Why Gardening is a Great Home Workout for Healthy Weight Loss

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According to Mitchelle Morgan, a senior writer for American health journals, people normally go with dieting incorporating weight loss supplements to shed some pounds but they might not know that gardening is a natural stress and anxiety reducer. Gardening is more than a hobby and an interesting exercise. It comes with tons of proven health benefits both physically and mentally. Most people still think deeply about it. Is gardening really a good exercise? Or does gardening help to lose weight? The fact is, yes, gardening is a good and interesting form of exercise and really can help to burn calories.

Although gardening is not the only possible solution for weight loss, it plays a key role in shedding some pounds of fat while enjoying the outdoors with some sense of fresh air. Not only this, there are more other benefits of gardening other than weight loss. If one wants to use gardening in a more interesting way, then gardening can also be a great team sport. As said above, gardening is more than just a hobby or activity. It offers a variety of lifelong health benefits. For many seniors or old-age people, gardening is considered very therapeutic as it involves movement, exercise, focus, and a lot more. Some of the tasks such as raking, digging, planting, and watering are enjoyed by most people irrespective of age groups thus helping to promote weight loss and improve overall health.

Here are some health benefits associated with gardening and how it helps in weight loss:

Exposure to sunlight

As gardening is an outdoor activity thus it increases the exposure to sunlight and Vitamin D which promotes healthy bone growth and gives overall strength. Sitting in the sun for at least 20 min daily, more specifically in the morning, can be an effective way to reduce fat as fat cells are quite sensitive to light. Insufficient sunlight contributes to fat storage. But avoid direct contact to avoid sunburn and other problems.

Fresh air

Spending some quality time outdoors in the fresh air and a mindful environment increases the level of serotonin. Moreover, it improves blood pressure, heart rate and provides strength to the immune system. The smell and intake of fresh air every morning allows one to feel better overall and boost mood thus helping to fight depression much faster.

Weight loss and endurance

Weight loss involves various hand gestures, movements, and aerobic exercises that provide strength and endurance. It includes strengthening exercise that helps in reducing weight. Gardening, in general, helps in burning extra calories, circulation, and maintaining a regular heart rate. Thus, gardening is considered the best outdoor activity which gives immense comfort, joy, and strength overall that helps to stay fit.

Improved sleep

Gardening helps in promoting mindful sleep and rest. And getting adequate amounts of sleep is necessary for a healthy weight loss. A night of good sleep helps to regulate the hormones and reduces the risk of illness or any diseases. Better sleep also helps to regulate sleep patterns and maintain the diet. Gardening is not only a great pursuit for physical health but mental health too. It improves the quality of life.

Stress relief

Gardening is one such outdoor activity that acts as a natural reducer for stress and anxiousness. Due to fresh air, sunlight, greenery, and a sense of accomplishment, it naturally reduces the stress hormone cortisol which is also related to weight gain. Moreover, it improves attention and focus as stated on www.healthcanal.com, and releases endorphins that keep the mind and body energetic and active. Nowadays more and more hospitals are adding gardens for patients and staff to help them to improve faster and also helps to prevent burnout for hospital staff.

Eating Healthy

Gardening also motivates to eat healthy and organic food of own gardens. A garden can yield fresh, organic, and healthy vegetables and fruits. Growing them by itself improves muscle power and provides strength and endurance. Thus, leave a great positive impact on overall health. By growing, healthy fruits and vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots, peas, spinach, mangoes, and papayas can save money and promote healthy eating. The best way to experience more benefits is to incorporate new garden plants that are healthy and challenge the new skills and improve brain functioning.

Gardening is one such way to get back to nature. It helps to restore the mindset. Gardening can be both a relaxing as well as and energetic form of exercise. It provides a full-body workout covering both the upper body and lower body. This gives a great way to exercise and promote strength without spending money on expensive gym memberships. No doubt, gardening is indeed a very rewarding activity both physically as well as mentally. Spending some quality time with nature daily is the best thing one can do and gardening is one such way to rejuvenate mind, body, and soul.

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