to get proper guidance.

While drafting the hard copy of the essay, one thing is to keep in mind that each may submit only a single entry to the national competition. The final judging and selection of the national winner will be rightly made by the essay committee of the foundation. The decision taken by this team is final.

Essay Judging Criteria

  • The scope of research would be 40%.
  • Accuracy would be 30%.
  • Creativity judgment would be 10%.
  • Conciseness would be 10%.
  • Logical development of the topic would be 10%.

While talking about the crux of the essay, which should provide an answer to various questions, including the potential drop in the bee population and pollination. There is a common question being asked by the people who are related to the beekeeping business, “what will happen if the bees are completely gone.

The continued use of pesticides makes this question more applicable than before. Most of the youth are encouraged to conduct various surveys and prepare research relative to what effects the pesticides are having on the bee populations and the effect on beekeeping programs. Before writing the essay, personal interviews with beekeepers, homeowners, farmers, and another familiar person should be the subject, would be welcomed and should be rightly cited.

Author’s Bio

The author of this article Eric Wyatt is a researcher on bees and their population. He has decades of experience in this field and provides quality data in order to avoid any kind of additional issues in the beekeeping industry.

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