Which Technology Can Help Reduce Our Impact on the Planet?

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Technologies can increase, as well reduce environmental impact. It only depends on how you are using these technologies. Backup systems, monitors, cell phones, and other mechanics are needed in our day-to-day life but these result in high energy wastage. On the other hand, this same technology enables you to reduce waste in other ways. Thus, there are technologies that you can use to reduce the environmental impact. There are ways to harness the power of technology for environmental good. So, let’s take a quick look at the technologies that will help in reducing the impact on the planet.

1. Smart Home Devices

Smart home devices are programmable and you can use them for improving your home efficiency. Every smart device such as appliances and thermostats, is connected to the internet through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Thus, it becomes easy to control them using your mobile devices or smartphone. Remote control lets you control when you are on vacation or work. So, if you were playing games in an online casino 5 dollar minimum deposit and forgot to switch off the system, you can control it with your smartphone.

A few future technology ideas use artificial intelligence for learning your daily routines. For instance, smart water heaters use machines to learn to track hot water usage. So, if you are doing your laundry and taking showers at night, the smart water heater is going to adjust the heating times to cater to your schedule. This means less energy is used for keeping the water hot throughout the day.

When you bring together AI-powered smart mechanics at low cost, you can down on your energy usage. This will not help you save money but will also have a great impact on the environment.

2. Carbon Capture

A majority of human activities such as farming, manufacturing, and driving contribute to the rise in greenhouse gases. This is destroying the rainforest and is making things worse. Trees, coal, and oil are made from carbon. As people destroy them through clear-cutting or burning, CO2 is being released into the atmosphere.

However, carbon capture plants are being introduced that have a large range of fans that suck in air and direct it to specialized facilities. This can separate carbon from other gases. Carbon capture plants are located close to power plants to suck up the emitted CO2 gas from burning fossil fuels.

3. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is something that everyone knows about. It is part of the paradigm-shifting tech. AI can easily identify patterns from large amounts of data much more easily and accurately than humans. This is the technology that Netflix uses to suggest videos to your videos. AI excels when it comes to making predictions and pattern recognition.

Some climate scientists are adopting it in various ways to predict climate change and protecting the water bodies from over-fishing. A few companies like Microsoft are funding AI-powered climate research. These examine how a natural disaster can affect the forest or how can it help the environment. This is one of the best environmental technologies that have been introduced.

Solar Glass

Another innovation that can help to save the environment is solar glass. Would it be great if every skyscraper starts generating energy? This is what the solar glass promises. It is an emerging mechanics that has created a lot of buzz. This is a transparent window material but can also capture the sun’s energy to convert it to electricity. Nevertheless, it’s only hurdle is efficiency.

Environmental Sensors

For heating the planet, it has to be measured. Distributed sensors are one of the unheard mechanics that will let it happen. The continuous spread of the network sensor environment is going to be an undergirding mechanic facilitating every sustainability effort that you can imagine.

The networked sensors are as small as a dime. They are already being used to monitor water and air quality, identify pollutants and capture real-time data.


All across the world, people are troubled by how to grow and thrive with fewer resources. The growth of the population is a primary factory. It is being estimated that by 2030, more than 60% of the global population is going to live in the cities. So, you need mechanics that will support this growth and also reduce your impact on the planet. By accelerating the use of these innovations, people will be able better thrive in this resource-constrained world. As technology is changing the way you live your life, it will keep having a profound impact on the way you treat the environment. The ones given above will lead to a better tomorrow.

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Susan Wallace is a writer who writes on topics on climate, technology, and the environment. At present, she is doing her research on climatic changes. She has written this article to help you understand the technologies that can benefit the environment.

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