Why Bees Are Important For Your Wellbeing

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Bees are fascinating creatures that serve essential functions that have a direct impact on humans. In this article, you will learn the roles that bees have in helping not only humans but other organisms as well and how that is important for your health.

Bees Are Effective Pollinators

Many insects are known to be great at pollinating, but bees just happen to be some of the best at it, to the point that our agricultural system depends on it.

Pollination is the act of transferring the male part of a plant to a female one for the purpose of fertilization and allowing the plants to produce offspring.

Bees are known to pollinate a majority of the different crops, particularly many fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices that society relies on for its nutrition. Additionally, there are several crops that are important for feeding livestock.

The other portion is wind-pollinated, and this includes staples such as wheat and corn; nonetheless, losing the pollination that bees provide would be catastrophic.

Bees are not only responsible for your health by helping to produce a significant amount of the crops we need, though; they also help prop up our economy – bees help the U.S. generate tens of billions of dollars each year!

Although there are several different species of bees that are essential for pollinating plants, honey bees are the ones that are the most important. Unfortunately, all bee populations are at risk and are on the decline, and this can be directly connected to humans, such as climate change and the use of pesticides.

However, this isn’t just an issue that concerns people, but the other living organisms of the world and the next section will show you why.

Bees Build Ecosystems

The role of bees is not only essential for people – their duties benefit other species as well, and without bees, there would be severe consequences, and the world probably would not appear as we know it.

When bees pollinate and enable plants to grow, it’s not just for the sole purpose of food; it also provides shelter as well to animals. These things are all crucial for ecological balance, and without that, there would be less biodiversity.

Not only would the world be less interesting for us, but it also affects our ability to survive.

Animals help maintain plant life, and in addition to being sources of food, shelter, and medicine, plants are crucial for the atmosphere – through photosynthesis, they are able to absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen for all organisms to breathe.

This is why rainforests are so vital – they are essentially the lungs of the earth, and it’s naturally designed to help stabilize the climate.

Unfortunately, climate change is a source of the decline of bee populations around the world, and this can only make matters worse. However, there are still some things that humans can do to try to make things more habitable for bees.

For example, avoid pesticides as much as possible and even taking up beekeeping and gardening can encourage them to pollinate and regrow their population.

If more people are aware of the issues at hand and do what they can to try to rectify it, everyone will be better off, including future generations.

How Do Bees Affect Your Mental Health?

Hopefully, from reading this article so far, you have a better understanding of the bee’s role in your physical health, such as contributing to important aspects related to your survival, but what about mental health?

The issues related to bees can directly lead to stress if it’s not addressed, for example, food scarcity, further climate change, and a declining economy are all things that can lead to distress.

It’s easy to become very passionate about these issues, and if these are causing you to stress out and affect your health, you can talk about your thoughts with a therapist who can teach you how to cope with your worries about the future.

MyTherapist makes that simple for you by letting you connect to a professional online. You can also check out the advice section at MyTherapist as well to find useful information regarding other mental health topics, including stress, anxiety, and depression.


By caring for the wellbeing of bees, we are also taking care of our own wellbeing, and hopefully, this article has shown you why that is the case, and how you can do your part in helping bees thrive. It benefits everyone, and will continue to do so as long as life exists on the planet.

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